Explanation on Why Alexis McBride Has Been Out to Lunch; The Third Jab Brings Sleepiness But This Good News: The Best Day of My Life; AAA Becomes FAA In an Action of Betrayal; In Fact the Pham Fantastic Family Is Not; We Are Friends Already Says Peter.; Out to Lunch Defined: Where The Bodies are Buried Defined: Closure Defined: Instagram Comment Receives 20 Likes Including One from a Qatar Princess

I do admit to being out to lunch recently, not blogging for several days (5 or 6 it seems). Initially we shall explore this: What does the expression out to lunch mean? It means inattentive. For example, If she believes that story, she’s really out to lunch, or Anne hasn’t heard a word you said—she’s out to lunch. This expression transfers a temporary physical absence for the purpose of dealing with to a temporary or permanent mental absence. Where does it come from? It is an expression that originated on U.S. college campuses in the 1950s and its first appearance in print was in 1955. The imagery equates physical absence with intellectual absence or mental vacuity – not being all there – your mind went to lunch on a break and never came back. Here is more, probably more than you really wanted to know. The expression out to lunch is an idiom that means “too strange or confused to know what is really happening.” Although some idioms have parts that can vary, this one is fixed. The three words out + to + lunch must be present and they must be in that order, with no other words between them.
The idiom out to lunch is almost always used with the verb to be, as in these examples:
I thought to myself, “She’s completely out to lunch.”
My 4th grade teacher was kind of out to lunch.
However, out to lunch can also be used with verbs such as seem and sound:
My boss seems really out to lunch.
Wow, your sister sounds out to lunch.

So I have been physically (and mentally) absent because there has been a lot going on in my personal life. We will start with the greatest news of all! Yesterday (being Saturday) I got my third vaccination – indeed I did. It was a transformative, wonderful experience. It was incredibly well organized, had filled out the necessary forms and had.a set time. The location was the Marin Veteran’s Auditorium, adjacent to the Marin Civic Center, where I toiled for many a moon. So I made my way, traveling on the backroads in my brand new Lexus. There will be a photograph attached of me getting the jab and a photo of a volunteer who was the nicest man. There were so many gracious volunteers. I arrived, the following conversation took place:
Me: I am so glad to be here and to able to receive this vaccination. I may cry, tears of joy, because it feels as if this is all over, finally. I am at the other end of the tunnel.
She: Yes, it is fascinating! The first and second vaccinations were times of enormous emotion, people were so relieved and happy that there was a solution to the horror.
Me: Yes! But there are idiots that continue to be proponents of anti-vaccination. Fortunately Marinites not among them.

This news from the Marin Independent Journal, the health officer discussing the vaccination rate and Covid in Marin Country. Marin is the county that is just across the Golden Gate Bridge. Read about it, it is a great place to live, in many ways, I lived here from 1973- 2014. Then a break, to be back on December 1, 2021. I had grown disillusioned with the County prior to my leaving in 2014 – But now love so many things about it, particularly since I can get around in my racy new Lexus.

This is the news about Covid Control in Marin County, which makes it one of the very safest places to live in the entire world. Where is the absolute safest?? Dubai a member country of the United Arab Emeritus. This from the Marin Independent Journal, an article by Richard Halstead. “The surge in new Covid-19 cases in Marin has leveled off……I think we can say we have reached a plateau” said Dr. Matt Willis told the Board of Supervisors.” The decline was attributed to Marin’s high vaccination rates. “About 95% of Marin residents age 12 or over have received at least one vaccination dose and 88.2% are fully vaccinated. Marin has a higher percentage of its residents vaccinated than any other county in in California.”

So as we Canadians say: “There you go!” I am blessed to be living here at this particular moment in my life. I awaken before sunrise every morning, to moderate temperatures and good air quality control. I thank Allah for all the things he has done. Then it is espresso coffee, home made, and chats with dog walkers and other residents. This took place on Friday August 27, 2021. I chatted with a resident, whom I had met before at a nearby hair stylist, not knowing that I had chatted with he and his Black Labrador on a prior occasion.
Me: I cannot wait! I am going to the Marin Jewish Community Center for water aerobics today. I just joined yesterday and I am so looking forward to it.
He: That sounds like a great idea!
Me: It is. I think you and I should be friends.
He: We already are!
Me: I guess so. Such good news

Then we chatted again yesterday.
He: Did you have a good time at the JCC.
Me: It was the very best! I think it was the best day of my whole life.
He: Your whole life?
Me: Yes smartie! You are tactfully reminding me that I am old.

We laughed. He works as a big deal financial consultant and promises to do some research for me. I know a super rich man and he is checking on the extent of his holdings (if possible). I do not care how much money this guy has (goodness knows it is sufficient) but it is good to know where the bodies are buried. What does that expression mean? To know where the bodies are buried means to know the closely guarded secrets of someone or an organization. These secrets may be criminal, immoral, or simply embarrassing, confidential or proprietary. One example of its usage: “1940 H. J. MANKIEWICZ & O. WELLES Citizen Kane (film script) 199 If you’re smart, you’ll talk to Raymond. That’s the butler. You can learn a lot from him. He knows where the bodies are buried.”

There are other massive changes taking place in my life. AAA is now FAA – Former Administrative Assistant. An act of betrayal on her part and on the part of the entire Pham Fantastic Family – believe me they are not considered Fantastic any more, perhaps another word that begins with F**ked Family. Details may follow. But I am fine, need to take care of myself. So it will be no more face painting. The last rendition is a flag of Scotland, my ancestral home., what a happy ending. Closure so important in a relationship because it done properly than the good times are remembered. Closure’s synonyms are: winding up; termination, discontinuation, discontinuance, cessation, finish, finishing, conclusion, concluding, stoppage, stopping, halting, ceasing; failure. All of the four Pham culprits were terrible at closure as you may learn. They were so hurtful. I wrote: What did I do to deserve this lack of consideration or empathy for my feelings? The answer is: I did nothing. They are a dysfunctional bunch – should have seen that early on but I was too trusting.

Photos are me getting the jab and a great volunteer. So many volunteers at the vaccination site with such dedication and commitment. I thanked them all for their service.

I posted the photo of me getting the jab on Instagram with the following caption: “YEAH ME!! Getting my third shot. Vaccinations are insuring the survival of the fittest. Irrational and non-scientific individuals refuse vaccines and die. Unfortunately their children and spouses may die as well. This world needs more sane and rational people. “ I got 20 likes so far, including a Qatar Princess. That is impressive.

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