Goodbye Gavin the Governor: Unwelcome Texts Sent by a Lying Incompetent Man’s Inept Campaign to Defeat the Recall. Ire, Treachery, Infiltrate, Detest Defined; Hate to Admit But I was Once Married to a Republician; Hold Onto Your Hats Defined; Alexis’ Face Becomes the Scottish Flag to Support Free Scotland

I received the following text, it was actually sent to the former owner of the phone whose first name is Kendra. I have had this number for almost two years – which says something about the organizational skills of this campaign.

“Hey Kendra, It’s Sam with Gavin Newsom’s Stop the Republican Recall of Gavin Newsom campaign committee. It was just announced that the election date is officially set for September 14, so ballots will be mailed in just a few weeks. Can Governor Newsom count on you to vote NO on the recall.”

The text woke me up from an afternoon nap, so that did not exactly place me in a very good mood. I fired off this response.

“You must be kidding!! This is an election to recall the man, this Gavin the Governor. I signed the petition and I am NOT a Republican and DETEST being called one. GOODBYE GAVIN THE GOVERNOR. “

But my righteous ire continued. By the way, “I am not Kendra but I guess I have infiltrated your ranks I shall speak of this insult on my world famous blog , Thousands of readers will learn of your treachery and that is what this is. Gavin is even worse than a Republican, should that be possible.”

But minutes later up popped another “I understand that there is so much at stake if this Republican led recall prevails.” Whoever this person says is goes on to say: “I have seen Governor Newsom fight for my values and the health and safety of our community and know it is critical that we not let millionaire GOPers reverse that progress. Let me know if you have any questions.”

So I answered back. “Clearly you people are are not reading any responses. This campaign is as empty headed and vacuous as he is.”

But then I thought more about all of this, with the sense of history I have. Gavin was bosom buddies with the Getty’s- practically their adopted son. He is not exactly billionaire free in his past, nor I suspect in his present life. His children all go to private schools which remained open during the shut down – public schools shut down because of him and now seen as completely unnecessary.. This has meant harming for years and years the education of public school students, and placing their parents in impossible situations with child care non existent. Women were forced to stay home, quit their jobs often. The economic harm suffered by families is enormous and it was the fault of good old Gavin. The economy of this state is permanently harmed because of his stupid color coded system of shut down that had nothing whatsoever to do with reality or science. He evidenced no leadership that brought disparate counties into uniformity so regulations up and down the state were is a state of utter confusion. The rules did to apply to him – dining in a posh indoor Napa restaurant, the French Laundry with several families in clear violation of his own rules. His understanding of basic fundamental politics is flawed. Gavin – it is the Republicans that are not educated, not scientific, and vote from emotion. The Democrats are the intelligent people, who have core values and are concerned with the health and safety of our community.

Gavin is a joke. I spoke at the time of my signing of the petition, It is on this blog and shall be referred to as the election nears.

Then suddenly, while in the midst of writing this there came another missive from the campaign.
“Have a nice day”, it read.

I wrote. I do think I shall but all of this and more is going on the blog. What an insipid response. I shall have a VERY good day on September 16 when I learn of the recall’s success. GOODBYE GAVIN THE GOVERNOR.

I hate politics, I do admit. But had to be active on the state and local level because of my job as a lawyer for the County of Marin’s Civil Office. We represented the Board of Supervisors therefore, so knowledge of Stare government was essential, as well as local government agencies. But I could say goodbye to all of that when I retired from the County. Never did I involve myself in Federal politics – voting either Democrat or Independent over the years. Blessedly living in London during most of Trump’s reign – choosing to go back to Canada rather than fall under his command. Was there for the tail end of it all but blessedly it was the tail end and this country is blessed with President Biden, whose hard work and excellent policies take the place of the crazy rants and raves of Trump. But herein doth lie the the problem. There are fabulous and fantastic Democrats – Elizabeth Warren is a blessing and I am her greatest fam. I was most disappointed when she dropped out of the presidential race and have been disappointed in that she seems not to have won a powerful seat either on the cabinet or abroad. However, there are looser Democrats, for example, Gavin Newsom. He definitely was headed for the national scene. The joy of the recall is this – no matter if he does succeed in defeating the recall he has blown any chance, whatsoever, of achieving a promising career within the Democratic Party. Gavin, I have a suggestion. You are much better suited to be a Republican – go for it!!
My goodness, I can be cruel.

