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As faithful readers may know I uprooted my Marin County self, got a student visa and moved to London in 2014, returning to Canada for a couple of years (2017-2019). The following conversation took place many times during my two year Vancouver stint.
Me: Yes, I applied to graduate school, got a student visa and went to live in London.
They: London Ontario
Me: Goodness NO. Why would I go and live in London, Ontario??? London, England, my dear. London, England.

It is to be remembered that I was not a Muslim when these queries were made. My conversion to the faith took place on October 20, 2020. Now not only would I not wish to live in London, Ontario, because I was going to London, England to seek cultural opportunities and ethnic diversity but I did not know of a large and active Muslim community when the decision was made. Why would I? Following the events of June 6th, 2021 I would be fearful and frightened to live there. These facts were reported by Al Jazeera, a worldwide network owned by Qatar.

Al Jazeera first reported this atrocity that took place on June 6, 2021. “A man allegedly got in his car, saw a Muslim family walking down the street, and made the decision that they do not deserve to live. He did not know them. This is a terrorist attack on Canadian soil and should be treated as such,” said Mustafa Farooq.
The attack is the latest in a string of anti-Muslim violence that has hit communities across Canada. On Jan. 29, 2017, a man opened fire inside a mosque in Quebec City, killing six worshipers and injuring five others. Last September, Mohamed-Aslim Zafis was stabbed to death from behind while seated outside a mosque in Toronto. And earlier this year, young Muslim girls and Black women were the target of several hate-motivated attacks and threats in Calgary and Edmonton.
“We simply cannot add another date. We must confront and stamp out Islamophobia and Islamophobic violence. Not tomorrow — today. For the sake of our children, our families, our communities,” Tahir said.
Boufeldja Benabdallah, co-founder of the Islamic Cultural Centre of Quebec City where the 2017 shooting took place, said it was a reminder that minorities must remain vigilant in Canada.
London, Ont. is home to a large Muslim population with roots that can be traced as far back as 1890.
The London Muslim Mosque, built in 1964, is the first purpose-built mosque in Ontario, second in Canada, and third in North America, according to the London Free Press.
Khamissa said that change was urgently needed so that Muslim families can feel safe and practice their religion freely.
“This is a community that’s been here for years, that have helped build this city, that helped build the city from the ground up,” he said, noting some families have been here for 50 years.
“And they still have to be worried about that when they go for a walk with their family? It means that we have a lot of work still to do as a nation.”
Then this follow up by Al Jazeera appeared.
Police have said Veltman attacked the family “because of their Islamic faith”.
The attack has shaken Muslim communities across Canada, which for years have called for action to address Islamophobia and bigotry, especially following a deadly mass shooting at a mosque in Quebec City in January 2017.
Saboor Khan, a friend of the family, told the Associated Press news agency that upgrading the charges against Veltman was “the right thing to do”.
“The family and the community has been terrorised and many of us are afraid to leave our homes,” Khan said.
The National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM), a national advocacy group, said on Monday that the terrorism charges were “an important development”, but would comment more later.
A funeral for the Alzaal family drew hundreds of mourners to the Islamic Center of Southwest Ontario over the weekend. Thousands of supporters also marched from the location where the family was killed to a mosque 7km (4.4 miles away.

Still, many members of Canada’s Muslim community remain frightened. Selma Tobah, a 31-year-old graduate student who lives in London, told Al Jazeera last week that many community members feel as though “it could have been any one of us.”
Calls for concrete action to root out Islamophobia are growing, as well.

NCCM last week called on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government to host a National Action Summit on Islamophobia “to chart a path forward for Canada in ending violence against Muslims”.”

Miracle of all miracles, Trudeau actually made a stand, lifted his head that has been buried in the sand over the Indigenous atrocities and declared that it was a terrorist attack. Why did he do this, has he had a sudden change of heart and is not compassionate. I very much doubt that a tiger can change his stripes. What does this mean? “The tiger cannot change its stripes. One can’t change one’s essential nature. For example, He’s a conservative, no matter what he says; the leopard cannot change its spots.”

Why is Trudeau making this move? Well it is totally in character with what he has done throughout his entire’ career. He is making the statement to ‘earn’’ Muslim votes – he would do almost anything to get votes. However, that does not mean that he will do anything but make the statement – when it comes time to take action he will even forget that he made a commitment. There is history to this ‘charming’ trait – remember the statement he made about Palestine to win votes from Harper? But then he magically forgot he said anything. I do hope that Canadian Muslims will not be swayed and vote for his sorry rear end. But Muslims are intelligent and rational, so perhaps they will not be influenced by his psychopathic ways. I can say these things with impunity – what is Trudeau going to do to me??? Revoke my Canadian passport and citizenship? I am thinking of doing it anyway Justin. Impunity synonyms are: indemnity, exemption from punishment, freedom from punishment, exemption, nonliability, license; amnesty, dispensation, pardon, reprieve, stay of execution, exoneration; privilege, special treatment, favoritism; French carte blanche. So I am exempt from punishment, have dispensation, a stay of execution and carte blanche to speak truths concerning the character of Justin Trudeau. During my Vancouver days I was famous for saying; So there! So there! So there! I am saying it again.

So there is still a great deal happening in this cruel world. Future blogs will speak of my experiences on Canada Day 2017 and the commendable movement to eliminate the celebration of Canada Day in memory of all of the Indigenous children murdered by the Government of Canada and other religious establishments. This from Google where the question posed was: Who Ran The Residential Schools in Canada: “44 were operated by Roman Catholics; 21 were operated by the Church of England / Anglican Church of Canada; 13 were operated by the United Church of Canada, and 2 were operated by Presbyterians.

Then bad news concerning my other ‘cause’ – Palestine. It does appear that this was one of the shortest cease fires EVER and Israel is back at it again. Utterly predictable, when will they ever learn? That is a song by Pete Seeger, here are the lyrics.

Where have all the flowers gone?
Long time passing.
Where have all the flowers gone?
Long time ago.
Where have all the flowers gone?
The girls have picked them every one.
Oh, When will you ever learn?
Oh, When will you ever learn?
Young girls
They’ve taken husbands every one.
Young men
They’re all in uniform.
They’ve gone to graveyards every one.
They’re covered with flowers every one.
Young girls have picked them every one.

How poignant, how relevant, particularly to the ongoing, never-ending Palestinian horrors. Not possible to link Pete Seeger’s rendition of this poignant song: Just Google it, why do I have to do all the work here?.

But here on the home front CALIFORNIA IS OPEN!!! Yes indeed it is – the announcement was yesterday but most people are still wandering around in face masks spreading misinformation. But it is not my problem. Yesterday was a fabulous day with many pleasant surprises – tune in tomorrow.

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