Yesterday Was An Amazeballs Day; Details Shall be Shared: Rome Was Not Built in a Day Explained; Sorting Led to Wonderful Water Aerobics Program; Least Expensive Gym Membership Ever; Another Fabulous Lebanese Restaurant; Winter Jackets Obtained at Kingsway Mall; Its a Small World Containing Lloydminster and Hinton; Photos of Sunset, Manu and My New Light Blue Jacket

Yesterday was an amazeballs day – everything came together, convincing me that I have made the absolutely correct move in coming back to live in Edmonton. This is my destiny and I am most happy with it – extremely happy. Everything came into place, as if by magic.

The early morning hours were spent re-organizing my room. There is ample drawer and closet space – organization is most needed for creativity, this has been proven scientifically.  Certain tasks remain but Rome was not built in a day. “Rome wasn’t built in a day” means that it takes time to create great work, and that while you cannot expect success to come right away, it will be achieved with continued persistence.
This is from Wikipedia: ”Rome wasn’t built in a day” is an adage attesting to the need for time to create great things. It is the usual English translation of a medieval French phrase, Rome ne fu[t] pas faite toute en un jour, from the collection Li Proverbe au Vilain, published around 1190. The expression, (as “Rome was not built in one day”) is given in English in John Heywood’s A Dialogue Conteinyng the Nomber in Effect of all the Prouerbes in the Englishe Tongue (c. 1538), While Queen Elizabeth I referred to the idea in Latin in an address at Cambridge in 1563. The phrase was used in the title of a 1964 song by Sam Cooke.

But a simpler explanation of this idiom can be found by Googling Rome Was Not Built in a Day. Go to the video section and find the children’s program called learn a proverb a day. It is easy, it is great. Not quite as intellectual as ‘my’ definition in the prior paragraph but probably more useful.

Then it was time to sort – which is a British expression. Time to prioritize, to make efforts to achieve the goal of being comfortable living here. It worked like an absolute charm. One of the first tasks was to address the issue of exercise. Water aerobics is my passion, it is  the best form of exercise as it does not strain or put put pressure on the joints  – therefore perfect for my knees.  It is also fun, play in the water with a group of older women, listening (and sometimes singing to) upbeat music, usually oldies but goodies. Water aerobics proved impossible in the UAE which was one of the downfalls to any measure of success living in their midst as regular and routine exercise program is essential to good health.

I got on Google, found a program sponsored by the City of Edmonton, dialed 331, spoke to an immensely helpful woman who told me about the Hardisty Recreation Centre. I called LOG and off we went. Hardisty is located in the Capilano District, never heard of it before and it does not look familiar. Had the following conversation with an immensely helpful woman.
Me: Hello! I have returned to Edmonton to live after an absence of 55 years. I crave a water aerobics program. I am led to believe that you have one here.
She: Yes we do!  Here is the schedule. I would recommend the Tuesday and Thursday class to you. It is not too strenuous and is attended by a fine group of older women.
Me: That would be excellent. As I am able to achieve greater fitness I could take a more strenuous course and come more frequently
She: Of course, that would be a very good idea. May I recommend the monthly payment fee which allows you to drop into a class or to use our facilities at any time.
Me: That would be perfect. How much is it?
She: $68 a month.
Me: Great, where do I sign up.
So I did it! Had my picture taken for the card allowing access and off I happily went
By the way – that is $53.00 in American money. I have never in my recent life had such an inexpensive gym membership. NEVER. My most recent gym membership was at the Jewish Community Center in San Rafael, California. I blush to think of how much I paid for that. I left before the end of the year I paid for in advance and I do not think they refunded my money – even though I left under such dire circumstances. It seems that Allah is rewarding me, telling me time and time again that I am on the right path – returning to the land of my birth.

LOG: Where next?
Me: I need some warm jackets as I only brought my summer clothes. Where would you suggest.
He: I think Kingsway Mall would be the best.  Do you want lunch before or after?
Me: Before, I am starving.

So off we went to an another amazing Lebanese Restaurant. This one the Root of Beirut at 10208 127 Avenue.  The menu shall be shown. It was inexpensive, the food utterly delicious. We got lots of food to go – some for eating later in my room at the hotel. Also the Laziza green apple drink which I have learned to love. .

Eating (as we sped toward shopping heaven) a salami and cheese pita pie. It cost only $5.00., It resembled a pizza but was tastier, lighter, and is so much better for you as it is made with Halal beef, not the fat content of regularly slaughtered animals and they die peacefully, therefore no stress hormones contaminate  the meat.  Spoke of this in a prior blog, will look it up and get back to you.

Arrived at Kingsway Mall, pulled up to the entrance and just there was a Forever Yours women’s store offering 50% of merchandise in the entire store.  Yes, indeedie do! Ran in, found a gorgeous light blue jacket that shall be pictured and another grayish wool jacket that will go over everything. The bill came to $56.30 American. With this two jackets I shall make it all the way to the three days of summer that is celebrated in these parts. (Joke).

We came back to the hotel with loaded with packages of food and clothing. The bellman met LOG and bundled me up to my room on the 23rd floor. I had run out of money.
Me: I am sorry I cannot tip you,  I have no cash.
He: Do not worry, the pleasure is all mine.
Me: Thank you. I will send you blow kisses as well.
So he and I blew kisses at each other as he walked out the door.

It was appetizer time at the Concierge Lounge. Two couples were drinking beer clad in Edmonton Oilers gear – it was clear they were going to The Game.  I sat and began to char with them.
Me: Hello. Where are you from?
One Couple: Hinton
Me: My goodness. I know Hinton. My precious Aunt Alice lived in Edson and we would often go and visit she and my Uncle Clint. So World Traveller Me, knows Hinton.
They: Edson is a terrible place.
Me: So are most places. I do not suggest that you go live in the United Arab Emeritus. Where are you from (said to the other couple)
They: Lloydminister
Me: I know Lloydminister! My family used to live in North Battleford and we would go through Lloydminister on our way to Edmonton.
They: North Battleford is a terrible place.
Me: Well so is Marin County, California where  everything is so expensive that people have lost their souls and strike out against those with minority status – like me.

So all of this goes to prove that it is a small world which is, an idiom. As my dedicated readers may know I often explain idioms. Not quite sure how, or why, I started but it is a common, everyday occurrence. This is valuable as my statistics reveal I have readers the world over, often in non English speaking countries. How one can ever learn English is beyond my comprehension – it is difficult that the idioms are total mysteries. Reading my blog can be so helpful to others for this reason. I, rather accidentally, just found a resource on a kids program.

This is a most usual blog – begun on a whim. It has evolved over the years. It has two new aims: to help those whose English is their second language learn idioms and to spread the Islamic faith. I have taken a vacation from speaking of the faith while I settle into my Canada but I shall return to this, which is my fate and destiny, I do believe.

The photograph is of the sunrise from my window yesterday morning. It is stunning I do have to admit. The other a page from the menu of the wonderful Lebanese Restaurant. My Computer Guru Chris emailed:
He: We love Lebanese food!
Me: Its a small world.

You also get to see me in my light blue jacket which keeps me warm.

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