A New Lease on Life; Alexis Leasing a Lexus; Chatting with My Prince Who Was Driving in a Lexus in Qatar; Texting With An Astronaut in Outer Space; Freddie Thinks I am Dreaming; An Email to HEM; An Accidental Find of Long Ago Email Containing a Great Joke; I am Certifiably Declared Happier Than Ever Before: Astronaut and Innuendo Defined

I was, yesterday, seized with a brilliant idea! I am going to do something which has always been a dream, always been goal, plans are being made to fulfill the dream. I am going to lease a Lexus. Now when that is said, it brings a strange reaction. A man in my life, whose nickname is Superman said this:
He: You are going to lease a Lexus?? Alexis are you going into prostitution?
Me: OMG that is SO funny!! It is going on the blog.

This is another experience with a Lexus. My Prince (of Qatar) would take me on video ‘rides’ all over Doha, showing me his city and country.
Me: Dear, what kind of car are you driving?
He: It is a Lexus
Me: Goodness gracious! You are driving a Lexus while talking to Alexis

His father gave him a Lexus (for no good reason I think) and his sister a Mercedes. I was teting both of them at the time.
Me: I had a Mercedes at one time, just before I left to live to London. But I used my own hard-earned money to lease it. It gives one more self esteem and self confidence when you do something for yourself rather than be gifted with something, for no apparent good reason.

Then, as if that were not strange enough, this happened. I am texting with a man in outer space – yes, an astronaut with NASA. It all came about because of a Story on Instagram which was made with the assistance of AAA. BBB gifted me with a pot of lavender on Saturday, we hung out by the fire pit and had the greatest conversation. Then off she went to New York for a couple of weeks. One of my UK friends started to get fancy with her Story lines, which I was incapable of doing on my own. I gave AAA the task, the lavender with matching song streamed all the way out to outer space. My UK friend, Flower Girl’s Wife, immediately sent a text.
She: Well done x
Me: I had some help. I do have to admit. AAA was here. I do have to admit.

But then this, closer to home. Fabulous Maintenance Men Freddie came to call and fix a leaking faucet and a light. Most efficient and quickly done. I spoke of my correspondence with the Astronaut. This is from an email sent to HEM: This is a fascinating conversation, straight from the two of us. Freddie and I laughed and laughed as I had maintenance issues. When I told him about the astronaut – he said:
He: You go back to sleep! You are dreaming!!! Go back to sleep!
Me: I am NOT dreaming Freddie – you are SO funny!
Eddie said of my storage facility suggestion.
He: That is great! Give them a solution to the problem when you give them a problem.
Me: Thank you Eddie. You are smarter than you look!
He: Alexis, you can be so bad.
Me: I did not notice this before but you have a gap between your front teeth just like I do!
He: Yes, Alexis. We have something in common.
Me: Hahaha
“Eddie and I also discussed that you are doing a great job! He is impressed and I am tool Best regards, Alexis.”

So that was today but here is yesterday. I am rather amazed at my life, for so many reasons. Something appeared accidentally. This is one of them. As faithful readers may know I ended my relationship (in any form) with the man, referred to as London Lover. I did grow to hate him and forget the fact that he had been an uplifting experience in my life (so to speak). That was a sexual innuendo. As usual, it is the perfect word, its synonyms: implication, hint, suggestion, intimation, overtone, undertone, whisper, allusion, nuance, reference, imputation, aspersion, slur. However the definition is absolutely perfect: an allusive or oblique remark or hint, typically a suggestive or disparaging one: Used in a sentence: She’s always making sly innuendos. Also, another example: a constant of barrage of innuendo, gossip, lies and half-truths.

Anyway, cannot go on with this as it would descend into vulgarity and not an oblique remark. So I did, totally accidentally, find a rather precious email London Lover had sent on July 4, 2017. I was living in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada at the time (not Vancouver, Washington, USA).
It was so absolutely precious and caring.
“He: A sense of humour can be grafted on; it just takes time to take .
A joke
Group of men were impressed with the knowledge that a woman showed in relation to baseball. they discovered that she had been a man but had had surgery to reached the promised land.
Did it hurt when they cut your penis?
Yes but that wasn’t the worst.
Did it hurt when they cut off your balls?
Yes, but that wasn’t the worst.
What was?
When they cut my salary in half.
Who wants to be a millionaire? I don’t etc One of the great musicals.”

Now is not that one of the sweetest emails in the whole wide world? He was always my hugest fan, and I was rather mean to him (of necessity). If I go back to the UK (which I am contemplating soon) – I shall see him this time, if he wants me tool Last times in London was meeting with the Crown Prince of Dubai (a chance encounter) and the Royal Family of Qatar (most unusual they were in the humble hotel considering they have extensive holdings in London). Whatever! LL lives near Manchester where an Instagram friend whom I met in London blessedly gave me much needs hugs also lives. could see them both. A very unusual threesome. Hahaha. The Manchester man most different from LL – black versus white. LL white, MM black. Hahaha It is the truth and the truth shall make you free.

The truth does make you free. Recently I was used by a woman, did later find out that she had lied to me. Spoke of this to Wise Man.
Me: I am an excellent judge of character. But only when I am told the truth. If someone lies, I believe in them but then the truth is revealed.
He: Yes Alexis! And then they are gone from your life.
Me: You had best believe it! This woman is dead meat, as far as I am concerned!
He: She is!

No photo. Perhaps astronaut with his permission, but later. By the way, an astronaut is a a person who is trained to travel in a spacecraft. Its synonyms are: spaceman, cosmonaut, space traveler, space pilot, space flyer, space cadet. Some guy would have to be a space cadet to want to correspond with me. Hahaha! Here is the magic. His first name is Akihikho. My father’s first name was Alexander but he was always called Aki. Please do not forget Alix Residences, that place in Malaysia, named for me. So strange my life but so much fun. Wise Man said:
He: I have never seen you happier. You are part of a community that protects you. You were never protected before in your life.
Me: You are SO right. I am blessed!! I thank you, Allah and myself. I use my gifts to create this wonderful experience. Too bad it took 78 years, but better late than never!!! Hahaha

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