It is Time for Some Humor and We Have Andy Back with Us; My Fame Technique Revealed; Meeting With Hamid, a Muslim Tomorrow; First They Come for Vaccines; Fantastic News Straight From the Marin IJ to You (via Me); I Made the Day for Brittany and Hamid; Santora Has Great News for All in Marin; Two Funny New Yorker Cartoons

Do realize that things have become a bit serious of late, what with the incarceration and maiming injury to my arm. My technique, which is obviously working, is humor and when people get tired of jokes.
They: I am tired of jokes and humor it is too superficial
Me: Ok Ok. I will be serious, I promise.
They: I have had enough of serious. Please bring back the humor.
Me: Ok.Ok. I will be funny again.
They: I have had enough humor, I want serious again.
Me: Ok Ok I will be serious again.

It is like a roller coaster – it is rather addictive. Well, the statistics do show that. No one told me that, it is, I guess, intuitive or else Allah told me. But he does not whisper in my ear.

This from Andy Borowitz, the funniest guy on earth. He writes for The New Yorker. This about Trump and Bush.

“In a blistering attack on another former Commander-in-Chief, Donald J. Trump called George W. Bush “ungrateful,” telling reporters, “I kept him from being the worst President in history.”
“When he left office, he was at the bottom of the list of Presidents—I mean, the very, very bottom,” he said. “Then I got into office and changed all that.”

Andy goes on in his hilarious fashion. “I worked hard, day in, day out, to keep Bush from being the worst,” he said. “He’s given me no credit for that whatsoever. This should never be allowed to happen in this country.”
Despite doing Bush “this incredible favor,” Trump said, “I have never got so much as a thank-you note from that ungrateful bastard. I don’t know, maybe he’s too busy with his so-called paintings to write.”
Trump called Bush’s warnings about domestic terrorism during a speech on the twentieth anniversary of 9/11 “totally out of line.” He added, “When he was President, there were terrorists all over the world. I brought terrorism jobs back to the U.S.A.”

So there is more Andy to come in the future because things are getting a bit serious on this blog. Most productive and eye-opening but serious. I do not want folk worried about me – I am like a Phoenix Rising From the Ashes and I already have. It is rather amazing. I do owe it all to Allah. I was in despair when incarcerated and man handled by Officer Mendes of the Central Marin Police Department. But there may be a solution and I shall be working on it with the man right under the Chief of the Marin Police Department. Do not faint and fall away, put on your seat belt, the shoulder strap not the lap one.
Me: He is a Muslim. His name is Hamid.
You: OMG you are kidding!
Me; NO I am not. I am as amazed as you.

But back to Andy and some humor again. This an earlier one suggests Biden’s new plan for vaccinations.

In a new plan designed to combat vaccine hesitancy, President Biden said that he was considering an executive order banning all covid vaccines.
The order would make it illegal to obtain a vaccine except in certain cases and, even then, only after a thorough background check and waiting period.
“We must eliminate the scourge of vaccination once and for all,” Biden said. “Enough is enough.”

Then as usual Andy gets even funnier!! He saves the best for last. News of an impending vaccine ban sent lines at previously deserted vaccination centers snaking around the block, according to reports.
Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene took to the floor of the House to excoriate the ban, calling it a “classic case of government overreach that shows the fingerprints of George Soros and the Rothschilds.”
“First, they came for my vaccines,” she warned.

“First, they came for my vaccines” – that is so hilarious, so literate, so everything!

Also on a positive note, proving that I am living in the right place at the right time. This from the Marin Independant Journal, more about them in a few minutes. “Santora said Marin was the first county in the state to move into the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s “moderate” category, based on its coronavirus case rate.” Yes indeed, Santora, a woman, is the deputy health officer. The article went on the state: As of Sept. 10, Marin had a rate of 9.8 cases per 100,000 residents per day. Marin is following the CDC’s recommendations for mitigation strategies, which vary depending on the level of transmission in communities.
Santora said Marin will participate in an Association of Bay Area Health Officials meeting this week to discuss adoption of consistent thresholds for adjusting mitigation strategies such as the county’s indoor masking mandate.” Guess why Marin is doing so well? “Santora said Marin quelled its fourth surge more quickly than other counties in the state due to its high vaccination rate.”

I went back to my doctor (actually my new doctor) as they are determined that my arm does not become infected. (It is not). I proudly display my vaccination pin and provided them with proof that I had my third vaccination. Wrote about vaccinations in two prior blogs. Probably they will emerge if you type vaccination in the search engine.

