Leftovers and Then Arab Unity; The Conclusion from Islam in Perspective, Followed by a Suggestion to Arab Leaders which Would Result on Them Being on the Same Page; Only MBS Can Pull it Off; A Liar Hoisted in His Own Petard Makes a Brief Appearance in My Life: Head on Chopping Block; A Simple Dua For All; Photos of Earlier Times and Palestine; Peace Not Apartheid


Such a catchy beginning to the title. Leftovers and then Arab Unity. It makes me laugh and entices me to read more. But I cannot, being that I an the writer not the reader. Oh well, dirty work but somebody has got to do it. Hahaha Need to see if I can transport emojis to the blog. Back when Lucky was  posting my emailed emojis appeared as question marks instead of emojis. Perhaps Computer Guru Chris can solve the problem. We shall see. 

This is the leftover from a prior blog. Big Brother, during his short visit,  walked and talked like an Ideal Big Brother.  I was thinking of driving to Mecca with him, then catching the train back. It was a five hour drive, we could visit on the way, Upon arrival see  his mother and some others I know in Mecca. He listened intently, became serious and gave me his very best thinking.

.He: No. You have struggled so hard to get this peace of mind, this serenity. Your face now ha a glow to it that I have never seen before. We can do this and other things later. You need to stay here now. 

Me: Thank you! You are protecting me like ideal big brothers do. Never had anyone protect me before. I am grateful. I am so blessed! 

He: Thank you. I am trying to look after you. 

Me: It will be difficult. I am not used to it. I actually think you cannot stand the thought of being in a car with me for five hours. But I shall pretend that you are taking care of me. 

He: Thanks little sister. 

I am most grateful to him, glad I did not go to Mecca at this time. I will return to Mecca, of course, performing Hajj, the ultimate pilgrimage. but now is not the time, for many reasons. 

It is the time to return to the topic of Arab Unity., concluding the discussion until a later time. y. 

The author of Muslim Unity and Arab Unity, found in Islam in Transition continues to examine, using the perspective of history, the failure of religion to unite people from different countries and different languages. 

The political unity which the Christian church sought to being did not at any time merge the Orthodox world with the Catholic. Neither did the political unity with which the papacy tried to bring about to the Catholic wold last for any length of time. So it was also in the Muslim world political unity which existed at the beginning its life was not able to withstand the changes of circumstances for any length of time. …In short, the Muslim world within its extensive present limits never at any time formed a political unity..(pp 68) 

The author rationally leads us to a stirring emotional ending. 

The idea of Arab Unity is a natural concept springing from the springing from the depths of social nature and not from the artificial views which can be invented by individuals or by states. It has remained latent, like so many natural and social forces for many historical factor  which cannot be analyzed here. But everything indicates that this period is not at an end, that the movement has come into the open and will manifest itself with every increasing power. It will, without any doubt spread all over the Arab countries to whom it will bring back their ancient glory and primeval youth: it will indeed bring back which is most fertile most powerful, and highest in these countries. This ought to be the faith of the enlightened among the speakers of the dad (Arabic) (pp,69). 

Little-old-me shall now a suggestion to the leaders of the Arab nations. The Quran is the constitution of Saudi Arabia. If all Arab countries were to pass legislation enabling the Quran to serve as as their constitution, all Arab countries would be on the same page. 

The definition of “on the same page” is basically “in agreement” or “have the same understanding or knowledge”. Concur is a very close substitute for on the same page. There  are others, some amusing: seeing eye to eye, In agreement, of the same mind, on the same wavelength. humming the same tune, on the same boat. 

Is is likely, or even possible, that Arab leaders are reading this blog, or even if so, benefitting from any knowledge I may impart?  One must remember that my Saudi Arabian readership is rapidly increasing. It is abundantly clear that Saudi Arabia, with its esteemed leader MBS, will be leader. He is the only man who can ‘pull it off” To pull off’  in American English (at least), is an idiom which means, generally, “to achieve or accomplish something, especially if it is difficult or unexpected”. Arab Unity is definitely something difficult – otherwise it would have taken place, as MBS’ grandfather predicted, at the end of World War Two. But along came Israel. Israel muddied up the waters. 

