First, Wonderful News from Back Home; A Combination of Saudi and Alberta Oil Could Take Over the World; Meeting with MBS Deemed Necessary; Then Alexis Risks Life and Limb, Not Only to Survive But To Thrive; Photo of the Contraption; Two Cartoons Sent by SOFTS  

My subscription and attention to home via AB Today continues. It brought the most incredible news. Oil Prices Drive Record Revenues. Oil prices drive record revenues. Alberta logged a record-high surplus last fiscal year, buoyed by higher-than-expected oil prices that led to higher corporate tax revenues and royalties. Finance Minister Nate Horner delivered the 2022-23 annual report and year-end results yesterday, with an $11.6 billion surplus – $11.1 billion higher than budgeted. “Our improved situation of last year is allowing us to pay down substantial amounts of debt, reducing the burden on future generations and ensuring more money can be put toward vital programs and services in the years and decades ahead,” Honer said.” 

 I was totally amazed, having no idea of the wealth and power of my Canadian province. Alberta and Saudi Arabia could control oil production and could therefore control the world. We simply have to work together. I do have a plan and would love to talk to MBS about it. I have no idea how to reach him although yesterday evening met his law professor. Honest to goodness I did. It was all rather amazing. Khalid was sitting in the coffee parlor of this hotel with two other professors at Saudi University. 

Me: Do you men speak English. 

They: Yes, we all do. 

Me: That is such good news. We can now converse with one another. 

The conversation went on for ages. It was no surprise to learn that MBS was a dedicated student. I laughingly told his mentors of my resemblance to his Royal Highness. 

Me: We have a number of things in common actually. We are 1) Both Muslims 2)Both speak English (that comes in handy when communicating) 3) We both have a sense of humour. This resemblance is the most surprising of all. We both have a gap between our front teeth. I spoke of this to a Canadian friend. 

Me: I have so much in common with MBS

She: But there is such an age difference. 

Me: That is the least of our problems! 

Another friend, wondering if he and I would meet, asked the following question.

She: Where does he live? Where is his castle? 

Me: He owns the country! He probably has several castles and he also owns airlines and can get around. 

 I admit to doing some sleuthing, discovered that he is presently in Jeddah. 

Sleuth a verb, is perfect word describing my actions; to carry out a careful investigation into a or mystery. I shall not reveal my methodology, my cleverness in learning of his whereabouts. But I did announce to GAG (Ghana and Guy are staples – the A can either by Awful or Awesome)   

Me: I am not going to Jeddah, It is nearby but  I am going to play hard to get.  

He: Please do not play hard to get! I have been praying for this day! 

Me: You are SO sweet!! Why have you been praying for it my dear? I do not pray to meet him because if it is my destiny then I will or if it is not in my destiny, then I will not. Allah (SWT) knows what is best. I trust our Creator. 

Enough of that, I promise to keep readers abreast of any new developments. However, in the meantime, in between time, I shall speak of an incredible adventure undertaken yesterday. First cast you eyes to the first photograph at the end of the blog. That ‘contraption’ has an Arab name that has not, has yet, been translated into English. The photo was send to two Edmontonian women, receiving two contradictory responses.

She: I am not sure that looks safe, Alexis. 

Me: I am sure it was not, but I survived!! I made a series of reels describing it on Instagram and shall write about it thoroughly on the blog. It turned into a religious experience, strangely enough. It does have to be the most stupidly adventurous thing I have every done. It must be remembered that I have an intense fear of heights. I promise to keep myself safe from now on Hahaha Alexis (the great). 

The other Edmontonian had a far different response. 

She: OMG! You are Wonder Woman. She flew a plane, too Hers was invisible, yours was yellow. See attached photos. 

These shall also be included at the conclusion of this blog. I did dress different than Wonder Woman. More modestly, in the Muslim tradition (sort of). I was covered up in white, wearing a long white ‘coat’ over my white pants and shirt. My non English speaking pilot carefully tied my coat around my waist, saying in English. 

He: I tie you like a horse. 

Me: Thank you. I would not want to get caught in the machinery and get strangled. 

No one overheard that conversation, but it did happen. 

At the conclusion of the trip/ordeal, the pilot politely asked permission to film me. Of course I said yes. I have absolutely NO idea what he will do with the reel. It will add to my fame, I shall be reely famous. Hahaha

Originally I was planning to regale you all with the intimate details of the fly over (which is what you could call it). Fly over is. a formation of aircraft in flight for observation from the ground, especially a prearranged, low-altitude flight over a public gathering.” This was not exactly a formation of aircraft – only a yellow contraption. There was a public gathering though. Probably about thirty people gathered around as I disembarked. I laughed, and waved. 

Me: Hi. It is me. Sheikha Fatimah. I did it! 

Chorus: You did! Good work! 

Then I was required to pay for the trauma. It was only 200 Saudi money which is very inexpensive for an experience of such fun and frolic. 

Although my faithful pilot explained the flyover sights I was not able to understand. Asked my ‘hostess’ who had preceded me in flight. 

Me: What was that castle? And why the large green ‘oasis’, greenery and trees in the middle of the desert. 

She: The castle is an Arab theatre production company. The oasis belong to members of the Saudi Royal Family. There are so many princes, they build these so they can have their own property in the desert. 

Me: Oh I see. Sort of share the wealth scheme. 

Share the wealth means to share one’s money, goods, etc., with other people It is considered an important thing to do for the following reason: “By sharing your wealth with charitable causes, you do yourself some good too. Studies have shown that not only do we feel better about spending money on someone other than ourselves but that our bodies respond with fringe benefits including enhanced sleep and lower blood pressure.” 

Look at all the free advice you receive from reading this blog! But as the expression goes: You get what you pay for. 

I was originally intending to explain in great detail the strange psychic occurrences that happen during the flight. But that will have to wait until the next blog for two reasons. 

  1. It is important to explain why and how I undertook this voyage to begin with. That will entail a long explanation.
  2. While writing this, from my bed in the Hilton Riyadh at 12 midnight I received an email with bad news. I continued to write but need some time to mourn.