Actually a great deal of the content of the vaccination blog was provided by the IJ – copied Spotswood (gave him the credit). This morning received a telephone call from Brittany of the IJ asking me if I was receiving copies of the paper.
Me: I am!!! I feel so honored that you are calling to ask me. Sometimes they are not there because they are being delivered to a public spot and someone else might take them. But almost always they are there.
She: That is good to hear!
Me: I am so happy that I now get the IJ, so I know what is happening in my community. After all, I live here. Well, for the time being anyway. With me, one never knows.

We spoke for quite a long time. I said to give my greetings to the editor and that perhaps they should hire me to do a commercial for them. I know I made her day.

But more about the wonders of living in Marin.” Currently, just over 90% of Marin residents age 12 and older are fully immunized, and 97% of residents in this same category have received at least one vaccine dose. The 39,793 Marin residents who remain unvaccinated include residents 11 and younger who have not received authorization for vaccinations.” Then plans to roll out vaccines for younger children, perhaps as early as October 28, 2021. “She said vaccination teams will visit school campuses. The goal will be to vaccinate 75% of eligible youths within the first month.” Is not that absolutely amazing? I wonder if the idiot who works here will allow his children to be vaccinated. He has two sons, he is a most irresponsible parent, Why would the children even want to get vaccinated when their father did not? The employer of this man thinks that if you get covid you are immune from catching it again.
Me: That is not true. A Prince of Qatar got it once, quite early on as his whole palace was infected. But then he got it again.
He: Granny! I have not talked or texted you because I got Covid again.
Me: Why did you not get vaccinated?

For some reason the vaccination rates in Qatar are tiny, Whereby, in Dubai they are excellent, even exceeding those of Marin (perhaps). There is a sort of rivalry going on between Qatar and Dubai, Dubai is winning for many reasons, but vaccination rates and greater attention to ‘democracy’ another. Dubai has a stronger leader at this point in time working in full and complete cooperation with the UAE – it is an amazing partnership. Recently the Emir of Qatar and the Ruler of Dubai met – said something rather funny on the Instagram public comment to that entry.

By the way, do not think that the employer of the unvaccinated man listened to me. He is not at all scientific. Do think that is true of those of the younger generation, particularly those who are not university educated. Education is a blessed gift – one I paid for. It was for myself. I offered to pay for the education of an 18 year old, even signed a contract promising this. But what happened? Who knows? She repudiated the contract which meant that I paid 775 non-refundable dollars for her dormitory fees. She and her family did not take that into consideration when they decided she should go to College of Marin instead. Suppose, I canot complain as I saved thousands of dollars. Would not be able to lease my Lexus if she would have honored her commitment. She did not leave my life gracefully either.
Wise Man: She made it easy for you. You have no regrets.
Me: You are so Wise. I do not have any. I am relieved. I gave her the opportunity, she refused and then insulted me.

This is a truth. When one gets rid of evil in your life, it feels SO good. You know evil is gone when the promised inner peace and happiness comes back to you. Then I say: Praise to Allah!

I made the day for Brittany of the IJ – also made the day of man who did tell me that I made his day (as he did mine). It is an utterly true story but rather unbelievable one. My left knee replacement surgery was cancelled at the very last minute and wrongfully. The surgeon and another physician said:
They: God works in mysterious ways
Me: Indeed. I call him Allah but indeed yes. I would have a terrible infection if the surgery went as scheduled.

I did learn today that I am utterly surrounded by evil here at Tamal Vista Apartments but as long as I do not listen to the advice of one man, I shall be fine. He actually caused the dreadful injury to my arm. He told me never to send such pictures to him by email. I told him he was responsible for the injury and I would NEVER listen to his advice again. I will also negate any actions based on previous advice. So I may be traveling soon. I will get to escape the evil here for a few weeks.

I do very well if I listen to Allah but he does not exactly whisper in my ear. But sooner, or later, I get it.

By the way, 90% of those hospitalized are non vaccinated. “The hardest part of my day,” Santora said, “is looking at who is in the hospital and seeing that a majority of those hospitalizations would have been prevented by vaccination.” She also shared this wisdom: Santora said, “I would strongly encourage everyone to get their information from trusted resources, peer-reviewed literature, and meta-analysis of data. That is how we consider data. I know a lot of people are reading blogs that are available on social networks.”

I agree with you Santora but this blog gets things right and is readable. I look to reliable sources and am most scientific. So there! So there! So there!

Two absolutely funny cartoons from The New Yorker Magazine. They were all so funny it was hard to choose between them. I picked one because it suddenly appears that I may be traveling in an airplane soon. That rather unbelievable but true. The other one about an avocado – I have a bag full but I know to put them in a bag with a banana and they ripen immediately. Learned it on the Internet, what would we do without the Internet?

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