The Descent of the Poor White Non Resident Trash Conversation with Fellow Resident Brings Truths; It is Better to Be Covered in the Muslim Fashion: Efficient Manager Reminds Residents of the Obligations Under the Lease In Clear Language Providing Rationale; Epilogue to Story; Resumption of Study of Islamic Faith Brings Measure of Relief; Photograph of Before the Onslaught of Poor White Trash; Conversation with Computer Guru

Of course, and necessarily, did Google Poor White Trash before employing its usage. This is what was found: “US, idiomatic, pejorative, ethnic slur) Poorly educated white person or people of low social status. So then, of course I had to look up pejorative and found that it meant expressing contempt or disapproval. Well, OK I am expressing disapproval for the folks that turn up at our community pool in violation of its rules and behave in an unacceptable manner showing no regard ,whatsoever for the residents who live here, paying rather excessive rents in order to have the amenities of a swimming pool and jaccuzzi in their midst. Read on, if you please. :

Another resident of this celebrated complex and I were standing outside the pool area chatting. Children were screaming, hitting each other with noodles, jumping in and out of the pool at dangerous speeds. Their parents were utterly oblivious.
He: I wonder how many of these people are residents.
Me: None, most likely. They do not have enough class or cash to be living here.
He: The children are SO misbehaved, the parents do not seem to even notice.
Me: Yes, They are probably children of blended families – which are neither. Not blended and not families. It is a mess but decidedly the ‘rage’. (In this instance rage means a widespread temporary enthusiasm or fashion.)
He: Last night there was a couple in the jacuzzi making so much noise. I went out, told them that I had a seven year old daughter who was trying to sleep. They did leave and say they were sorry.
Me: Well I could never do that as I am a woman and you are a big guy. My solution is to call the security service and they efficiently swoop down and peace is restored.

The attire of these ‘Saturday visitors’ is, to be kind, vulgar. One woman had a thong bathing suit and a rather large derriere – the thong disappeared somewhere. Her boyfriend was sneaking something to her over the gate, so we had a friendly conversation.
Me: Hi! You are the boyfriend of the woman who has a bathing suit that has disappeared.
He: Yeah! that is me.
Me: I became a Muslim and we cannot ‘dress’ in such attire. We have to cover up.
He: Oh, that is too bad.
Me: Not really. Actually to be covered is often rather sexy. And the only person that sees our bum is our guy, our husband.
He: I never thought of that.

As you can see it was a friendly conversation. I was not at all confrontative or damning, just factual. I do ponder and think he just might think about it. Who knows and quite frankly, it is not really any of my business. I have heard from many men who have taken such women home that they are not as sexy as they appear. Many said:
They: It was like ‘making love’ to a mattress.
Me: Oh I get it. They are totally non responsive.
They: Indeed. It is most disappointing.
Me: Hmmmmm.

Being old has its moments. One can be filled with information, often useless information like the sexual behaviors of women in thong bathing suits.

I do suppose that the Saturday trespassers might be a concern for management. But the newly hired efficient manager has other more important things on his mind. H recently issued an email that laid down the law. It really just politely reminded residents of the regulations that they bought into when they signed their lease. These have not been enforced for years and years. For examples, he also provided this logic. Many residents store items in their garage other than cars – this he intelligently stated invites theft. There is a man who conducts a business in his garage, which is illegal under County codes. He shall not be happy to receive this email, probably ignore it but not for long I fear (for him).

Some people will not be happy but not sure of what they can do about it. Limited goes parking rules, driveways not to be used for parking because of arrival of safety vehicles etc. I guess they might complain but they are probably the people who only complain among themselves. Covid actually kept things calm – some mothers could work from home and thus restrained their children. Saturday trespassers were most limited as the pool’s use was restricted. Residents with children take their kids to Tahoe or other venues that were forbidden under the restrictive regulations.

