Do Not Push the Panic Button; Encouraging Scientific Words From The New York Times; There You Go: Push the Panic Button Defined; Friend Posts AntiVaccination Story Simultaneously to the Writing of this Blog; Simultaneous Defined; Whites of One’s Eyes Defined; Miracle Worker Manager Acquires Nickname; Photograph of a Rainbow

I am getting so sick and tired of all of the people and social media idiots who are pushing the panic button about the dreaded Covid. But yesterday morning up popped upon my computer the most current and the most reassuring news, coming straight to you from The New York Times. “1.Vaccinated people are nearly guaranteed not to be hospitalized or killed by Covid.

  1. Among children under 12, who remain ineligible for the vaccine, serious forms of Covid are also extremely rare. Children face bigger risks when they ride in a car. 3.The Delta variant does not appear to change either of those facts. 4. Millions of unvaccinated American adults are vulnerable to hospitalization or death from Covid.

“There you go” – that is a Canadian expression pronounced in a musical fashion. When I started repeating it time and time again in the Canadian fashion I immediately terminated residency in that country and headed south. Fortunately I am an American citizen so it was possible. Actually, there were other reasons – terrible medical care, horrible taxation and ridiculously expensive wine being three more. To say nothing of the slaughter of Indigenous children in Residential Schools and the Hate Crime Killing of a Muslim Family in London, Ontario.

What does push the panic button mean? “Overreact to a situation, as in Don’t worry; Jane is always pushing the panic button, but I’m sure the baby’s fine. This term originated during World War II, when certain bombers had a bell-warning system so that the crew could bail out if the plane was severely hit.” Another way to put it: “To overreact to a negative situation with an inordinate amount of fear, alarm, or confusion.” This entire Covid-19 situation has consisted of stupid, alarmist individuals pushing the panic button constantly leading all sorts and kinds of unnecessary solutions. Read again that statement that “Children face bigger risks when they drive in a car.” So, some alarmists would take this to mean that children should be prevented from driving in a car.

Instagram compounds the problem, making the entire situation worse. It is again unbelievable but a friend posted some an anti-vaccination story line to which I responded texting:
Me: I do think that vaccines are mandatory must be made mandatory.:
She: I never wanna get vaccine.
Me: You should and must read my blog of tomorrow, I am certainly not coming to visit you in Hawaii, that is for sure. You are not being scientific. I thought you were?!?! People like you are dangerous!!!
She: Why you can do what you want now come.I can’t choose what I want for my own body.
She: And dangerous for who?
She: Unfortunately science wrong hands right now which is really scary.
She: I can’t say anyone who they should do even you shouldn’t recommend to take aspirin but how come it is ok to suggest vaccine is fine. Specially many of people die and/or more insured from it.
Me: I fear you are uninformed and rather paranoid
Me: Bye. We are not going to convince each other of your positions.
She: I feel the same.

I guess she wanted to have the last word. So how is that for bizarre? In the midst of informing the world that the panic button should not be pushed, I get a simultaneous reaction from a friend taking the exact opposite approach. Simultaneous, by the way means concurrent, happening at the same time, done at the same time, contemporaneous, concomitant, coinciding, coincident, synchronous, synchronized, synchronic; coexistent, parallel, side by side. I did speak out against her stance as it is dangerous. She is putting her life and the life of others in danger. She may get a rude awakening, she is planning to visit her son whom she sorely misses – she may not be able to travel without being fully vaccinated.

I am definitely playing it safe by not traveling and remaining in Marin, it is most safe with one of the hugest vaccination rate in the USA . I am so incredibly lucky to be here now. There are no trips to Mecca on the horizon as the Instagram reels show hundreds and hundreds of people, from all over the world, crowded into a small space. The faithful are required to worship in Mecca least once in their lifetime if they can afford to do so. cannot afford to risk my health and well being to go to Mecca at this time. There are no trips to Qatar on the horizon either as their vaccination rate is minuscule despite ALL their money – clearly eradication of the disease is not a priority with them. It is goodbye to Dubai. They are not going to see the whites of my eyes despite an excellent vaccination rate and Expo 2020. There is the rather realistic fear that if I went to Dubai I would never be let out (for various reasons) and I do hate the heat, (even though there is air conditioning). Perhaps a trip to Jolly Olde England with hordes of frequent flier miles ensuring a First Class seat. Perhaps visiting Iceland on the way, as I did in 2018, thanks to the efforts and planning of another Instagram pal from Vancouver day by the name of Scott. I am sure he is vaccinated.

By the way, What does it mean to see the whites of someone’s eyes? Don’t react to a situation too early. This saying comes from an order allegedly given by American officer William Prescott at the Battle of Bunker Hill in the American Revolutionary War. So for me to go rushing off to Dubai just because Expo 2020 is happening would be reacting too early. Metaphorically, the saying can mean get to know your opponent very well before you attack him. The Dubai folk would have to come here so that I could get to know them. Would that happen? Nope! They had their chance and did not take it.

Back to the home front. An email send to efficient new manager of complex, the subject line: You Are a Miracle Worker! .
Me: All of.a sudden I looked out my window and there were streams of water being sent to thirsty plants. Not seen watering since my arrival here on December 1, 2020. I took a picture and exclaimed to two people walking by. They seemed to take it for granted but not me!!! I will put the picture on my world-wide blog, of course crediting you – the unnamed efficient manager. Hahaha!

The photo was sent with this subject line: Look There is a Rainbow!
WOW yes. On the left hand side. Sort of a miracle. I am most happy. By the way you now have a nickname, it is HEM (Handsome Efficient Manager). Well HIM might be better in a way. But Handsome Ineffective Manager. Nope, not you!! ? hahaha Alexis He and I did discuss my habit of not naming my friends and associates in the blog and he was most happy to be anonymous.
Me: Well, later when you are about to be promoted you could say, that was me, HEM, mentioned in
He: (laughing) Thanks Alexis. I will think about it.

It is seldom that one person can make a difference in anyone’s life. But this man has, and in so little time. This complex is now functioning as a community, a well run community and there are apparently plans to do more.

The photograph with magically appearing rainbow is attached.

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