But back to the reality of my simple life – well simple compared to Arab Unity and Palestine anyway. I am surrounded by the finest people, devout Muslims. However there was an outsider, a guy who shall remain nameless. He was revealed to be a total liar. I do have of history of mistakenly placing my trust in people that lie, I do not lie, so assume others do not.  It is a false assumption. One should only accept guidance along the Straight Path from someone who is blessed. This man was a Muslim, but he was either astray, had earned the Creator’s wrath. Lying is haram, forbidden. However, it must be remembered that there are arrogant Muslims, arrogant Catholics. arrogant Hindus  – and goodness knows, arrogant Jews. 

After discovering the lies, thought of the expression: hoisted on his own petard. It was a perfect phrase for the situation we (me and he) found ourself. It means: to be caught in one’s own trap.” Used in a sentence: “The swindler cheated himself out of most of his money, and his victims were satisfied to see him hoist by his own petard.” A “petard” was an explosive device used in medieval warfare. To be hoisted, or lifted, by a petard literally means to be blown up.

Wikipedia in its usual fashion tells us more than we really want to know: 

Hoist with his own petard” is a phrase from a speech in William Shakespeare‘s play Hamlet that has become proverbial. The phrase’s meaning is that a bomb-maker is blown (“hoist”, the past tense of “hoise”) off the ground by his own bomb (“petard“), and indicates an ironic reversal or poetic justice.” 

Wikipedia provides much more information, which is interesting but not relevant to these proceedings. The knowledge I received was beneficial because it clarified the entire situation. What was my next move?  Did subtly insult him when he suddenly became unavailable but I ‘put his head on the chopping block’ and blocked him. (The idiom “put one’s head on the block” can be traced back to the practice of beheading as a form of execution.)  He is powerless, and impotent; he cannot injure me with lies and usury. I bear no malice, knowing only Allah (SWT) can forgive sins. Allah (SWT) knows all, he will get it in the end (unless he repents.) So shall not seek revenge or try to figure out his motivation. 

It is necessary to learn from one’s mistakes, not just be victimized. I have learned not to rely on anyone I do not know. I must have at least an inkling that the person is blessed by Allah (SWT). Five times a day, at least, I repeat the words: You alone we worship, and to You alone we turn for help.  

I am not asking  for sympathy, he was useful taking me somewhere I could not gone on my own, meeting people there who were blessed. His greed was just beginning to surface, it was in its early phases. Greedy people have a hard time delaying gratification. They are hoisted on their own petard. 

My book, Golden Supplications for Children is amazingly instructive. The Dua after the Fajr prayer:  O Allah, I ask You for knowledge that is of benefit, good provision and deeds that will be accepted. (Ibn. Majah: 925). 

The best way to begin, (and end) the day. Receiving knowledge that is of benefit, good provisions and deeds that will be accepted. This morning offered this dua and shall proceed with the day accordingly.  Try it! You might like it!  

Discovered the two attached photos which, if nothing else, shows how much my life has changed. One the proposed cover of a book that was never written. Although I have tentative plans to write, an publish a book, it will not be that one. Another is an uncovered Alexis, with a precious t-shirt, gifted by my high school and uni friend. I am wearing a Here Comes The Bride Tiara. I look happy but the wedding never took place, and tragically, my friend died. 

The other photo brings us back to now. It is the cover of book found in my Oberio Refugee Room, purchased in Edmonton at the Alhambra Used Book Store. President Jimmy Carter’s Palestine Peace Not Apartheid. The forward of the book, published in 2006, is touching: “To our first great-grandchild Henry Lewis Carter, with hopes he will see peace and justice in the Holy Land.” 

I intend to post the photo and forward on Instagram. Instagram’s ‘coverage’ of the genocide is devoid of any history. There has been strong leadership in the past, humane men and women who tried their best. This needs to be remembered even If their efforts were in vain. Would that it be President Jimmy Carter at the helm, not President Joe Biden.