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Yesterday’s blog was a bit far out – traveling to the U.A.E. speaking of the sterling qualities of the Former Afghanistan President and the rather esoteric topic of bad mouthing, talking behind people’s back. The motivation for the back stabbers and possible solutions to the problem.

This blog shall offer lighter fare. It shall bring the hilarious words of one of my favorite authors, perhaps my very favorite author, David Sedaris. I have been a fan for many a moon – fondly remembering his presentation at the Marin Veterans Memorial Auditorium about ten years ago. He remains a prolific writer. Now what is that – Prolific? Well, of an artist, author, or composer) producing many works. Synonyms of that usage are: productive, creative, inventive, fertile. Used in a sentence She was enormously prolific writing 263 solo cantatas and arias.

The August 9, 2021 New Yorker featured a Personal History entitled Happy-Go-Lucky. He summarized his recent outlook on the world in funny and familiar terms. “Neither Amy or I care about the news anymore, at least political news. I am vaguely aware that Andrew Cuomo has fallen out of favor, and that people who aren’t me will be receiving government checks for some reason or another, but that is about it. When Trump was President I started every morning by reading The New York Times, followed by the Washington Post and would track both papers’ Web sites regularly during the day. To be less vigilant would be to fall behind and was there anything worse than not knowing what Stephen Miller said about Wisconsin? My friend Mike likened this constant monitoring to having a second job. It was exhausting, and the moment that Joe Biden was sworn into office, I let it all go. When the new President speaks I feel the way I do on a plane when the pilot announces that after reaching our cruising altitude he will head north, or take a left at Lake Erie. You don’t need to tell me about your job, I always thin. Just, you know, do it. “

That summarizes the thinking of so many people, including Alexis McBride. The addiction to Trump news that characterized our lives quickly faded and a vast feeling of relief emerged. But Sedaris said it so well, likening it to a pilot’s announcement: “Don’t tell me about your job, just do it.”

Later he takes on the COVID mania. “I still browse the dailies, skipping over the stories on COVID, as I am finished with that as well. The moment I got my first vaccine shot, I started thinking of the coronavirus the same way I think of scurvy—something from a long-ago time that can no longer hurt me, something that mainly pirates get. “Yes,” the papers would say, “But what if there’s a powerful surge this summer? This Christmas? A year from now? What if our next pendant is worse than this one? What if it kills all the fish and cattle and poultry and affects our skin’s reaction to sunlight? What if it forces everyone to live underground and eat earthworms?

Again, is this not perfectly precious? Likening covid to scurvy which mainly pirates get? And then all of the continuing fussing and fear about a second pandemic when we would be leaving underground and eating earthworms?

There is something so homey, so comfortable about his writing, his perspective on the ordinary life. It is in marked contrast with my preoccupation with the fantasy of visiting the Former Afghan President in Abu Dhabi. Not that it would not be possible as I am collecting hordes of frequent flier miles and I have looked into hotel accommodations in Abu Dahbia. Honestly, I have. Picked one out that is a palace and cost something like three billion to build.

Sedaris writes of visiting his father in a retirement community – the Dad is in an assistant living section. There is something rather humble about it all – very touching. While I am musing about which Abaya I shall take on the trip., a feeling bordering on panic surfaced.; Where is my luggage? I immediately lept up from my writing bed, searching for this ticket of freedom. It was located in the walk-in closet, now serving double duty as the studio for my future podcasts. PHEW ! Have not used the luggage since my return from Dubai in January of 2020. It is difficult to believe the passage of time. The pandemic left a feeling of dislocation, rather, I suspect, like time served if one were incarcerated. I wonder if I will remember how to get to the airport, board a plane and then…what to do upon reaching one’s destination. I guess it will all come back – rather like riding a bike or learning how to drive my Lexus.

Received an email from Computer Guru Chris:
He: Are you driving the dear Lexus, dear Alexus!? Sounds very 90s gangster hip hop chic.
Me: Well definitely chic but I am law-abiding. Hmmmm. Perhaps not title for podcast but a subtitle for one episode: Thoughts of the dear Alexus while driving her dear Lexus.

