My Continuing Ability to be Right, Correct, and Brilliant All at the Same Time; Gavin the Governor Becomes Idiotic Again; Intuition Defined and Illustrated; The Great American Food Fraud Revealed; No Organic Food For Alexis Ever; Underwear and Travel Ads from a Life Magazine of April 1937

Recently the topic of discussion has been my continuing ability to be right, correct, brilliant and intuitive, not all of the time, but most of the time. This is particularly when it involves politics, both Canadian and American national politics. It is my belief that both Justin Trudeau and Gavin the Governor (the California guy that escaped recall) are of the same cloth. Gavin continues bumbling as does Trudeau. Getting Canadian news in the USA is well nigh impossible so not been able to catch up with Justin but as I am presently unsafely trapped in the USA I have more discouraging news of Newsom. The Marin IJ’s headlines proclaimed that Newsom Remains Out of Public Sight. Now that might be ok but he is supposed to be at the highly important Glasgow climate change conference. He was to attend but instead said he had an inexplicable ‘family emergency’ that kept him away. But folks will be comforted to learn that: He posted a photo on his Instagram account of four children, aged 5 to 12, dressed as pirates on Hallowe’en. How is that for a fine command of priorities? Democrats have a death wish and an ability to shoot themselves in the foot. As I have pointed out in the past Gavin needs to be a Republican as he has all of the traits – one can imagine Trump doing exactly the same thing. Ivanka, Eric and Junior would look most cute dressed as pirates.

I am extremely intuitive (which has been confirmed by scientific testing). What is Intuition? It is he ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. Its synonyms are: instinct, intuitiveness; sixth sense, divination, clairvoyance, second sight, ESP (extraordinary perception). That is, if a person, place or thing, tells the truth, I understand immediately. However, lies are involved I do get things wrong, for while. But when the truth is revealed it is absolutely possible for me to switch gears, thereupon using my instincts, sixth sense, second sight and clairvoyance come up with a new scenario . Almost always without anger as there is such vast relief in seeing things as they are – the people, places and things disappear, fade away or are fled. You shall see examples of this in the next few weeks. It will be necessary first ti assemble a new slate of facts but such is entirely possible. It is difficult to know what is going on from afar, it is necessary to be upfront and personal. I am so fortunate in having an alternative available, an attractive alternative, almost immediately. All rather intriguing, you might say. It is. Intuition if a gift, Allah says if you have a gift, use it. I do.

My other area of expertise is the absolute folly of organic foods and this has been also proved correct, shown by a recent New Yorker article written by Ian Parker, The Great American Food Fraud. The subtitle: “There’s no way to confirm that a crop was grown organically. Randy Constant exploited our trust in the labels—and made a fortune.” The article begins with the partnership between Constant and his partner t did not go well: “When I called him to ask about Constant, he said, “That cocksucker. He screwed me over to fucking death.”

Here is the real truth about organic food. “More than in most retail transactions, the organic consumer is buying both a thing and an assurance about a thing. Organic crops are those which, among other restrictions, have been grown without the application of certain herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers. Close scrutiny of a crop of non-organic tomatoes might reveal that they had been exposed to these treatments. But it might not. And an organic product can become accidentally tainted if proscribed chemicals carry across from a neighboring crop. The rules forgive such contamination—to a point. Testing for residues is not common in American organic regulation.”

The extremely well researched article documents the problem from the very beginning: “A new national system of organic certification, fully implemented in 2002, helped spur this growth. Previous regulation, where it had existed, had been uneven: farmers in Iowa could become organic by signing an affidavit saying that they farmed organically. Given the inscrutability of a crop’s organic status, the new system was likely to preserve an element of oath-making, but the reliance on trust was now overlaid—and, perhaps, disguised—by paperwork. Organic farmers, and others in the organic-food supply chain, were now required to hire the services of an independent certifying organization—one that had been accredited by an office of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the National Organic Program. A certifier kept an eye on a farm’s operation, primarily through an annual scheduled inspection.” Now any fool can see that an annual scheduled inspection is totally inadequate to oversee anything – much less something as complex as organic farming.

But the mismanagement continued. It was necessary to find land to grow the organic products upon. Organic Land Management proposed to find such land and, in exchange for a share of a farmer’s profits, get it certified, and then help grow and market the crops. “At the time, conventional corn was, let’s say, two dollars a bushel,” Borgerding told me. “The first corn crops that we sold were three-seventy-five and four dollars a bushel.”

With the advantage of hindsight it is possible to see the abuses. Here is another example: “A non-G.M.O. crop might or might not be organic, but a genetically modified crop is definitely not organic. Today, it’s nearly inevitable that a commercial buyer of organic grain will subject the crop to a G.M.O. test, which can take only a few minutes. But in 2001 it was unusual for such buyers to test every delivery”

This is not a happy ending to this story for the consumer. “The N.O.P. never penalized Constant for noncompliance. And in 2018, when the Department of Justice finally indicted Constant for his crimes, the announcement didn’t prompt those who had helped to bring his grain to market—certifiers, grain buyers, food manufacturers, retailers—to inform organic consumers about his deceit. Though the government’s case went back only as far as 2010, my conversations with grain dealers and others suggest that Constant’s fraud had probably begun by 2001. Any American who regularly bought supermarket organic products while Constant pursued his scheme likely bought mislabelled goods, but the organic industry—however alarmed its internal discussions—seemed disposed to leave the public in the dark.”

I recommend reading the entire article. Here is the link:

But did Alexis McBride ever spend her hard earned dollars buying organic food? No she did not, her intuition, her divination said that this was hype. I was proven right this time.

The photos are ads taken from a Life Magazine of April 5, 1937. I am not sure why or how I have it in my possession, just as I am not sure how or why I had the Life Magazine of May 31, 1943 in my possession. I shall reveal more truths about the whereabouts of that edition when I have more facts. One ad, as you shall see is about men’s underwear – it is laughable. The other of a Northwest European Cruise. It is absolutely fascinating as you shall see.

Plans continue to come together as I prepare for my trek to the Middle East. I do wish that Raymond-Whitcomb were still in business.

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