Running on Empty Defined and Illustrated; An Absolutely Fantastic Morning; My International Family Grows; Conversations With Many of Sons and Daughters Revealed; Photos of the Rixos Resort That Thinks of Everything.

On this the third day of my stay at this marvelous Rixos Resort I realize that I have been running on empty for months and months and months. I can finally relax – finally – and be taken care of. This expression suddenly occurred to me – running on empty, so of course, I googled it. At the end of one’s resources. out of money. This idiom refers to a car running when the gas gauge indicates that there is no more fuel. It is apparently a song. “Running on Empty” is a song written and performed by American singer-songwriter Jackson Browne. It is the title track to his 1977 live album of the same name, recorded at a concert at Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, Maryland, on August 27, 1977.
But there is more to it according to the experts. Exhaustion is a main component of burnout — when we recognize that we’re running on empty, we can work toward a solution and prevent a crash. Burnout is more than just a feeling: In fact, the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) recognizes it as an official syndrome stemming from chronic workplace stress.
Well for me it cannot be chronic workplace stress that is causing it because I have been retired for seventeen years. I am not sure that analyzing why I was running on empty is that important. What is important is to know that I need to be taken care of for awhile, also to be around caring and compassionate people, to let down the barriers and to Trust in Allah.

I did not have the symptoms associated with burn out, and, in fact people constantly marveled at my energy. I knew I needed this respite – Wise Man was most proud of this decision. I know because he told me and also told my Primary Care Physician, who revealed it at an appointment just prior to my departure to the Middle East. So I am here to sort – to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life. My exhaustion is palatable. But this morning is perfect – cannot imagine a more perfect morning. I woke early, upon the suggestion of a wonderful Philippine Supervisor at the incredible Turquoise Restaurant I went for a walk on the beach at sunrise. One cannot imagine the beauty – the turquoise water, the white sandy beach, the sunrise. I said my morning prayers, thanking Allah for all of this. Did an Instagram reel of the waves lapping at the shore. As I walked back to the hotel I spotted a man making a video and stopped to talk to him. This is unbelievable but this was our conversation.
Me: Hi! My name is Alexis and I write a blog calling it my name.
He: My name is Alexis.
Me: My goodness! What country are you from?
He: France
Me: Ok! You can be my French son. I am collecting an international family. Nobody from France as yet.

He went on with his filming and I walked back to the restaurant for breakfast. It was almost entirely deserted – hardly anyone was up. Some boring guy working on his computer and a couple from Russia walking around being quite miserable. My son from India appeared – told him of his new nickname. FAM – which stands for Fabulous Awesome Manager – he was most pleased. His beautiful wife works at the restaurant as well.
Me. Your wife can be WOFAM, which stands for Wife Of Fabulous Awesome Manager
He: She shall be pleased with her name.
Me: Good

Yesterday we discussed some of his ongoing duties.
Me: I have decided that I will wear an abaya on Fridays – rather than my Western clothes. I have a black abaya with a zipper in the back I cannot manage. So I will wear it and something over it and then you can zip me up.
He: Of course! I will do anything for my mother!

I laughed so hard that the whole place reverberated. Now this is very strange
Me: So you are my son and you are 24. But my Grandson is 34. The Grandson is older than the Son.
He: This is a very unusual family, but I am happy to be a member of it my mother.
Me: My son from the Philippines calls me Dearest Mommy – that is very darling.
He: I will call you the Indian name for Mother.
Me: That is a great idea.

Then we saw Alexis filming in the distance.
Me: Do you want to meet your brother?
He: He looks like he is busy at the moment. I can meet him later.
Me: Ok – by then I can think of a nickname for him.

I have already thought of one. He can be FAV. French Awesome Videographer.

Went back to my room and went back to bed. A young woman knocked on my door – she was coming to clean the room.
Me: Come in! I am writing my blog. Where are you from, what is your country.
She: Uganda
Me: Oh good! You can be my Uganda daughter. How long have you been here in Abu Dhabi
She: For three years.
Me: Do you like it here?
She: Very much.

Just now my phone pinged – it was Grandson and we had a long text conversation which ended this way.
Me: We are laughing too much. You can never laugh too much though
He: Right.
Me: Tell your guests about your smart grandmother. Hahaha
He: Okay
Me: I love it when you say okay
He: okay
Me: I love, love, love it.

This Rixos Resort thinks of everything. Took pictures of some signs this morning that proves it. A sign that says Adults Only Relaxation Zone. The other sign on the opposite says that it is for families. So we adults are not bothered by screaming children. Another sign says that you are not to reserve lounge chairs so that people will not hog all the chairs. Then there is a photo of FAV.

I must do some unpacking today. Now that is boring but only one suitcase has been unpacked. I am really tired – unpacking a difficult chore.

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