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Well, I have a new source of the news, something that landed in my Inbox. “Here it is: Hello From the New York Times. My name is David Leonhardt. Each weekday, you will be receiving an email from me – called “The Morning” – that will help you make sense of the day’s biggest news. The email is meant to provide you with clarity, context and, ideally some delight. A bit more about me: I’ve been working at The Times since 1999 – as a business reporter, economical and politics columnist, magazine staff writer, Washington bureau chief and founding editor of The Upshot section. I still feel lucky to be here. My colleagues and I are grateful for the opportunity to explore the world on behalf of you – our readers and to report back what we discover. In addition to news and culture, The Morning will also give you a peek behind the curtain of The Times – at the more than 1700 Times journalists including doctors, lawyers, cartographers, former Marines and other experts who are stationed in 1,159 countries around the world.”

This is most welcome news because a decision has been made to narrow my scope. It has done absolutely no good for me (or others) to fuss over and about Canada nor about Israel. Fuss is a great word, its definition: a display of unnecessary or excessive excitement, activity, or interest. That is it, there was I displaying unnecessary interest and activity. And look at those synonyms: ado, excitement, agitation, uproar, to-do, stir, commotion, confusion, disturbance, tumult, hubbub, rigmarole, folderol, brouhaha, furor, much ado about nothing; upset, worry, bother, row; fluster, flurry, bustle; storm in a teacup; palaver, hoo-ha, ballyhoo, flap, tizzy, stew, song and dance, performance, pantomime; carry-on, kerfuffle; fuss and feathers. I was hubbubbing, folderoling, flapping, and kerfuffling and tizzying for no naught. Nothing whatsoever came of my worries, cares, concerns, research and resultant depression. Absolutely nothing whatsoever, even from some people I praised, lauded and congratulated. I have decided that I shall retreat from it all and become more of a typical American, worry about those close to home, whose lives I can enrich and effect. The frustration was a wake up call. For the uninformed: “ A wake-up call is when you realize that you might be looking at a situation from the wrong point of view and like me, if you come to see it differently, you can wake up to a new way of approaching a situation that previously had you stuck.” It is an expression that has a literal and a figurative meaning. The figurative meaning is an idiom.” Another way to look at it: If something that happens is a wake-up call, it should make you realize that you need to take action to change a situation.

Therefore, I am changing this situation. It is back to fun-and-games Alexis. It was somewhat celebrated in an email exchange with Computer Guru Chris, I had sent a ‘photo’ to him for posting with the following words.
Me: Blog may come to you in about six hours. I am back to normal – whatever that is.
He: Ok glad to hear it.. hope all is well xx
Me: You are so funny as usual. Blog to be commenced in about thirty minutes. I am lazy. Alexis

So instead of ballyhoo I shall describe my day so far, its expectations, rewards and appreciation for all those in my life. I live in the best of places, surrounded by the best of people. It is absolutely amazing!! I am excessively popular – all seem to know my name and greet me with enthusiasm. Every day I meet new people because of my proximity to the pool.
One young man has a birthday today – he shall be 21, is the greatest guy with a younger step brother and great parents. He is apparently going to text me today. When in London I accumulated totally funny greeting cards, Found one that was appropriate (actually in appropriate as you shall see. I do know he will laugh when he gets it. The day began at seven, made tea and toast and Instagrammed. Then it was off to the jacuzzi where I knew I would meet up with Bea – an inspirational woman in many ways. You will hear more about her as our friendship grows. But also met a couple who also moved here in December of 2020. They retain a residence in San Francisco but needed to get away from the criminality, violence and horrible effects of the pandemic. They were so interesting to talk to. Then back to apartment for tidying as WW is coming to clean and organize me. We have the greatest of conversations, we are most different but VERY close, I am one of the family – truly feel so and the feelings are reciprocated. There is a new addition to my charming patio – a chaise lounge purchased and delivered by Crate and Barrel. A fantastic furniture store, blocks away with a delivery system that is awesome. WW will have great ideas about the placement of objects on the patio as well as her uncanny ability to organize me, a miracle in and of itself.

Then later, a fascinating young woman, a pastry chef will be arriving. Plans are not entirely firmed up but dinner is anticipated. I have left over lasagna – so very good – pesto and Alfredo sauce, Very yum. She will do dessert, of course.

So at this moment I shall close off, do some flower arranging, do the wash and start the dishwasher. I am so looking forward to the day. Goodbye Israel, Goodbye Canada. I am proud of taking a stand, broadening the my own horizons and the horizons of my readers. But now is the time for me to look after myself and those close at hand.

The other photo is my chaise lounge with unicorn KING Horney trying it out. He loved it.

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