Alexis’ (aka Ayla’s) Evolving Muslimism: The Decision to Have Hair Shorn and Wear a Head Scarf; Wise Words on the Meaning and Horrors of Wearing a Head Scarf Taken From Muslims of the World; Chauvinistic Male Loses to Two Asian Women and a Muslim Woman; Salvo Defined; Photograph of Alexis With Short Hair and a Head Scarf

Now that is a made up word: Muslimism – a good word, but not a great word. Although my Instagram ‘followers’ are aware of my BIG decision, my blog followers are not. My BIG decision was to have my hair chopped off – if a Muslim woman is required to wear a head scarf to hide her hair, why have it in the first place? It was not an impulsive decision but very well thought out. So off I went to KKK (my hair stylist and dear friend) – telling her that I wanted a Mia Farrow haircut. She dutifully found a picture of Mia with super short hair and as if per magic I emerged shorn. I had short hair to start with, but now I have REALLY short hair. This fascinating and practically unbelievable – when first I came to San Francisco in 1967 Alexis McBride had a Mia Farrow haircut. Must attempt to find a photo taken during those days – there is one somewhere, My new Mia Farrow hair did not turn out exactly they way I envisioned it – but extremely close and with a little growth upon the sides it will be there. Everyone who sees my hair likes it – they say anyway. But many do not see it because of hats and head scarfs. The shortness of the hair motivates me to wear hats and head scarves, so it is a win-win situation.

The decision to wear a head scarf has not been a rash one – initially deciding not to wear one – more or less for rational reasons. It was during face mask days when most of my face was covered anyway. Head scarves were worn (explained a Muslim man) so that men would not be attracted to you as a woman, the other reason was to mark you as a Muslim woman. But wearing a head covering was not working at all because men were still attracted to me and probably most people thought that I had breast cancer, lost all my hair to chemotherapy and that was why the head scarf was worn. Moreover, it didn’t make any sense to hide my expertly coifed hair which was coifed on a weekly basis. The traumatic event that pushed me back into head scarves was the killing of a Muslim family in London, Ontario, Canada. Without a head scarf It is utterly impossible for any stranger to label me as a Muslim – my white hair, blue eyes, outgoing and merry exterior does not exactly shout: This is a Muslim Woman. So my present attire (or lack of attire) felt as if I was abandoning the faith, hiding the fact that I was a Muslim. Being a Muslim is an essential aspect of my self image – my Muslimism is most important to me.

This from Muslims of the World – the book purchased from the outside sale table at Book Passage. “The most visible aspect of hijab is the head covering that many Muslim women wear. As a result those who choose to cover their hair and dress modestly have become the most easily recognizable members of the Islamic faith are therefore the targets of the most criticism…For many women living in a Muslim majority country wearing a hajib is likely the social norm.” It goes on discussing the problems encountered by women who do to wear the hajib in a Muslim majority country, but it continues. “The hard truth is that wearing the hajib is not easy. Regardless of the faith we all share insecurities and Muslim women often step into the world on a day when their confidence is low only to be judged by others for their appearance. To any Muslim woman who has experienced this, hold your head high . Remember your strength comes from within. Your bravery, ambitions,, determination and perseverance stem from a much deeper place than your appearance.”

Those words stir me, excite me – and I did not even write them. Hahaha! Yes I will hold my head high and that head shall be encased either in a head scarf or a hat. When someone attacks me – they shall get a surprise. A BIG SURPRISE! It will scare the hell out of them and I will be the last Muslim woman they ever attack. One must remember this basic truth – bullies do not pick on strong people., they pick on ones they think are weak.

This is an actual experience of approximately two weeks ago. WWW arrived, with access to make reserved parking stall. Somebody was parked in my parking spot. She was flustered and worried but I knew exactly what to do. She and I walked to the leasing office and wonderful Angel went out to confront the monster in his enormous white van. Both Angel and WWW are Asian. He was absolutely rude – obnoxious and he was in the wrong. No apologies – so I went up to him and yelled at him.
Me: What are you doing parking in my parking spot? Get you truck out of there and now
He: Who are you lady?
Me: I am the person who owns this parking spot – that is who I am! So move it and move it now!
He: Lady. Who do you think you are yelling at me!
Me: A woman with a parking spot who deserves respect, that is who.
He: Get the hell out of here.
Me: No, you get the hell of here!
So he moved his truck, yelling at me the whole time.
Me: You got things a bit confused! You are in the wrong, I am in the right and you are making things worse for yourself – believe me!
Well, the guy – who was Mexican – seemed to learn nothing from this encounter, but this was my parting salvo
Me: You had best watch out. Allah is going to get you for this! Allah is going to get you for this!
Salvo, by the way, is a sudden, vigorous, or aggressive act or series of acts. Does that not describe my behavior perfectly.

I am totally convinced that Allah will exact revenge upon this man. His precious truck will be involved in an accident, it will be keyed or repossessed because he has not paid the necessary payments. No that does not make me prejudiced to those from Mexico – not one bit. I am prejudiced toward chauvinistic creeps from whatever country they come from.

My only regret? I do not think I was wearing my hijab. It is not necessary to wear it at home and I swiftly ran out of there to rescue WWW and restore to her the rightful parking space.
Please note that I did not come out later and key his precious truck. It is up to Allah to seek revenge, not me.

The photographs are of me with my short hair and a head scarf taken the day I lost most of my hair. Hahaha. KKK the stylist and photographer.

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