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So I am in heaven! Well, not actually but I am up close as I am traveling from SFO to Dubai on Air Emeritus and for all kinds of reasons I am in heaven. I am traveling business class and business class on Air Emeritus is better than first class on any other airline. I have a bed, with a portable mattress and blankie, and pillows which were laid out by a caring woman. I slept like a baby (whatever that means), waking up at intervals but then drifting off again. The temperature in the cabin is perfect – the food served is delicious (and I am sure nutritious). I have a handsome steward who hails from Egypt.
Me: What country are you from?
He: Egypt
Me: Hmmm. I have never had an Egyptian before.
Me: Oh My goodness. I cannot believe I said that. Here is a joke that is so true about me.
What is the difference between a coffee pot and Ms. McBride. Answer: The coffee pot has a filter.

Graciousness abounds on this airplane. Well, except for some of the fellow passengers who are rude beyond belief. Demanding, condescending of the staff, indulging in loud conversations with their family back in India with no regard for their fellow passengers, never smiling. And, as if all of that were not bad enough they take a very long time in the loo (the toilet). Oh well, I was able to move from the aisle to the window. Was hoping for a handsome man to sit next to but I am ok. If a handsome guy was sitting next to me I would possibly not be able to fall asleep.

I woke up, walked to the loo, visiting with the crew members (not the pilot, he was flying the plane, I hope). The staff made an espresso for me in a little cup with a touch of milk. Retrieved my purse from the upper reaches of the compartment so I could find my glasses – my single vision black ones that enable me to do close work. I have misplaced my other red glasses, they are around here somewhere.

Breakfast is about to be served – I chose the omelet decisively. Other people hem and haw, not deciding, making sure that some food does not touch other food. Honest! My guy asks:
He: What menu selection did you choose?
Me; The omelette sir
He: I will be certain to be sure it is cooked perfectly for you.
Me: Thank you so much! It makes me feel special.

Hem and Haw is mainly a North American expression bemoaning hesitate and be indecisive. Used in a sentence: He wasted a lot of time hemming and hawing before going into before going into action.

Now I do know that the steward is not the chef and it all comes on the plane precooked, but it is the thought that counts. I have a table in front of me with a table cloth. I shall take a photo which will be attached to this blog Your discerning eye will detect a glass of champagne – need I remind you that we are now on Dubai time and it 17:28.

Although I am currently in bliss it was not easy getting here, that is for sure. I travelled to SFO in the morning to get the silly ridiculous usurious Covid test which enabled me to board the plane. Now that is ridiculous and cost $275 and for what. Of course, it is negative as I have had all three shots and never got covid in the place even when unvaccinated. It is a way to make money, to profit – the byproduct is that people feel safe and therefore travel. But then to make matters even more ridiculous everyone is forced to wear face masks. Huh??? Oh well, I have 46 of them and it makes my life meaningful – matching the head scarf to the face mask and the glasses. If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

The family to the left are talking, yelling at one another. Each vying for attention, not listening to one another. They seem to be fighting for dominance, for recognition within their own family system. What in the world do they find to talk about? They are so insular, voices often raised in anger (or is it desperation?). I find it difficult to concentrate with the cacophony which is a harsh mixture of sounds. It has many synonyms: din, racket, noise, discord, dissonance, discordance, caterwauling, raucousness, screeching, jarring, stridency, grating, rasping. My favorite of all must be caterwauling. I could lean over and say:
Me: Your caterwauling is causing me discord.
They: No response. They never hear a word I am saying. Too busy fighting for attention and recognition from one another.

But more trouble came my way. I have SO much luggage. Why? It is not just that I am taking up residence in a foreign country but the book launch of my book on the Tate Britain has been delayed because of Covid and lack of cooperation by the Marin Jewish Community Center – so I had to bring the books with me. They are heavy and take up a lot of space. So many problems switching things from one suitcase to another. But woe is me, realized that I left a back pack behind in the Crowne Plaza shuttle. They have it, talked to them and will mail it but…….So everything is not perfect. Thought of a solution – the driver brings it to the departure gate of Air Emeritus – the pilot claims it as his own and places it in the cockpit on his next flight from SFO. My bag and I meet up in Dubai. There is that romanic song that goes: All we need is one night in Dubai. Hmmm. Wonder if the pilot is handsome?

The noisy neighbors are now quiet temporarily – watching Bollywood movies. One does not learn a great deal from those movies – the endless same story – boy mets girl, fall in love, fall out of love and then get back together again. Then noisy wedding with much music – the actors are beautiful and handsome – but who cares. What did I listen to? A sexy Arabic music sound track – I am assimilating, those people are not.

So almost there. Texted a man who lives in Dubai
Me: Almost back in Dubai. I decided that you can be my son – you are about the right age. So I have a grandson from Pakistan, a son in Abu Dhabi from the Philippines, a son from Senegal in Dubai. But I do not have an Englishman who lived in Vancouver. Family growing! I guess I should use birth control.

Soon to land so shall finish up. This is definitely my best trip to Dubai – free of concerns and worries. I have arranged for a driver to pick me up and escort me to my hotel. I do love my independence.

Photographs of breakfast, partially consumed and the situation where blog writing took place.

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