Monsoon Very Much With Us, But There May Be a Solution; Discussion with a Brutalizing Attorney Accustomed to Dealing with Frightened Tenants; Retaliatory Eviction A Remedy; July 26, 2021 Blog Being the Incentive; Manger of Tamal Vista Named; Speak with Forked Tongue Defined and Illustrated; But Monday a Glorious Day as Plans Solidified for Leaving a Legacy to Brandeis; Facts Concerning Brandeis Contributions to The Community; A Conversation with Allah; Iceland Immigration Looking Good

Well there continues to be storm clouds relating to the September 16,2021 Longfellow poem, Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall. Moreover the monsoon – The Three Day Notice to Quit improperly served upon me gets even worse with an atrocious attorney representing Tam Ridge. But it is making me tougher. He threatening, must be used to bullying tenants not knowing their rights and fearful of court.
He: No I will not talk to you about the facts of the case. I will see you in court.
Me: Well that is not really a threat as I can ably represent myself but would terrify those that you usually deal with.
He: Well we can settle but I need a move-out date.
Me: I cannot provide one at this point as I may be moving out of the country. I do have better things to do with my time than deal with this baseless and wrongful lawsuit – most specifically to learn more of my faith. So I cannot honestly comply with a move out order.

But then I did some more research and learned of the concept of retaliatory eviction and looked at my blogs, particularly the July 26, 2021 blog which described the inhuman conditions that exist here. I am sure that Tam Ridge does not want me here reporting, honestly, the fact this complex is lawless. I had spoken and written to the manager Jacob Huerra about these conditions thinking he was a friend and admired his attempts to try and bring law and order. But the man spoke with forked tongue. What does that strange expression mean? “The phrase “speaks with a forked tongue” means to deliberately say one thing and mean another or, to be hypocritical, or act in a duplicitous manner.” That certainly does describe Jacob Huerra’s attitude. He has had nicknames in the past. G.E.M. being one of them, acting efficiently the whole time and being nice to me but collecting false data to use against me in a retaliatory attempt at eviction. But as usual, Alexis and faithful readers learn something new (useless but new). What animals have a forked tongue. Scincidae – commonly known as skinks, the largest lizard family with over 1500 species, of which many are limbless and nearly-limbless species, including (but not confined to) the genera Acontias, Feylinia, Melanoseps, Paracontias and Typhlosaurus from Africa, Lerista from Australia. It is useless, but rather creepy – but Jacob Huerra does appear to have his limbs. A forked tongue with two arms and two legs. My sense of humor always does rescue me. I am now laughing thinking of a well-dressed forked tongue with two arms and legs. It is another illustration of the usefulness of the Muslim faith. If Allah gives you a gift, the recipient should use it. I do use my sense of humor, it brings joy and happiness to others, it does.

Google goes on to discuss good terms and bad terms. This is the definition of bad terms. A state of utter disagreement, dislike, or contempt with someone else. Used in a sentence: “My ex-husband and I wanted to part amicably, but ever since the divorce trial started, we have been on really bad terms.” Good terms are so very enjoyable: calm, harmonious, neutral, nonviolent, quiet, smooth, steady, tranquil.

I have been plagued with post traumatic stress attacks in the recent past. This mantra, devised by me soothes: That was then. This is now. Then Mr. Huerra and I were on good terms; but now we are on bad terms, in all of its glory – utter disagreement, dislike or contempt with someone else.

But I digress from my original intent which is to tell of an absolutely wonderful day, yesterday which would be Monday. I arose at dawn for formal prayers, well Alexis formal – not a prayer rug, not kneeling like men do but erect but with hands in the supplicant position. Then it was off to water aerobics, late because of a massive traffic jam because of road construction. Infrastructure repairs are going to haunt us and, as usual, the problems are not being addressed. Start construction after rush hour stupid, and finish before the afternoon rush hour or even better – get them to work at night. The State of California does this on freeways, I know this from my days at the Great Western which is nearby. I was going to address this issue and wrote Spotswood of the IJ about this issue but he emailed that he was going to New York. So I will give up on that one – well unless someone in authority reads this blog.

I got to the JCC late but was able to join the class and did well with my plastic encased right arm. A woman called MJ helped with the elastic band, I told her something of my rather interesting life and some choices that may be faced.
She: Go for it, Alexis! Go for it!!
Me: Ok! Wanna come to the wedding?
She: Of course!!

I jumped around, the class was magnificent, Our instructor had the greatest energy and we all clapped and cheered in appreciation. In the jacuzzi and then it was off to Brandeis School which is next door. I could not find the Intent form – Barbara Harris efficiently gave me another. I had all of the necessary information, including the amount of the legacy I would be leaving. It gave me such joy – my life will have meaning, I helped educate worthy boys and girls. I did not have children as my legacy but I am giving other people’s children the greatest of gifts, an education. I spoke to the wonderful Brandeis folk,
Me: One woman asked me why I was giving money to rich people.
They: She is incorrect. There are some rich students but the vast majority are middle class students. It is expensive to live in Marin and their parents need help with educational expenses.
Me: That is so good to hear. She lives in same complex that I do so that her son can go to a good Marin school. Of course, this one is better. I am proud to be associated with this place. I shall die in peace knowing that my money is going to such a wonderful place.

I have a secret ambition which shall now be revealed. I will continue to save, to invest. When I die Brandeis will receive one million dollars. Not there yet, but I can get there. I earned every cent by working all of my life, not having any children of my own to educate or raise, insisting upon pre nuptial agreements so my earned retirement funds are my own and not shared. I paid for all of my education and I have more degrees than ex-husbands (3). If I marry again it will be forever – and beyond. The joys of the Islamic faith.

Allah spoke to me recently. Well, not whispered in my ear – the process is complicated. All of a sudden a course of action is made clear, use my own reasoning powers to get me there. Here is the conversation (sort of)
Allah: You know that I can and will protect you – that is my job to the faithful. But you must not rely on mortal men to protect you. Jacob Huerra promised you that, but look what he did.
Me: Allah, you are so wise. I can see that. I have learned and will not do that again.
Allah; You can protect yourself, I gave you those gifts. I want you to use them so Muslim women can learn by your example and not be pacified which men of the faith tend to do.
Me: Thank you Allah. You made a good choice in me. I shall defend myself, and not rely on others.

So I am and able to use this blog to do so. All praise to Allah.

You shall learn about today – tomorrow or the next day. I also relied on Hamid Kahilli of the Central Marin Police Department to protect me, and he is a Muslim. He did not follow through, more about that later.

I am weary of this country and its lawlessness and am looking to other countries, Iceland being one. I Googled it – could be a possibility. This is what I learned. I meet the criteria, not know about the insurance company stuff but otherwise.
“You might have the right to a residence permit on grounds of legitimate and special purpose if all of the following requirements are met, as well as others
The purpose of stay is legitimate and special,
you are older than 18 years,
can prove that you are able to provide for yourself during your stay,
you have a valid insurance with an Icelandic insurance company (in the field Insurance Companies) or a foreign insurance company authorized to operate in Iceland (in the field Foreign Insurance Companies),
have not served a criminal sentence abroad during the last five (5) years or been sentenced by a court of law for an offence which would be punishable by more than three (3) months imprisonment, according to Icelandic law, and
have a passport valid at least 90 days beyond the estimated period of residence permit.”

At this time the competition is between Iceland, Dubai or Scotland. The debate continues. Will look into the alternatives and get back to you. I might have to relinquish my Canadian citizenship – no problem with that as the last blog will illustrate.

No comedy at the moment. Cheer yourself up please. Hahaha

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