Now to define a few words: ire, treachery, infiltrate and detest. Ire has the strongest of synonyms; anger, rage, fury, wrath, hot temper, outrage, temper, crossness, spleen; annoyance, exasperation, irritation, vexation, displeasure, chagrin, pique; indignation, resentment; literary choler. I was vexed, displeased, chagrined and piqued to be awaken from a sound slumber by a text from an illegitimate campaign response to a legitimate recall of a man that needs to be toppled from governmental power. Infiltrate, a verb, has the following synonyms: penetrate, invade, intrude on, insinuate oneself into, worm one’s way into, sneak into, slip into, creep into, impinge on, trespass on, butt into; informal gatecrash, muscle in on. I have been able to muscle in on, worm my way into, creep into the (so-called) thinking of the stop the recall campaign of Gavin the Governor. Treachery is disloyalty, perfidy, perfidiousness, faithlessness, unfaithfulness, infidelity, bad faith, breach of trust, duplicity, deceit, deceitfulness, deception, false-heartedness, falseness, stab in the back, backstabbing, double-dealing, untrustworthiness; treason. It is perfidy, bad faith, duplicity and false-heartedness to suggest that the recall petition was the work of Republicans and not the response to Gavin’s total lack of leadership, common sense and a sense of responsibility. Detest has hordes of synonyms: abhor, hate, loathe, despise, abominate, execrate, regard with disgust, feel disgust for, feel repugnance toward, feel distaste for, shrink from, recoil from, shudder at, be unable to bear, be unable to abide, feel hostility to, feel aversion to, feel animosity to, find intolerable, dislike, disdain, have an aversion to; archaic disrelish. ANTONYMS love, admire. Understandably I abhor, loathe, fell repugnance toward being called a Republican for the admirable act of signing a petition to remove Gavin the Governor from Office. Huh, who could not have an aversion to such a label when one is not, in any way, strength or form be a Republican.

I have a terrible secret to tell of my past which may be revealed at some point in time. I was once married to a Republican – the third husband was a Republican through and through. But this I say in my defense. He hid some of his repressive values (and actually lied) prior to the marriage and, let the record reflect, I did divorce him. Strangely enough twice to great expense and then he died. I could have just waited around and become a widow. But believe me the time had come – actually had come seventeen years before. I guess the first year was ok. My life dramatically changed after the divorce and is still changing and evolving in strange and unusual ways! Hang onto your hats., fasten your seat belts there is more to come.
Hang onto your hats, now there is another expression.It is an expression warning someone of a big surprise. For example, Hang on to your hat, we’re about to go public, or Hold your hat—we just won the lottery. This expression may allude, according to lexicographer Eric Partridge, to a wild ride on a rollercoaster.

Now I do admit to some inconsistency as there was the promise that I would remove myself from the world of political commentary. My obsession with Palestine, Israel, the slaughter of indigenous children in Canada, the murder of Muslims in Canada, in London, Ontario just because they were Muslims – did nothing to alter the situation or make any changes – nothing whatsoever. There was damage to my psyche as my overactive empathy with the endless pain, suffering, my recognition of the amount and depth of evil in this world made me depressed, hopeless and listless. Those are far away places to which I will never return, nor ever to visit. It is not safe for me to go to Palestine or to Canada. Would never go to Israel, not even to visit sights revered by my faith. But now what do iI do? I turn around and support the Free Scotland movement by having my face painted like the Scottish flag. I do assert this is different as there are connections to Scotland, my ancestral home, and could possibly become a citizen should Scotland become free. Do not forget also that if I marry again there will be a Christian ceremony (as well) in Dryburgh Abbey, in Melrose, near Edinburgh.

I now hasten to point our that I live in California so should concern myself with the leadership in this State and fight for the truth. The truth is that Gavin must be recalled – politicians MUST suffer for the harm they impose on others. I have every hope and anticipation that Trump will get his just desserts and not just on Judgment Day.

Photograph of Alexis McBride’s face painted by AAA in the design and pattern of the Scottish flag.

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