Unbelievable, My Life is Unbelievable; No Surgery Due to Wrongful Action by a Marin General Hospital Employee; Using the Search Engine on Blog by Typing Phoenix Rising from the Ashes Reveals Seventeen Delightful Prior Blogs; Discovering My Fatal Attraction; Police Called by Employee of This Complex But Situation Turned into Something Rather Jolly; Photograph of Gardeners Gardening

Well, all of you all across the world are patiently waiting to see how my left knee replacement surgery went. It was cancelled by the surgeon at the very last minute. He relied on total misinformation and lies told by a staff member at the hospital. I was denied surgery because I am a Muslim. I shall wait until more of the facts are discovered and I get a slightly better perspective on this matter before writing about it. I do admit to being utterly devastated at the time, but have done my Phoenix Rising from the Ashes yet again. My life has been on hold for one and a half years waiting for this surgery. I jumped through all of the hoops (and there were so many, it was utterly exhausting). But do I ever have a lot of material to write about- an expose of the medical system, a woman by the name of Amy Blevin who has entirely too much power with no checks and balances. I do not think I was the first person to suffer at her hands but this time she did pick on the wrong person. But in my calmer and more sanguine moments some punishment has already taken place. Marin General Hospital has suffered financial hardship already. My medical insurance cannot be charged for a procedure that did not take place. As it was done at the very last minute – all of the staff time – from doctors down to janitors will not be compensated. I wonder if they will take it from Amy’s wages? And I do feat that this is not the end of the liability that Marin Health will suffer and incur. (That is called a veiled threat).

Something fascinating just happened! I decided to type Phoenix Rising from the Ashes into the search engine of my blog as I knew I had defined it in the past. Indeed I had as there were seventeen entries. I began to read them – it was fascinating I had forgotten so much about the exquisite times I have enjoyed – in London, in Vancouver and in San Francisco. I was utterly cheered. So you go and do it – I do not think I am going to continue writing – go back and read some of my old stuff.

In doing so I discovered a concept that I knew about, and I knew I had written about. It is an explanation of why men are attracted to me. Too many men, too little time. Now this process has been slowed because of the pandemic and my assumption of the Muslim faith but there was this statistic. 121 men have asked to go to bed with me since 2016.

This from a recently found blog. “But So what is it? What quality attracts people to me? I found this in a book and quoted it in an email to someone last week. The book is The Science of Love and Betrayal, a book I accidentally discovered at the library. I have written a series of stories on betrayal and so the title was most appealing. It discusses the power of laughter which can even raise pain thresholds. But it is also important in social relationships doing so through its ability to release endorphins. “This makes us feel warm and positive towards those with whom we do this curious activity. And there is no doubt how it then came to play an important role in the processes of courtship. Laughter, through the endorphin high, allows you to trust a stranger, and that opens the way to get to know them better. Gradually, step by step, encouraged by the continuing stream of jokes and one-liners, the witty remarks and humorous asides, you are drawn into the spider’s web.” (page 47).
Translated: It is my sense of humor. That is what I have. But this is the fascinating part and I will look into this again soon, but a sense of humor is inherited. My parents, who so abused and neglected me, also gave me the ability to rise above their maltreatment. Well, sort of. There are the litters of men. (hahahaha).

But back into some of the ashes. Not only did my surgery get cancelled at the last minute but an employee at this complex called the police on me. It was utterly unbelievable. I do not feel like writing about it just now but did inform the efficient manager of this atrocities in an email.

Did you know that Eva had the police called on me yesterday? Yes – she thought I was bothering some people by the pool. But I was not and we were having a great conversation. They were wearing skimpy bathing suits and we were discussing the Muslim requirement of being covered up. I wear a T-shirt over my modest bathing suit. The two women told her that I was not bothering them at all and in fact they were enjoying the conversation. But very, very quickly the police arrived so she must have called them before she talked to me and the two women. . It was actually all rather jolly – one officer remembered me from an incident were some guy tried to run over me with a motorcycle. The whole community rallied around me – police said they had never seen such community support. The guy went to jail. – do not know for how long but I guess I could have found out. I overheard the police talking about his address. I went and photographed his house and put it on my world famous blog. Angel did a great job at the time, other people were so supportive so she was not doing it on her own. It was totally different than what went on yesterday with Eva. But I do wonder if her actions were rather programmed. But whatever, it was not successful. It is ridiculous one can do almost anything here on Saturdays as was outlined on my blog of three days ago.”

But writing about this helps. It is apparent that there is a person (most probably a woman) who overlooks the pool. Someone called Eva, there are no cameras by the pool I do not think. How did Eva know I was talking to these two women? I have been accused of swearing around children in the past – somebody called and complained about that to former manager Brian and also rather recently to the Regional Manager. I do not swear around children. I do around adults but not children. The problem is that ‘management’ listens to this person or persons.

Oh well. I must get on with the day. I awoke to gardeners pruning and planting. I got some cuttings and will do a flower arrangement. Also make a meatloaf using ‘vegetarian’meat. I took a picture of the gardeners and it will grace this blog. As I said to the efficient manager in that same email: “ All this and I can cook too.”

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