An Alexis Overhaul, a Revamping is in Order; Overhaul Defined: Eleven Steps Leading to Revamping; Building a New Blueprint; I am Sunshine to a Sheriff;  Distinguishing Between Muslims and the Islamic Faith; Travel Books to Follow on Blog; Photos of Made in Canada and An Example of a Clumsy Barista Attempt

I attempted to find a word to describe my current state of mind. The closest I could come up with is regroup. Found by googling that it can individual context: to stop for a short time and prepare yourself before you continue doing something that is difficult : to stop and think, reorganize, etc., before continuing. That not a perfect word, as the doing something difficult is hopefully behind me – this seems like a safe, secure vantage point, free of the hours of the past. Perhaps renewal or rebuild might be better? Found this:”While renewal and resetting can improve your health, they can also help improve your understanding of who you are and what is best for yourself. When we undergo renewal, we can observe all the things that our body, mind, and soul have been missing and this helps us gain a better ability to lead a good and healthy life.” Looking up synonyms for rebuild: to overhaul, reassemble, recondition or reconstruct. My sense of humor kicked in – such fun to be overhauling oneself But what direction should/could this overhaul take?

Looking further into the meaning of overhaul: renovate, revamp, recondition, remodel, refit,,; regulate, adjust; check, check out, check over, check up on, give something a checkup, investigate, examine, revise, update, reconsider, rework, restructure, realign, shake up.

Great!! I am going to overhaul. revamp or vamp me up!  The Internet is SO helpful gives me eleven steps to renew or revamp myself that promises to give new meaning to everything I do.

  1. Give yourself a timeout. …
  2. Improve your self-awareness. …
  3. Build a new blueprint with a new focus. …
  4. Reveal your purpose. …
  5. Break your patterns. …
  6. Examine your limiting beliefs. …
  7. Transform your habits. …
  8. Surround yourself with good people.
  9. Practice gratitude
  10. Give back
  11. Face your fears.

Most of this is rather easy – particularly practicing gratitude as that Is what the Islamic faith respects, honors and encourages this in all of its adherents. But how does a seventy-nine woman give herself a time out?
Me: Go to your room Alexis
Alter Ego: Well that is hard as this whole apartment is your room.
Me: I know but I will go to the prayer room, close the door and set the timer for ten minutes.
Alter Ego: That should work!
Me: Now all I have to do is surround myself with good people.
Alter Ego: Lots of luck on that one!
Me: Hahaha. They are around, I know they are!

By the way adherents are followers, worshippers, believers.

I am very (perhaps too ) self aware. So now I am on Number 3 – building a new blueprint with a new focus.

I have grown weary of world events and world politics. One of my Intentions during Ramadan 2022 was 1) Retreat from the World of Politics and Instead Concentrate on the Faith. I faithfully followed that Intention so therefore knew nothing of, for example, Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine. It is abominable and has dire consequences for the world but my knowledge of the events can do nothing to alleviate the sufferings of those impacted by this war. Ramadan ended but it was impossible to ‘catch up’, so I remain clueless. To do any good in this universe one must address root causes of maladies – poverty, racism, war, inequality, corruption, lack of education  etc etc. Fanatically following the effects by aiming one’s looking glass at far off countries is upsetting, time consuming and fruitless.
Closer to home, I fled the United States of America and the UAE. But I could not and cannot affect any change in those countries either. So why read of the US Supreme Court, keep endless track of Red States and Blue States and watch the country become disunited?? Instead it is better to learn of Canada, the country previously abandoned, learning and spreading information about a country where I can perhaps play an active role.

My focus was further intensified as the day progressed. Walked to the Alberta Legislative Building for breakfast and was greeted by a Sheriff manning the entrance.
To enter the building it is necessary to pass through Security.
He: Hello Sunshine! I am so happy to see you! You make me smile and laugh!
Me: Thank you Kind Sir. Such a compliment!
He: Your sun shines so bright I am getting a sunburn from being around you!
Me: Oh my goodness. I should carry sunscreen with me at all times!

Then off to order my breakfast burrito with no meat, which was delicious. The chef took a photo of me which was posted on Instagram with the following captions.
“Me at the Legislative Cafeteria having breakfast as usual Posing beside the Made in Canada sign as I was Made in Canada as well. About eighty years ago. More about that on my blog in a few days.
Pat, a wonderful, friendly, funny employee looked at the photo.
She: Good picture. You are photogenic
Me: No I am just beautiful. Hahahaha I am not beautiful just kidding.
She: I know you are kidding You make me laugh.

Then returned my five books on Homelessness to the Legislative Library as I cannot solve, or help to solve that problem in this political climate.

I cheer up good hardworking people that I encounter in my  every day life. I shall focus on that aspect of my personality.

Moreover, the media cannot be trusted – it is full of bias and negativity. Social media is full of misinformation that is accepted as true by hordes of uninformed individuals. I tell the truth in this blog – but misinformed people are not reading it and never shall.

S, instead I should just cheer up my readers. Focus and be grateful for the good things in our lives. Travel adventures seem to bring joy and this absolutely incredible gift came to me. I have a new assistant by the name of Lucky – he is brilliant! I had an old iPad, some Apple person said it was inoperative but it just needed a new screen. Lucky was able to retrieve two travel MacBooks I wrote years ago. One from a trip to Paris, another from a trip to Norway. Lucky sent them on a pdf. I sent them to Computer Guru Chris and he said they can be replicated on the blog – photos and all!

So gentle readers will be able to pleasantly enjoy Alexis’ Adventures in Paris and at the Cordon Bleu . I can have a rest knowing you are well taken care of. Hahaha.

On the way home passed through an underground passage where there are classrooms. High school kids are there – being taught parliamentary procedure and learning about democracy, right there where it is being practiced. It was a joy to see! I waved and blew them kisses. I was so glad to be a Canadian and to be where I am at this  moment. I am blessed. All praise to Allah.
My study and absorption into the Islamic faith shall continue. My Quran, in its Introduction, profoundly states: “Islam should not be judged by what any Muslim does, but Muslims should be judged on what Islam teaches. Islam is perfect. Muslims are not.

I have found many imperfect Muslims, have been used, harassed and shunned by many imperfect Muslims. Finding this quote is so encouraging and uplifting. The Islamic faith promises peace and inner happiness, this is something I can share. If Allah gives you a gift, a believer is taught to share it. I have a sunshine gift, I guess, so I promise to continue to shine. I will continue to shine. I have been and continue to face adversities but it is possible to over come them. I will speak seriously of the discoveries made in my studies but also provide you with cheerfulness and travel adventures.

The conclusion of this week will find me fully and thoroughly vaccinated, increasingly mobile, minor problems with left knee, some arthritis but good and getting better. The extremely complicated transition from one country, to another country and then to this country is almost complete. My Will will be signed, my hair styled, my various bank accounts sorted out, my taxes paid. As shall be revealed I am most happy in my living accommodations – in every way – the safety, the location, the orderliness and cleanliness of my environment. I am truly blessed.

One photo is the Made in Canada cafeteria shot. The other is my feeble barista attempt. I make my own espresso, have an inexpensive foamer and did ty to make a clever design. In case you cannot tell, it is an arrow, pointing nowhere.

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