What do I think about when driving my dear Lexus. Well – do have to admit that I swear at other drivers, the inept ones, the slow ones, the fast ones, the ones that take their side of the road out of the middle. My sound system blares so it is unlikely that I am heard and I do look most innocent in my headscarf and face mask. The space inside one’s car when alone seems most private so upon occasion, when hearing sentimental music I do cry, even howl in pain. No one can hear, no one can really see or recognize me. Constantly keeping up a brave act, it seems like a luxury, to be able to express the sadness that sometimes overtakes me. But arriving at my destination, put on a happy face and venture forth.

Did you know that the song Put On a Happy Face was written by Dick van Dyke? Yes indeed it was and here are the lyrics.

Gray skies are gonna clear up,
Put on a happy face;
Brush off the clouds and cheer up,
Put on a happy face.
Take off the gloomy mask of tragedy,
It’s not your style
You’ll look so good that you’ll be glad
Ya’ decide to smile!
Pick out a pleasant outlook,
Stick out that noble chin;
Wipe off that “full of doubt” look,
Slap on a happy grin!
And spread sunshine all over the place,
Just put on a happy face!
And if you’re feeling cross and bitterish
Don’t sit and whine
Think of banana split and licorice
And you’ll feel fine
I knew a girl so glooming
She’d never laugh or sing
She wouldn’t listen to me
Now she’s a mean old thing
So spread sunshine all over the place
Just put on a happy face
So, put on a happy face

Yesterday was an interesting day, to say the least. AAA is coming to assist me two days a week – she arrived promptly and we set to work. Always, always, always we get everything done on my preprepared list. One item on the list was to celebrate her birthday. She is now 18. There is sixty years difference in our age but she occasionally, even frequently plays the adult role. I had purchased two bundt cakes from Northing But Bundt, searching for a candle. They did not have 18 but did have a sparkling 21.
Me: So they did not have 18 – so I bought 21 – you are growing up fast!
She: Great! Now I can drink!
Me: You are SO funny. They will ask you for proof and you can just give them the burnt out candles.

We went out on the patio, could not light the candles for the longest time. We were laughing hilariously the whole time. The instructions said that they would spark when lit.
Me: I hope they will not start a wildfire. We would be in trouble.
She: Oh my goodness. They scare me! Cannot light both at once.

Accompanying this blog shall be a photo of the burnt remnants.

While here AAA took a photo of me which was placed on a Story Line in Instagram, accompanied by music. You Are the Sunshine of My Life. The caption read;
Me: I am the sunshine of several people’s lives. Honest!!

There was photo of me in a beautiful paisley robe.
Me: Me in my new robe which says: “I am soft, touch me.” I have super soft skin but Instagrammers cannot touch it!

Well, blog readers cannot either, come to think of it. The response was incredible, reported to AAA.
Me: Wow, Wow and more Wow. So many responding that I am the sunshine of their lives, Mostly guys but one Princess. So much thanks for helping me! We really are the A team.
She: That’s awesome to hear.
Me: Actually overwhelming. I did cry but not tears of sorrow, tears of joy. Back to my fans. Hahahaha

Lots of sharing with those that responded. In the most intimate of shared responses I shared the photo of a man known in the past.
Me: I was the sunshine of this guy’s life but it got cloudy. I do miss him.
He: Who is he?

An exchange followed which is private but it ended.
He: Such a touching story. I hope you cross paths again.
Me: I do not. It was comforting to tell this story to you and thank you for your tender response.
He: Thank you for sharing and always so lovely to hear from you.
Me: Likewise I am sure and always so positive we are.

Later in the day another Instagram Post was shared. It was a photo of a card, which shall, of course, accompany this blog. This was the caption.
Me: I found this card when going through my vast supply looking for a birthday card. It describes my philosophy of life. But can I be this And a Muslim woman? WHY NOT?????

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