Good News From the USA (For Me Anyway); Rising Cost of Groceries in America; Welcome Backs Heard Constantly; Link Shared with MFO; Long Story Revealing the Gift of Obtaining Second Booster Jab; New Driver by Name of LOG; Photograph of Great Restaurant; Al Salam Pita in Edmonton

I am definitely loving The Economist as it brings me the best news about the USA and the world in general. Their  reporting is unbiased and factual and brings joy to my heart.

On May 11th the us Bureau of Labour Statistics (bls) released its latest estimate of American retail prices. The Consumer Price Index, which tracks the cost of all goods and services weighted by their share of households’ expenditure, increased by 0.3% in April after rising by 1.2% in March. That was a welcome slowdown, but still means prices were 8.3% higher than a year ago. Petrol prices are up by 43.6% year-on-year and energy by 13.7%. F”ood, including restaurant meals, is 9.4% more expensive and groceries are 10.8% dearer.”  Here is the link if you wish to read the entire article: (the cost of groceries in America rockets

I suppose that is nasty to take delight in the demise of my former adopted country hosting me for about 53 years, educating me, providing me with work and a hefty retirement. But jut  remember I contributed to the County of Marin in every way – through charity, through work for the common good, professionally, through extensive volunteer work. But in my 77th year along came discrimination and terrorization because I was a Muslim.  I was therefore forced to move to another country to find the peace and inner happiness promised by the faith. The UAE proved not to be the haven anticipated with  my retirement visa denied leaving me in total limbo. So now I am back to the land of my birth and they are stuck with me. Hahaha. Everyone is being most brave about it. I get at least 20 Welcome Backs a day.

The link to The Economist article was sent to MFO (Man From Oman) as he owns an enormous distributorship, recently expanding to include transportation. Those men the Middle East are really, really rich and MFO is really a nice, sweet and intelligent ma n I never would have met him and other wonderful people if I had not gone to the UAE. The UAE was a learning experience, it is now seen as a transition to a better place. The better place being back home in Edmonton. I do not have the strength to return to the UAE at this present time, it is best for me to settle in my new/old life. But I am now armed with so much appreciation and gratitude that I was born in this fair land.

By the way, this news in. EGG preferred EGG over $$ for his nickname – you cannot blame him. I hope it made him laugh though. His preference was stated in a text message and there were no laughing emojis attached. But now he sees me the funniest GIFs I have every seem. I do not know how to duplicate them or where he gets them so you will just have to take my word for it.

The day before yesterday was an absolutely stellar day. Stellar is exceptionally good; outstanding. I did, I did it, I really,  really did it. I got my second booster jab. I cannot tell you how incredibly happy it made me. A second booster has been recommended by all competent and learned health authorities because my first booster shot was in August of 2021 but I was unable to get one in the UAE because I did not have an Emerati ID. More about the living hell of that later. Came home to Canada, landed in Vancouver for a few days and after two days there I was, getting my jab.  I can make things happen in this the land of my birth. I called the number provided by the helpful pharmacist, made the appointment, called the cab, found my passport, gathered everything together. The taxi driver was born in Lebanon, an  interesting man who has been living in Canada for twenty years. I thought it would only take a few minutes as I had an appointment so I arranged that he should wait and then give me a ride back to the hotel. The process t took FOREVER, all because of the presence of a Russian woman who did not speak English but somehow managed to sneak ahead of me in line. She was  terribly entitled which did not bring forth kindness from anyone around her, her attitude effected others and they were not anxious to meet her needs. I had to have a profile created so that I could be a part of the Alberta Health Plan system. This enabled  the Russian woman to squeak ahead of me, prior to her receiving receiving the vaccination by an extremely capable nurse (who later jabbed me)  an endless translation by phone took place – it went on forever. Massive discussions about the side effects and all. It was only made bearable by the comfort and support received from EGG including funny Gifs that cheered. Patience is not one of my virtues, truly it is not. Me: I hate waiting – one would think that I was Royalty

Finally I was released, did not wait for the fifteen minutes as if I had a bad reaction then  LOG, his nickname (Lebanese Omar Guy) could drive me back but in the meantime we drove to his restaurant. It was the absolutely greatest place, Lebanese with the freshest of ingredients and non alcoholic beer. The photograph of the restaurant shall be posted. I did a reel of the delicious food on Instagram.

Something very funny happened. I went to the loo and while in there a call from EGG was received from EGG on my iPhone. So I answered.
Me: I am in the bathroom, you have a terrible sense of timing.
He: I am sorry. I will call you back.

Well, he did but it was most embarrassing at the time.

This has been a lazy couple of days.  I took to my bed immediately, resting and letting my immune system get into gear. I was most exhausted and had some early symptoms which meant the vaccination did work.

The entire day brought such a great feeling of inner peace and happiness. I was instrumental in taking care of my health which reduces my anxiety – I have done everything I can to protect myself from the dreaded virus. Although face masks are not longer mandated in Alberta I wear one anyway. I have fifty of them, all color coordinated with my headscarves and glasses. Best I to make use of them and be safe at the same time.

Two photographs – one shows proof that I did get the vaccine, the second one is the Lebanese restaurant with the fantastic food.

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