Yet Another Introduction of Humor Using Andy Borowitz: The Revision of About Me; Photos of The Great Rixos Resort Staff Including Chef With Santa on Head; Santa Claus Who?; Placate Defined; A Weapon of Security Forces: Bad Men Get Bad Women; Good Women Get Good Men

I was in a good mood anyway but then along came my favorite funny man from the New Yorker commenting on a career change by a silly man. ‘Representative Devin Nunes has announced that he is leaving Congress to run Donald J. Trump’s media company in the idiotic belief that Trump will pay him. As news broke of Nunes’s decision, thousands of venders who have waited decades for Trump to pay them expressed bafflement that the California congressman would make such a boneheaded career move.

There was more to come: as usual building on the the original humour. “It’s inconceivable to me that he thinks he will get paid,” Carol Foyler, one of the unremunerated venders, said. “Has he even Googled Trump?” As Nunes packed his bags, his soon-to-be-former colleagues in Congress celebrated his departure into the wee hours of the morning.Representative Adam Schiff, however, sounded a cautious note. “It’s essential that Devin not find out that he won’t get paid,” Schiff said. “He might change his mind and stay here.”

I just loved the thought of the colleagues partying to celebrate Nunes’ departure and Adam Schiff worried that Nunes might find out that he would not get paid and “stay here.”

Then Andy went international claiming that Putin was looking for a pee tape of President Biden to aid in negotiations. “Vladimir Putin thinks that negotiating with the United States would be “so much easier” if he possessed a pee tape of President Joe Biden, the Russian leader has confirmed. Speaking to reporters about his lengthy phone conversation with Biden regarding Ukraine, Putin said, “I kept thinking to myself, I wish I had a pee tape of this guy.”
After hanging up with the U.S. President, Putin ordered Russian intelligence officials to scour their archives for a Biden pee tape, but they came up empty.”

It ends with Putin being wistful, which is funny just thinking about it. “They mainly found a lot of footage of him saying things he didn’t mean to say,” Putin said. “Nothing great.”The Russian President said that the absence of a Biden pee tape will make Russia’s dealings with the United States “more challenging.”“It is what it is,” he said wistfully.

While I was writing up a storm during my days of seclusion at the Rixos Resort I amended the About Me in the menu of the blog. Chris, the computer guru put the revised version in place, he also amended the ‘subtitle’ to read: London, USA, UAE and Beyond giving credence to my decision to put my belongings in storage in California and return to the UAE, chosen for various reasons, including the fact that it is a Muslim majority country where I would not be facing discrimination. The previous version of About Me was written in July of 2021 – it was amazing to see the changes that had taken place in five months. At that time, there was contentment found with Tam Ridge Apartments and a sense of belonging with ‘my Vietnamese family’. Both came to an abrupt halt, plans to finance the education of young Vietnamese daughter were terminated, by she and her family even though I was ready and able to perform my end of the contractual obligation. Although they spoke of my being one of the family I was not, biologically and furthermore our values were divergent. There were not of the faith and the Muslim values have become increasingly important to me. They also were usurious, I found myself paying for services that were not needed and interfered with my abilities to maintain a level of self sufficiency. My present sense of well being would not be possible if they were ‘my family’. The rewrite also omitted reference to early trauma and pain as, it this time of my life it seems irrelevant and of the past. Conversion to the faith requires that you relinquish your past, your sins but also your connections and pain. The more committed to the faith I become the more of my past evaporates. I am the same me but one beginning a brand new chapter of my life.

Yesterday saw my last day at the Rixos Resort, giving and receiving many hugs accompanied by requests for selfies. An extremely funny accidental incident occurred at breakfast. Staff members were posing with me in front of the gingerbread houses and Santa stuff. One of the chefs walked by requesting that he be photographed with the star of the show (which was me). Later, when looking at the photographs a remarkable image appeared. It looked like Santa was landing on his head. It was definitely placed on Instagram:“My last day at the Rixos Resort. Can you believe this picture with Santa on the top of the Chef’s head. It was totally accidental. Staff taking pictures of my last day. He walked by, they took his photo with me and up popped Santa on his head.
I had texted Grandson about the upcoming post, he made me laugh, some silly thing he said..
Me: You made me laugh! It is so difficult to laugh and drink coffee at the same time.
He: Laughing emojis
Me: Did post on Instagram. Try if some time, Laugh and drink coffee at the same time.
He: I check now
Me: You did and you liked. I am doing a new one with Santa Claus
He: Santa Claus who?
Me: The fat guy in the red suit with a white beard. Silly
But we did then go on to have a very serious conversation about the faith. A woman insulted me, She then returned to the table with her husband – he was showing her no respect and was shoving food down his throat showing no table manners whatsoever.
Me: Qur’an says bad men get bad women and good women get good men.
He: Right
Me: Well, these two are a perfect match.
Security went to the table to these two people, spent much time in conversation with them. But, excuse me, it was I who was insulted, not her/ I just walked away. Security has a great deal of control in these parts. I am not positive that it is wielded well.. They seem to reward rude behavior by placating the rascals. Placate does have great synonyms: pacify, calm, calm down, appease, mollify, soothe, quiet, conciliate, propitiate, make peace with, humor; pour oil on troubled waters. I suppose it does calm down, soothe and quite them. Restore a semblance of social order. But at a great cost as the wrong doers seem to score a victory and learn nothing of the ill effects of bad manners. It is impossible to change the word. It is best simply to walk away. I walked by this woman, my head held high, treating her as if she did not exist. That can be a cruel blow to a rude and obnoxious person and Security cannot be called for ignoring another person. It is hard to do, at times. But in the words of Uncle Dave:
He: Stop fighting Alexis. Go to the sidelines, they do themselves in.
Me: But Uncle Dave, I am a fighter! I was a lawyer!
He: Just try it, please Alexis.
So I have on more than one occasion. And he has always been right – the evil ones do themselves in. It can sometimes take a long time, but they do.

Photos are some of the amazing staff at the Rixos Resort (and me).

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