Feedback as it Relates to Blog; Feedback Defined; Two Examples of Feedback From Fans; Inveterate Defined; Why Only Women are Inveterate Shoppers Unknown and Unexplained; Peace and Innter Happiness of Islamic Faith Explained and explored; Instagram and Negative Traditional Muslims Can Interfere with Promised Peace and Inner Happiness ; Warts and All Defined with an YouTube Video Linked; Beatific Defined; Day to Be Described in Subsequent Blog; Cartoons Laughing at Those with Dogs and Children

Faithful readers will know that I receive no feedback whatsoever from this blog. Comments appear to be invited but are never received. They are blocked by my Computer Guru, that was our understanding from the very beginning and I have never regretted it. However, occasionally I do get feedback from people that I know, people that I meet. I have also, in the past, had my statistics compiled, broken down occasionally according to country, other statistics just count the number of visits and visitors. That is how I know, roughly, that I have had millions of views over the past five and a half ye a day/month/ ars. As people close to me know – I write for myself. It orders my day, orders my life and keeps my mind alert and active. It is a rather inexpensive hobby. I pay for the domaine, and I pay my Computer Guru but it is cheaper than playing golf, belionging to an expensive gym, driving an expensive car or being an inveterate shopper.

Two word definitions now necessary. Feedback is information about reactions to a product, a person’s performance of a task, etc. which is used as a basis for improvement. It can also be called reaction, comment, report; critique, criticism, view, opinion, commentary, observation, interpretation, rating.
Inveterate also means hardened, chronic, hardcore, incorrigible; habitual, addicted, compulsive, obsessive, obsessional pathological, hooked. Not sure why this is but women, not men, are hardcore, addicted, compulsive, pathological, hooked and obsessional shoppers. They use shopping to fill some need – it is depressing, crippling, wasteful. Well not to retailers, jewelers, shoe manufacturers, fashion designers etc etc. Those people love these habitual, hardcore, chronic consumers. Now I do admit to loving shoes a lot but I am definitely in control and most of my shoes are in storage in California. I am, by no means or measure, walking around barefoot here in Canada. That would be stupid as it is cold here and about to be getting colder. My purchase of bright red Uggs was chronicled on Instagram. I do love them and get many compliments. They are lined in fleece so will keep my tootsies warm.

But back to blog feedback. Last week I received feedback from a wonderful man – my Computer Guru. He sent an email announcing that he had posted my epistle saying:
He: Impressive as always Alexis! Have a nice weekend. C x
Me: Love you as always. Have a nice weekend-what there is left of it for you. I have no big plans but with me who knows? Hahaha! Watching Netflix The Windsors, a comedy series which is a bit disrespectful but well needed these days. It does make one so happy that King Charles turned out not only okay but rather great. I suppose everyone else is watching The Crown. I always was a bit different.
He: Clare really loves the Windsor’s! She says Camilla is her favourite 😻
Me: I totally agree with Clare! Camilla is my fav. But Harry is just so hopelessly stupid. Loved it when he displayed some knowledge about the Duke of Windsor but said he got it by watching The Crown not be reading anything. Priceless!!’ I am taking a day off. I think but who knows with me. All over Instagram in a funny way.

This was an Instagram comment about my blog written by a Texan woman I met at the Abu Dhabi Louvre, probably in December of 2021.
She: Best blog ever!!!! I hope you are killing it!!!
Me: I wonder. That said in all its permutations and combinations. More clearly said. I wonder if it is the best blog ever AND I wonder at the blog.

Then yesterday there was a story showing she and her friend having a very good time in NYC.
Me: You guys are drunk. Such fun!
She: In honor of you!
Me: Such a privilege. I accept your award of Drunkedness. Wish I were there. Hahaha I
I then sent a GIF of a rather inebriated woman having fun. .
Me: That is me during my drinking days. This Muslim faith can get a little boring and depressing sometimes I do admit.

That last statement is not entirely true as I have the peace and inner happiness that is promised with the Islamic faith. Also the added benefit of never having a hangover. I do myself. When I was Brooke’s age I was rather wild and crazy and ambitious and widely popular with those of the opposite sex. I now have the best of both worlds because my prior pre Islamic excesses have been obviated, been forgiven and I am able to start anew. I have the advantage of not condemning others as many Muslim born of the faith do. I am surrounded by condemning Muslims on Instagram and others found at the Edmonton Al Rashid Mosque.. But it is possible to avoid negative and condemning Muslims if I am not concerned with pleasing them. The Islamic faith, in its purity, instructs that it is only Allah’s approval that is important, not the admiration of mere mortals. A Muslim is directed to follow the Straight Path, being led by those who are Blessed not those who are astray.
Astray’s synonyms are: into wrongdoing. into error, into sin, into iniquity, away from the straight and narrow, away from the path of righteousness; off the rails. Profiting from the way of Allah does seem to be a big off the rails, into error and away from the straight and narrow.

It does seem that Instagram has many Muslim advocates that are astray. Verses of the Quran are flashed before one’s eyes, taken out of context but always with great technological eye catching displays. Many Islamic scholars are used as advertisements for their or others institutions. These men and institutions amass fortunes speaking to large, sometimes enormous, groups of people. Seen YouTubes from Dubai where it seems thousands are gathered, some Muslim folk, others hoping to learn something of the faith. My entrance into the faith was less crowded, I was instructed by telephone to read the Quran, pray to Allah and when I was ready to recite the words of faith with sincerity. That was how I became a Muslim during covid pandemic days. I became a solitary Muslim. The Quran, books written of the faith and the valued Internet entries are my ‘blessed’ guides. I do admit to using Instagram but increasingly as seeing it more realistically – worts and all.

Worts and all means defects or imperfections are frankly seen. The origin of this idiom is often attributed to Oliver Cromwell, who was Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland, and Ireland in the 1600s. It is said that when it came time for the artist Sir Peter Lely to paint his portrait, Cromwell told him to render his likeness “warts and all“. There is a great Instagram video describing this idiom:

September 30, 2022 was a beatific day for many reasons. Beatific means blissfully happy sometimes imparting holy bliss. The day met both definitions as parts of it were blessed, exalted, sublime, joyful, rapt, heavenly, holy, divine, celestial, paradisical, glorious. Those moments (that stretched into hours) were spent at the Truth and Reconciliation Ceremony held at the Alberta Legislative Grounds. The other moments which came afterwards were joyful, seraphic, blissful, serene, happy, beaming, glad. Rather than write about them at this moment I am taking time to reflect upon the happenings of that day and put them into perspective. I hope to find greater understanding. So stay tuned for the accounting of the memorable day.

Humour has not been in evidence in this blog so far. I am therefore attaching two cartoons from the New Yorker magazine section. The laugh is on those who have dogs and those who have children. I have neither. 

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