The Many Rewards of Ramadan; Foresight Defined; A Rewarding Visit with PCP; A Throng of Famous People; Throng Defined; Gold Toes and Fingers; Impunity Defined; A Story of Ramadan Involving a Little Girl and Several Unicorns; A Gift of Ramadan Advice For the Asking; No Smoking Allowed But Done; Photos of a Saskatchewan Poster and a View From My Bed

Believe me, had no idea of what Ramadan would bring, and do admit that I would not have believed it if given foresight. Foresight is the ability to predict or the action of anticipation, planning, forward planning, provision, prescience, circumspection, watchfulness, attentiveness, vigilance, prudence, care, caution, precaution, readiness, preparedness;, discernment, presence of mind, judiciousness, discrimination, perspicacity, vision, awareness, penetration; North American forehandedness. ANTONYMS hindsight. What will happen or be needed in the future, hindsight not present at this moment. Its far-reaching synonyms are as follows: anticipation, planning, forward planning, provision, prescience, circumspection, watchfulness, attentiveness, vigilance, prudence, care, caution, precaution, readiness, far-sightedness preparedness; discernment, presence of mind, judiciousness, discrimination, perspicacity, vision, awareness, penetration;. ANTONYMS hindsight. So have could not have anticipate, had proper prescience, or been far-sighted to predict what fasting for these thirty days would bring. There are now thirteen days remaining; believe this or not, I shall miss the discipline, the sheer determination and sense of accomplishment it brings.

Some consequences were predictable. A trip to Primary Care Physician brought welcome news that I had lost eight pounds and the equally welcoming news that all of my vitals are fine, even great. The appointment gave the wonderful opportunity to chat with PCP, my hero who has meant such a huge difference in my life. We discussed the importance of education for all peoples, but especially women. I spoke to him of my commitment to fund a young woman’s education – tuition and dormitory for four years, a contract was signed to that effect. He was most proud of me – when I do well, it makes him happy – so it is a win-win for both of us. His office is two blocks away, it seems a miracle that our forty-four years together is so attainable last this point. I am not sure if he reads my blog but news of my amazing statistics spread about the office.
Me: My goodness you have a famous patient.
They: Actually we have more than one.
Me: I know! But it is great to join the throng..

Throng can mean a mass, multitude, horde, host, mob, assemblage, gathering, congregation, crush, press, body, band, army, troop, legion, gang, stream, swarm, flock, bevy, herd, pack, drove, array, sea, myriad, pile; knot, cluster, group. My goodness, a horde, a troop, a gang, a flock and a bevy of famous people.

Yesterday was another rewarding day. No longer have hunger pains in the afternoon and my energy seems to be returning. Did a flower arrangement and then walked to a Place for Nails where I obtained gold fingers and toes.
Me: Gold suits me, I am so valuable.
Holly: Of course you are! And all those men appreciate that!
Me: Well, they do not appreciate it enough!

We laughed and laughed as usual. Holly was going to travel to Qatar with me and pick up my leftover men but that trip is off. She was most brave, and so was I. We did, indeed, laugh it off. We were alone and could, therefore, swear with impunity and we did. Now impunity is the perfect word to describe this particular situation. It is the exemption from punishment or freedom from the injurious consequences of an action. In other words: indemnity, exemption from punishment, freedom from punishment, exemption, nonliability, license; amnesty, dispensation, pardon, reprieve, stay of execution, exoneration; privilege, special treatment, favoritism; French carte blanche. So Holly and I had carte blanche, exemption from punishment, amnesty and a stay of execution as there were only the two of us, no critical bystanders or young children around or about.

The weather yesterday was exceptional – a high of seventy-eight at least, sunny with great air quality and no wind. The pool was getting a lot of use. A little girl and her mother walked by and this is how the conversation went.
Me: Look at you. You are going swimming, you must be so happy!
She: I am, I am. I am.
Me: Look at your shirt, there is a unicorn on it. Look I have a unicorn on my patio.
She: Oh you do! What a pretty unicorn!
Me: I have many unicorns. I will get some out of my apartment and show them to you at another time.
She: I love your unicorns.
Me: Well I have even more and I will show them to you. Enjoy your swim my dear!
She was most happy – told them my name and learned the name of the little girl and her mother. Her mother looked at me and said:
She: I love you!

Honest it happened. I walked into my apartment and wept – not tears of sorrow but tears of joy. I did not even know or like unicorns until New Year’s Eve, 2019 when gifted with one from the Royal Family of Qatar. It was huge and inflated but deflated by “My Princess’ to bring home. But them rather tragically, a careless man lost it, he was supposed to inflate it but lost it instead. But I decided to overcome and bought all manner of unicorns and shall continue to do so. Those unicorns brought joy to a little girl. That is such a good and true story. Good did overcome evil, in a way. That is one of the messages of Ramadan as the Qur’an teaches us that evil is no match for good. The tiny speck of evil, the careless man, is overcome by the generosity of the Royal Family, my determination to not dwell on the negative, a little girl’s delight and the expression of her mother. A Ramadan Story in the Making.

A level of peace has been achieved through the observance of Ramadan. I have lost the desire to travel, to live other places. I am most content with where I live and the people that surround me. One cannot ask for more.

A woman with the magic name has given me a gift, She promises to be there for me if I have any questions about Ramadan – all I have to do is text her. This reaching out is such a gift as I am not in contact with other Muslims on a regular basis. A Prince of Qatar was in the room where video chatting with me was was taking place, a few days ago – he was smoking.
Me: You are not supposed to be smoking during Ramadan.
He ignored me. That family needs a strict Granny but I do fear that it is too big a job for me, particularly when I have lost the desire to travel and live in a foreign land.

When this is over for this year, on May 11 I will feel worthy to be a Muslim. A subsequent blog will be humorously titled: To Hajib Or Not to Hajib that is the Question.

Two photographs will accompany this blog. One is humorous, a poster from an hotel in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada – my birthplace. I was there researching for the biography of my Uncle Dave. I travelled on a Greyhound bus from Edmonton to Regina. What was I thinking??? My brother got me a ticket so I could fly back to Edmonton. I shall be forever grateful! The other is the view from my bed. The mirror with a precious high school graduation photo in the corner, a gift and a most welcome one.

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