Complement of the Day Made Yesterday at 8 am: I am a Woman of Determination and Resolve: The Pod Cast Begins to Become a Reality; A Spurt in Blog Readers from the Netherlands; A Most Unusual Recording Studio; Possible Titles for Pod Cast: Strides, Inflection and Demographic Defined; You Are My Special Angel

The beginning of this blog was written yesterday morning, I do believe. I was breakfasting on my patio which overlooks the swimming pool. A fellow woman resident emerged from her solitary exercise in the pool. I had previously spoke of my ambition to organize a water aerobics class. Although G.E.M. (now Genius Efficient Manager, rather than H.E.M) expressed tentative approval, no progress was being made. This conversation took place before 8 in the morning. It, as you shall see, was a fabulous complement. Me: I am working on the water aerobic class but G.E.M. has other priorities, most probably. She: Well. If you are on it. It will get done!!! Me: Thank you! What a fantastic compliment! 
It is impossible to explain how happy that made me feel. I am very funny and might seem frivolous but I am a woman of determination and resolve. This was seen and appreciated. 
Here goes for more determination and resolve. I have been contemplating, dreaming, wishing to broadcast a pod cast. Cannot recall when the notion first struck, perhaps even a year ago. But, unfortunately, no substantial progress was made. A microphone purchased by AAA, preliminary discussions with Computer Guru Chris but no real progress. The project was awaiting the recovery of knee replacement surgery. No knee replacement surgery so suddenly strides were taken. Now that is an apt analogy. Strides were taken. Strides a step or stage in progress toward an aim: great strides have been made toward equality. Or in other words

  • (one’s stride) a good or regular rate of progress, especially after a slow or hesitant time. Synonyms of strides are: make progress, make headway, gain ground, progress, advance, proceed, move, get on, get ahead, come on, come along, shape up, take shape, move forward in leaps and bounds; be getting there.

So the first step in moving forward in leaps and bounds and in be getting there was to FaceTime with Computer Guru Chris. Of course, AAA was there to assist, do not know what I would do without her. She connected, and participated in the conversation between California and the UK. It was so utterly positive, uplifting and all. We briefly discussed the blog. He: For some reason, you have a sudden spurt of activity from the Netherlands. Me: What? Why? He: I think it was some sexual illusion you mentioned in a blog. It turned them on, I guess. Me: How extremely funny. I am glad I do not keep track of these figures. I would suddenly be focused on sex on the blog all of the time. That would be took risky, particularly with the Muslim restrictions on my sexuality. 
But then we got onto the real topic of the day – the podcast. It was decided that a practice would be made and then sent to Chris for sound quality and correction. We discussed a location for the recording. Again AAA made a major contribution, after hearing of the many prerequisites she suggested: She: What about your walk in closet.Me: That is brilliant. See Chris! “What would I do without her, and you ,of course”
So the next time she came over – we did it. It is hilariously funny and a photograph of the studio will be shown. It is the strangest recording studio EVER seen. A pool chair, a cardboard box, a microphone surrounded by my extensive wardrobe. AAA and I just laughed and laughed. Me: We better hurry up and get this finished or we will run out of oxygen. She: You are right! It is getting a bit stuffy in here. 
I read from the prior blog but with inflections – both cried and laughed at appropriate moments. What is an inflection? It is cadence, rhythm, accentuation, intonation, emphasis, modulation, meter, measure, rise and fall, swing, lilt, beat, change of pitch, change of tone, change of timbre. Definitely there was a change of pitch, a change of tome, emphasis and a rise and fall. 
AAA sent it off to Chris, we were most happy but a little breathless due to the lack of oxygen. AAA and I later texted. Me: I am taking a picture of our recording studio to put on Instagram and the blog. She: LOL that is the greatest recording studio I have ever seen! Me: And it is ALL because of you. 
Later there was an email from Chris, hence another text to AAA.Me: Chris emailed. Sounds better than average on pod cast. We are GREAT! AAAL Huge Heart Emoji! 
So a lot of work needs to be done. One thing that must be decided is a title. Chris exploring other technical details. This is an email exchanged between Chris and Yours Truly. Me: I am considering for the title. My Perfect Life. Please see if that is possible. He: Will do. Me: Hi! This suddenly came to me. I am going to be recording in the walk in closet. It therefore could be called: Out of the Closet!  Now that would be funny. He: Well, it would be, but might not reach the proper demographic. Me: You are right about that! I am only emerging from the closet for oxygen not for sexual purposes. 
What is a demographic? It is a a a particular sector of a population. I am not saying that the blog would not appeal (perhaps) to this particular section but it would be a trifle misleading.

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