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As promised I spent yesterday reflecting upon the blessed and happy events of September 30, 2022 to put them into perspective, rather than just a knee jerk reaction. A knee jerk reaction It usually denotes a too-hasty, impulsive, perhaps even irrational response that is often based on preconceived notions. It is an idiom, meaning the response is automatic, often disapproving and reacting in a readily predicable way. It does not involve thinking about the response beforehand.

Alas and alack that is what finds when one looks to traditional media (and goodness knows Instagram) for information about a happening, about an event. That was certainly what I found in reports of Truth and Reconciliation Day in the media. It was overwhelmingly negative, no research had been done about the recent progress, the hard work done by both Indigenous leaders and government officials. I attended the Peace and Reconciliation Day Ceremonies held on the South Lawn of the Alberta Legislative Grounds learning that the aim of the Alberta Government and the Indigenous leaders if to turn this province into RECONCILIACTION and their intense cooperation has already made in happen. The ceremony was held on what shall be the Reconciliation Garden. The plans for the garden were unveiled as part of the ceremony, if was most moving. The moment was captured in a photograph which shall be attached to this blog. I was an ordinary member of the audience, not sitting in the reserved section but did speak up at one moment.
He: You are now sitting (or standing) in the garden.
Me: (in my loud lawyer voice). I hope you don’t plant me.

There was a ripple of laughter, somewhat needed at this serious occasion. The Alberta Minister of Indigenous Affairs was the ‘master of ceremonies’. He was responsible for my attendance. I was at the Legislative Cafeteria for my customary breakfast, spied a man with an orange T-shirt that said: Every Child Matters. I talk to strangers all of the time, this was no different.
Me: That is a great shirt showing Indigenous children. It conveys a real message.
He: Yes, thank you! I am the Minister of Indigenous Affairs.
Me: Wow. Congratulations! And to think I am sort of having breakfast with you.
He: There is a ceremony on the South Lawn tomorrow at 10:45, you should come.
Me: I will! Thank you.

We spotted one another when I arrived at the ceremony. .
He: You did come!
Me: I had to! I wrote about it on my blog this morning. It has been already posted! I said I was coming – one has to tell the truth on Truth and Reconciliation Day. Hahahaha

As you shall hear I was so honored, so happy to be there. At one point during the moving ceremony I said to myself.
Me: It feels like I was meant to be here.
Alter Ego; Yes! You have had that feeling before.
Me: I did! Different circumstances. It was at a small church in West Wemyss Scotland. My great grandfather buried in the graveyard of the church. The pastor of the church when hearing of my journey said that I was meant to be there. Needless to say I must go back.
Alter Ego: You can. Now that you have found your home back in Canada.

But back to the Edmonton Truth and Reconciliation Ceremony. There was much on the agenda that day. I took a photo in the very beginning, posted it on Instagram with the following caption: Here at the Truth and Reconciliation Gathering. The Chief is speaking of the Indigenous history and culture. It is so moving.

It truly was!  He spoke of the history of these peoples. How their leaders were prescient, speaking accurately of the future – the dreaded days when their land would be taken from them. What was so impressive is that everything was done by Canadians to remove the Indigenous cultural and religious heritage by and through the horrors of residential schools. But the Indigenous people were SO resilient, so strong. The refused victimhood and now are standing tall and proud, finally being recognized by the Alberta government, perhaps the Canadian government but I was in Edmonton, not Ottawa on Truth and Reconciliation Day.

The speeches were inspirational, stirring and laden with information. But I was carrying no pen, no paper to record these thoughts. But Industrious Alexis came to the fore. I had my iPhone, used it to type notes by sending an email to myself. Sometimes I am SO smart, even I am in awe. Hahaha.

What you need to do right now is go to Scroll down to Initiatives then go to Reconciliation in Alberta. You shall see a video captured by a professional. It did capture it much better than I did. I spoke to one of the ‘professionals’ who was filming near me.
Me: Hi! You are here working! I am here observing and listening.
He: It is such an honor for me to be here!
Me: Wow! Bet you do not feel that very often on your job.
He: No I do not!

So look at the video, see its profoundness. You will be able, perhaps, to see why I said to myself tearfully: “I was meant to be here” .

I shall close now and go for breakfast in the Legislative Cafeteria. I shall write later and tell you more but my brain and my body must be fed. Today’s special is pancakes and bacon. I have only the pancakes, not the bacon as the meat is not allowed, it is Harem. Oh well, giving up bacon for the possibility of Jannah is definitely worth it as far as I am concerned.

Unveiling Plans for Garden

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