The Concluding Chapter of the Story But First News of My Next Trip; 217 Instagram Likes to only 6 Insults; More Positivity Concerning the Red Sea; The Red Sea Concluding Chapter Brings a Happy Ending; One Photograph of an English Sign; Two of Alexis at the Graves of the Martyrs in July 2023 

Soon this blog shall speak of the concluding chapter of the story of my photograph. But first news of my next trip to Saudi Arabia. 

It has to be told through Instagram feedback because feedback on this blog is impossible. It was predesigned in this manner: From the onset I was all too aware of the negativity of lazy people sitting on their computer, not contributing anything to the world spreading their venom and poison. If they could not reach me I would not be affected. I have never regretted that decision made almost eight years ago. My fortress was protected by Computer Guru Chris. Thank you ,forever Chris. 

But it is possible to ‘reach’ me through Instagram. I convey to the world proactive messages, and receive SO many positive responses back – well occasionally some negative comments but the individuals who make them do not earn a response from me – their silliness and ignorance is there for all to see. They are outnumbered by fa, as the first example shall clearly illustrate. 

I received 213 Likes to my response to MBS’ powerful speech, which won standing applause from leaders all over the world. 

Me” I believe him! I am convinced it will happen. Goodness knows it needs to. Unlike people who might comment on this I have been to Saudi Arabia and seen the enormous progress made there. Where was this speech made please. It is rather essential to know this. 

I just ,at this very moment,  noticed: it was pinned by the author! WOW, WOW AND MORE WOW!! There were seven ‘negative responses’. One of them not negative. One informed that it was the G7 in India. I find this most encouraging. My positive truth telling statement earned 213 Likes and only six insults. Those are very good odds. Hahahaha.  

But even more good news just came my way! There was a video of today, posted by Riyadh Connect with the message that Saudi becomes the first airline to operate at Red Sea International Airport. 

Me: I HAVE to come there. Unfortunately, Saudi Air does not come to Canada though. How inconvenient! Never mind I will take another airline to get there and THEN Saudi Air. I am determined. 

Here is the link:

You shall never guess what happened!!! Riyadhconnect pinned their response on their post. That is a huge compliment and is the absolute truth. I cannot wait to jump on a Saudi plane and go to the Red Sea International Airport. Not sure where it is, or if it has been constructed as yet, but it is certainly on the Red Sea. If I am correct, the Red Sea parted for Moses and his people. I will have to look it up. As my usual and customary practice I went to Wikipedia.

“The biblical Book of Exodus tells the account of the Israelites‘ crossing of a body of water, which the Hebrew text calls Yam Suph (Hebrew: יַם סוּף). Yam Suph was traditionally identified as the Red Sea. Rabbi Saadia Gaon (882‒942), in his Judeo-Arabic translation of the Pentateuch, identifies the crossing place of the Red Sea as Baḥar al-Qulzum, meaning the Gulf of Suez.”

Wikipedia tells us more: 

The Red Sea (Arabic: البحر الأحمر – بحر القلزم, romanized: Modern: al-Baḥr al-ʾAḥmar, Medieval: Baḥr al-Qulzum; Hebrew: יַם-סוּף, romanizedyam sūf or Hebrew: הַיָּם הָאָדְוֹם, romanized: hayyām hāʾāḏōm; Coptic: ⲫⲓⲟⲙ ⲛ̀ϩⲁϩ Phiom Enhah or ⲫⲓⲟⲙ ⲛ̀ϣⲁⲣⲓ Phiom ǹšariTigrinya: ቀይሕ ባሕሪ Qeyih BahriSomaliBadda Cas ???????????????????? ????????????) is a seawater inlet of the Indian Ocean, lying between Africa and Asia. Its connection to the ocean is in the south, through the Bab el Mandeb strait and the Gulf of Aden. To its north lie the Sinai Peninsula, the Gulf of Aqaba, and the Gulf of Suez (leading to the Suez Canal

Also some modern development is reported. 

“The Red Sea Project is building highest quality accommodation and a wide range of facilities on the coast line in Saudi Arabia. This will allow people to visit the coastline of the Red Sea by the end of 2022 but will be fully finished by 2030.”

More about the Red Sea Project, headquartered in Riyadh: 

“Its commitment is to become the world’s most ambitious regenerative tourism project. Red Sea Global takes a comprehensive approach to setting new standards in good governance, compliance, and risk management.” 

That is probably more, perhaps even much more  than you ever wanted to know. 

Back to my story. The concluding chapter first. As recounted in the June 19, 2023 blog: “ I MUST go back and see it and so many other sights and sounds of Medinah.” 

I did what I said I was going to do. July 13, 2023 found me at that sight. AK (of Eish’ha Tours drove there, the day we had driven down the Mecca to Medinah six lane highway (feeding baboons on the way). 

Just this morning emailed AK.

Me: I am going to be telling the story of my photograph of the Grave of the Martyrs on my blog next. I am beginning with my return to the sight using the photos you took of me and the one I took. I absolutely must go again when it is not so hot and at sunset so I can climb the hill. My knee is better. Saudi Arabia has been the cure I think. I may have to stop occasionally but I can do it. 

A more graphic (and funnier) description was contained in an email to Computer Guru Chris. 

Me: I an writing the ‘final’ chapter which I think, in strange story telling fashion, I shall tell first. I spoke of it in an email to AK – my Saudi tour guide.  It was a downer to go back. It was hotter than Hades (Hell in Muslim language) dusty and there were  people everywhere. I took a one photo only of the sign that spelled out the rules. It is pathetic that people have to be told such basic things – not to take stones or earth from the hill. AK took a couple of photos of me – rather unflattering (actually) but who can look cute when you are in Hades???? Hahaha 

There is a happy ending, an usual one. I have to go back to the sight of the Grave of the Martyrs. When it is cooler, then I can climb the hill, the one of the bow and arrow guys who did not do what they were told. Hopefully I shall look cuter. 

The photograph to be read carefully if one of the signs posted at the Grave sight. The English version as you shall see required that one honor and supplicate for the dead by saying: Peace be upon you, abode of believers, we certainly by the wish of Allah will join you. We ask Allah for well-being for us and for you. “ I said those words while there. I did not wipe walls or pick stones. I have not, as yet, climbed Mount Uhud and the Archers mountain, but when that happens I will not pick stones or collect sand for the purpose of seeking blessings. 

I am not that mindless. If I picked the stones or collect the sand I would receive the exact opposite of blessings. I was not born yesterday. 

I wasn’t born yesterday is a way to say that one is not naive or gullible; that one is instead, experienced and wise. I demur, perhaps not altogether wise, but if everyone took stones or collected the sand, there would be no hill to climb. No one in successive generations could experience the horrors of the martyrs.