Just to be perfectly clear I am not complaining about the majority of my fellow residents. My neighbor sweetly said that the community was supporting me during my recovery from surgery – not just she and her husband. I do believe that is true.

‘Communal living’ can be difficult but residing in a single family residence walled off from neighbors is not a very good solution. My traveling days made that clear – Italy is particularly community orientated with everyone taking a stroll during the summer late time hours. Returning to the deserted streets of Marin County was a shock. Well, not altogether deserted, there were many Mexican gardeners tending the absentees bushes, trees and lawn. One would think that Mexicans were thriving in this country living in such upscale neighbourhoods. Nope, they are just hired at tiny wages.

I have not been serious of late but in mu free time, continue my reading and research into the Islamic faith. The absolute logic continually amazes me. This from Abu Hanifa, a classical scholar who lived fro, 699 to 767. It is explained that his contribution to the faith was that he separated the faith from actions at the most fundamental level. “Whatever sins a person might commit were wrong and would earn God’s punishment in the next world, but they would not negate belief in God or membership on the Muslim community”Abu Hanifa also believed that faith could neither increase or decrease, because it consisted of simply professing the basic tenets of Islam. In contrast, those who identified faith with world held that the performance of good works actually increased an individual’s faith.”
Therefore Article One of his first creed assets: “we do not consider anyone to be an infidel on account of sin; not do we deny his faith. Article 2 We enjoin what is just and prohibit what is evil. Article 7 reads “All acts of obedience are obligatory on account of Allah’s common, wish, good pleasure Knowledge will, decision and decree. All acts of disobedience happen through His knowledge, decision, decree and will not And won’t according to His wish, good pleasure, or command. law; edge. His decision, and His decree and will not according to His wish, good pleasure or command. Article 8 states that All the Prophets are exempt from sins, both light and grave, from unbelief and sordid deeds, Yet stumbling and mistakes many happen on their part.”
No that is of some degree of comfort for me. Allah does allow even the Prophets to stumble and make mistakes. I am sure that at one point in time, before the Day of Judgment I may just at least stumble and make a mistake.

It is also of comfort and is a reminder that people suffer on the Day of Judgment, not before, There are some that I ache for revenge and admit to being upset that they do not receive it on earth, not to name names or anything. I merely have to trust that they will get it in the end. Patience is obviously not one of my virtues.

By the way I did count my unicorns. I have 24 of all different sizes and shapes. When I get into something I really get into something! Hahaha I have 13 pair of eye glasses. 46 face masks. But if one if going to do something, one might as well do it big. At one point in time, many many years ago – I had nine boyfriends at once. Friends, many with benefits. Nowadays I have the Islamic faith but only two Qur’ans and four books on the faith. But there is always the Internet to add to the collection – upon that it shows that my collection is massive.

As all know I have a collection of unicorns on my patio. I looked out of window and saw a PWT kid fingering my unicorn. She and her ‘family’ were the last to leave the pool. They had an unleashed dog with them and were unresponsive to a suggestion that such was frowned upon and enforced. Although security informed nothing took place for at least an hour. But they left. I looked out the window and a young girl was taking one of my unicorn. I promptly opened my door.
Me: Are you stealing my unicorn?
She: No I was just touching it.
Me: I do not believe you. Do not do that. Residents here do not do that, My unicorns feel safe.
She: I am sorry..
Me: Never to it again. Never! Sorry does not mean anything if you do it again.

Here is an email between me and my computer Guru
Me; Hi! Here is the rather silly blog. It was rather fun to write and relive and relieve the tensions of this strange week .
He: Silly blog and silly vid posted, silly. Hope you’re having a good weekend. Cx
Me: Silly back to you! I do not think I paid you this month -silly!!! Today’s blog slightly more serious and insulting. I do love that you stop the creeps from giving me their silly opinions. We decided this in the very beginning and it has SO worked. Insult me as much as you like, I do not hear you. That is the only thing you can do with offensive individuals, not listen to them. Alexis

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