WOW Googled My New Paradise, Where I Shall Reside for Two Months; I Do Deserve It; Job Opportunities at Roix; Loss of Wi-Fi at Marin Suites Causes Consternation; Unable to Operate Coffee Machine at Airport Hotel: The Qur’an Speaks to Truth Versus Falsehood

One would have thought that I would have Googled the place before- but did not. I have visited the place on more than one occasion (accompanied by Grandson) but never submitted it to Googling. My goodness, had no idea of the Paradise that I am going to. It is thoroughly amazing as you shall see. Clicked on the Health and Wellness section and found the key to Paradise on earth. .
“Wellness is at the very heart of the Rixos experience. From fitness classes to mindful yoga practice, a restful night’s sleep in your luxurious guestroom to the food, our chefs indulgently prepare for you. Your wellbeing is important to us whether you are looking to relax or re-energise during your stay.Our resort spas offer the very finest in Turkish hospitality. They uniquely blend rich Turkish culture and traditions with locally inspired therapies which draw upon centuries of traditions from the East and West. Central to each spa is the magnificent Turkish hammam. Each hammam has been designed and elegantly reimagined to retain the essence of the classical Turkish bath with a modern twist. The hammam ritual is an authentic Turkish celebration of the senses and both restorative and indulgent. It unites therapeutic heat, cleansing and relaxation through bathing techniques once reserved for sultans.” Read that will you!! Bathing techniques once reserved for sultans. – faithful readers will know I have met many sultans in my time – well not my whole time on earth because the very first sultan sighting occurred in London on November 4, 2019 (I think). But then others have trekked through my life since that eventful moment. They seem to get richer and more powerful. The very last encounter with a Sultan took place at the JW Marriott in Dubai – photograph on the blog and telling of the event if on the blog. I do not know his name. I am not sure why but it seems that most encounters with Sultans happen when I have no idea who they are, what country they come from and what their name is. It is all rather strange but true.
But back to Riox – looked through the website with delight finding that there are job listings. An opening for a Government Management Director – goodness gracious -I worked for government my whole life, definitely have the essential qualifications for that position. I guess I could look into it when I arrive at the portal, . There is also a job for a Maintenance Manager – I have recommended the position to Freddy of 199 Tamal Vista Blvd. – he is a jewel and the back bone of Tam Ridge Apartments. If he were to leave it would be a grievous loss to the organization, perhaps not to the Zombies who do not deserve him.
When this was written I was sitting in the office of Tam Ridge Apartments impatiently waiting for Federal Express as they are bringing a check, a sizable check retrievedfrommy investments. Money is absolutely necessary to stay at the Riox Resorts, it is SO expensive but absolutely worth every hard earned cent. I deserve a rest after all that I have been through in the USA – once my country of choice. No longer and this has proven so true yet again.
Now I am writing from the bed and bedroom of Marin Suites just down the street from Tam Ridge Apartments. You shall never guess what happened? Their wi – fi died last night – went away and retrieval appears to be impossible. One can imagine the repercussions of this – monumental. Fortunately all systems are in place and I am leaving here to stay in an airport hotel after turning in my Lexus. It proved to be somewhat of a disaster but hopefully I shall take matters into my own hands. But first of all I need to get out of here – out of this repressive money grubbing country of desperation, commonly known as the USA.
This writing finds me in another bed – this time at a hotel near SFO. Plan is to go to covid testing site at the airport in the morning on the Shuttle – once the documentation in place it is easy to check in. It is sometimes advantageous to have experience – about a month ago I boarded Air Emeritus to Dubai, so I now know what to expect. I has been, to say the very lease, a most momentous month. At the moment there is frustration due to the fact that I cannot make the stupid coffee maker work and I need coffee, rather desperately. Woke to a message from Grandson.Me: At airport hotel. SO tired. Flight tomorrow He: Take rest. See you Madam
It does remind me of a funny story that happened at the Riox Resort. We were there on a visit, the valet opened the car door for me and then for Grandson. Grandson smiled as he we sped off. He: The valet asked me if I were your home driver. Me: What is that? He: It means that I am your chauffeur and I only drive for ou. Me: Oh my goodness that is funny. I must be important looking. I will have to make a little more money to afford that however. And there is a problem as you will also need a car.
I have become more inward recently – thinking of larger themes in life. Looked to the Qur’an index to find truth versus falsehood. It was most enlightening and reassuring. 17: 80-8180: Say Oh my Lord Let my entry be by the gate of Truth and Honor and likewise my exit from the gate of Truth and Honor and Grant me from Your Presence on Authority to aid me. 81. And say Truth has now arrived and Falsehood perished, for Falsehood is by nature bound to perish.
This gives me comfort and hope. I do tell the truth, I am lied to be people but have found that these people’s lies are revealed after they have hurt me, damaged me in some hammer banner because I trusted them. Falsehood is by nature found to perish, provides a sense of justice.
I did a Reel on Instagram as I sped over the Golden Gate Bridge. The caption was: Leaving Marin and San Francisco. It was once a place of my dreams, it has become a place of my nightmares. I fear that it will, not literally, sink into the West. Those were not the exact words, unable to retrieve. I am not that good with Instagram and do not have the support of computer Guru Chris on Instagram.
It is almost time for morning prayer but I have no idea where East is. I am also directionally impaired. I am sure that Allah shall forgive me if I face the wrong way.
No photo. View from hotel window is not inspiring.

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