Giving Thanks and Thanksgiving; Andy Makes You Laugh Again; Living in a Safe Environment Where One Can Hug Again; This is Paradise Except for the Occasional Satan; Impunity Defined; Procure Defined; A Massage From Heaven; Palatial Defined and Photographed

It is definitely time for a little humor as these blogs are getting far too serious. Yet again Andy Borowitz arrives right on target and on topic discussing Thanksgiving: “ As an event dreaded by millions draws near, Dr. Anthony Fauci is urging all Americans to use covid-19 as an excuse to skip Thanksgiving with horrible relatives. Speaking from his office at the National Institutes of Health, Fauci said that the covid-19 excuse could help prevent a seasonal surge in exasperation and seething rage associated with the Thanksgiving holiday.
“covid-19 could get you off the hook this year,” Fauci said. “Consider this a doctor’s note from me.”

Is not that perfect? The “seasonal surge and exasperation and seething rage associated with the Thanksgiving holiday.” And then to add to the joy of it all having Fauci giving a doctor’s note to all people burdened with bad families. But in fine form Borowitz continues: By using the pandemic as justification for skipping Thanksgiving, Americans can spare the feelings of relatives they despise, the esteemed virologist said.“Tell your aunt from West Virginia that you’ll miss her, but you’ll look forward to reading her QAnon theories on Facebook,” he advised.
For his part, Fauci said that he intends to employ covid-19 as an excuse to exempt himself from other unpleasant activities. “I plan to use it to avoid seeing Rand Paul,” he said.” Isn’t that great that Fauci can avoid seeing Rand Paul? Covid-19 can indeed come in handy sometimes.

This wondrous Rixos Resort is SO safe. All of the staff were again tested yesterday, all got their PCR. This is wonderful as we can hug with impunity (and do)! Impunity is a perfect word – it is defined as an exemption from punishment or freedom from the injurious consequences of an action. The synonyms are: indemnity, exemption from punishment, freedom from punishment, exemption, nonliability, license; amnesty, dispensation, pardon, reprieve, stay of execution, exoneration; privilege, special treatment, favoritism; carte blanche. Antonyms are: liability and responsibility. I am forever exchanging hugs with the staff and can do so with amnesty, exoneration and carte blanche as I do not have Covid-19 and neither do they! Silly non vaccinated people. There is so much happening here at this Rixos Resort that it is not necessary to go anywhere else. But back to the topic of Thanksgiving for a few minutes.

I received a text from a California friend.
She: On vacation in Monterey. You sound very happy! Have a happy Thanksgiving.
Me: Enjoy your vacation! Good to hear from you! But Bea – there is no Thanksgiving in the Middle East. Muslims give Thanks to Allah every day. I have so much to be thankful for these days, Oh so much! All praise to Allah!!!

And I do have SO much to be thankful for. I am living in Paradise it seems. I am living in Paradise without death coming first and Judgment Day. But do know that this is not Paradise as there are certain guests staying at this Rixos Resort that are not nice people – could even be said to be Satans. There are no Satans in Paradise – not even temporarily. All of the staff at this Rixos Resort are wonderful individuals coming from so many different countries. I have started to adopt men and women from different countries. So I have children without having any labor pains. I am attempting to have at least one from every country. At the moment I have two sons and a daughter from the Philippines, a son from India, a daughter from Turkey. And, of course, there is Grandson, who is from Pakistan. My very favorite son from India is 24, Grandson is 34 – now this does not make any sense whatsoever. Need I also remind you that India and Pakistan have not always gotten along with one another. FSFI (Favorite Son from India) is procuring brothers and sisters from other countries. He found the Turkish daughter, for example. Procure is the perfect word as it means obtain (something), especially with care or effort. The best synonyms are: cause, contrive, effect, bring about. FSFI is using care and effort to find me the Very Best International Family. I have learned that there is a fine man from Serbia newly hired as the manager of the Spa. I had the most glorious massage yesterday – followed by a soak in the jacuzzi. I have been carrying so much tension in my neck and shoulders causing me pain. It is now gone, the pain is gone.

I just got a call from one of my sons. I will soon see him. It will make me very happy. Joyously happy as a matter of fact. This is what we texted to one another.
Me: I so love this place my son and it was you that got me here!! Well you and Grandson. This place is Paradise!!
He: And I am happy because you love it here!
Me: We are both SO happy.
He: The important thing to me is your happiness
Me: And your happiness is important to me.
He: Ohhh thank you Mommy. I love you so much. Always keep that in mind Mommy
Me: I promise I will!!!

The photograph attached is one from this palatial place. Synonyms of palatial are: deluxe, magnificent, sumptuous, splendid, grand, opulent, lavishly appointed, lavish, lush, grandiose, rich, imposing, impressive, fine, stately, regal, majestic; fancy, upmarket, exclusive; spacious, large-scale; plush, plushy, swanky, posh, ritzy, swish.

As you can readily see this place is sumptuous, swank, ritzy and swish. You must come and visit sometime. It is rather expensive but worth every penny!!!

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