Alexis McTwit is a Hit on Instagram and With More Than One Man; She is a Classic; Driving a Lexus; Being Followed By More Than One Fazza; The Desperate Plight of Being a Man Magnet; Disillusioned by Qatar: Secrets From the California Blog and Motivation for Writing a Blog; A Tender Message About the Haj: My Incredibly Amazing Most Recent Blog Statistics

This is what a man from Australia said about her: Cheeky Smart Beautiful and With a Great Sense of Humor. You are a TOTAL PACKAGE!!! With many emojis. The man pictured has no shirt on and is very attractive! Too bad he is in Australia and she is in the USA.

Alexis McBride is Alexis McTwist, in all honesty. I guess there are airplanes and I do have a passport – two in fact. A Canadian one and a USA one. I did respond to him.
Me: WOW. Put this comment by you in an upcoming blog! When you are hot, you are hot. When you are not you are cold. It is fall in Australia. So despite the fact that you are hot, you might be cold. Hahahaha
This a recent interchange.
He: Alexis McTwit. You are a classic.
Me: A classic what? Car???? Well there always is a Lexus.
Once ‘My Prince’ was giving me a ride around Doha via a video chat.
Me: What kind of car are you driving?
He: A Lexus
Me: How funny!! You are driving a Lexus when talking to Alexis

I do have such fun and am so happy to be on Instagram because feedback there and not on the blog. New readers may not know this but this blog began for three reasons – one secret. I told the secret one to my high school friend.
Me: Ok here is a secret. I decided to write a blog to make a man fall in love with me.
She: Alexis, you overdid it.
Me: Hahaha LOL and everything. I fear you are right!!!

She does know something of my private life. Now there is this man who has a private account and is following me. It is fazzagram and the picture does look like him. Does not mean it is him but looks like him. What did I do??? Well followed back, I am not stupid! We did meet after all. The real thing and myself and know he did read my blog at least once because he said to me in the lobby of a London hotel.
He: It is me, the Sultan.
Me: I know! I would know those eyes anywhere,
Then I read the Sultan my blog which chronicled out meeting and in which I volunteered to be his London wife. He could have more than one wife, I did not like the heat so in London I would stay.
Me: Oh my goodness! I am blushing! I just proposed to you!
He: You are!!!!
Months later, realized that he had to have read the blog, which had been posted the day before this second meeting. I had flashed the blog on him at the initial encounter. How would he know that I called him the Sultan, if he had not read the blog? . I can be a bit stupid once in a while.

It is now evening and in one hour I can eat. That is good as the furniture is looking yummy, I am that hungry. I wonder if Sultan aka Fazza is fasting – he is a Muslim after all. He has been to Mecca – there is a YouTube showing him there. I have not been to Mecca as yet. Former London Lover said tenderly:
He: I noticed that saudi has said that if you are covid free/vaccinated then you will be able to do the haj. just be careful that the walk is done at a pace that you can cope with
Me: Woke up to the delight of an email from you! Shall respond at length later today but now have to finish up the blog. How sweet that I heard about the possibility of the haj from you coupled with your concern about my walking ability. I am thinking of delaying the trip to Mecca for many, many reasons. So many complications – impossible to explain. I do need a Shakespeare in my life to chronicle its unbelievable events. You are very funny actually but sometimes I am rather dull and do not get the irony. Hell, no one is perfect. Later my dear!

So I guess one could say that I am popular. I always have been a man magnet, strangely enough. A former friend, a psychiatrist who had known me for about fifty years said:
He: You always have been a man magnet Alexis. But you somehow always chose the wrong guy. Men who would put you down, men who were threatened by you. You eventually left the relationship but then turned around and did it again – same MO.
Me: Sadly, you are right!

Guess I am doing a bit better these days – the guys are not threatened by me, stick around on some level even though I reject them, they keep (of late) getting richer and richer. But Australia, the Middle East and the UK??? Not exactly a recipe for success here. And now the field is narrowed as he has to be a Muslim – the man I marry. I suppose there is conversion in some instances and one guy is Muslim. Guess we will have to see what happens. Pretty sure, I shall let you know what is going on as I am not good at secrets. Well I keep other’s secrets but I hate secrets in my own life and blab all over the blog. Now THERE is a title for the upcoming podcast – Blabbing About the Blog. Hmmmmmm.

The day before yesterday I woke to an email from Computer Guru:
He: What an amazing story Alexis! To qualify the bar is no mean feat! Have a nice weekend!
Me: Thank you luv-your congratulations feels SO good! Every day is a weekend for me, particularly during Ramadan which I have begun to be thankful for. Yesterday two calls from those Royals and I do not mean the Windsors. 🤪 hahaha. Tonight a National Theatre Production of Romeo and Juliet on tele. Looking forward to it. It was so lovely waking up to your email. My love to Clare!! Alexis

This was not mentioned in the prior blog, the one about Ramadan being the same as my law school career. There were, perhaps are, to parts to the California Bar Exam. The written essay is one and multiple choice the other. I was probably the only person in all of California history to pass the more difficult essay portion and fail the multiple choice. But back then, it was possible to retake just the portion you failed . So the next February, after taking a course in multiple choice techniques- took the failed portion. It was so easy, it was a breeze. But it was the best thing that every happened to me. I had been a lazy student and had gotten away with it. This taught me respect for the law and from then on I was a master of preparation. I was prepared for every court appearance, my Appeals were written well in advance of their due dates so they could be re examined carefully. I am a woman who learns from her mistakes. Well, most of the time. My history with men is dismal and not much indication that it is getting any better. And I am going to be 76 on my next birthday – decided I would go backward in years. First made that determination when I was 70 but did not follow through – If I had I would be 62 next month. Hahaha

My life has totally changed again. Qatar on lock down, their vaccination rate is downright pathetic. I cannot figure out why as they have so much money and seemingly advanced medical technology. So it is no trip to Qatar in the near future, that is for sure. An intelligent individual, for example, Alexis McBride would wonder what is going on. They MUST get the virus under control before the World Cup in 2022. It is so amusing – a friend on Instagram once lived in Qatar – apparently it is crowded with fast food restaurants as the heat makes cooking at home incredibly difficult. She said that portions of the out of doors are air conditioned. Now that is unbelievable but there is no reason to doubt her veracity.

This is now Sunday morning. Got up early, making and eating breakfast before sunrise. The most wonderful gif awakened me when I looked at my emails. Country and word wide statistics from Computer Guru – with the sweetest comment.
He: Here you go ma’amoiselle, not shabby, I’m sure.

The statistics shall follow. It is actually too much to take in – my reflections will be posted on a later blog. But this question remains – where is Unknown??? Most of my readers are from Unknown.

1 Unknown 88,180
2 United States 12,878
3 Singapore 3,878
4 Canada 3,047
5 France 2,353
6 Germany 2,169
7 United Kingdom 1,406
8 China 1,280
9 Netherlands 757
10 India 643
11 Ukraine 635
12 Russian Federation 617
13 Viet Nam 412
14 Poland 390
15 Indonesia 362
16 Turkey 284
17 Italy 272
18 Sweden 260
19 Japan 246
20 Australia 238
21 Brazil 223
22 Israel 177
23 Hong Kong 172
24 Romania 155
25 Spain 153
26 Iran 148
27 South Africa 141
28 Thailand 112
29 Malaysia 103
30 Korea (the Republic of) 102
31 Ireland 102
32 Bulgaria 77
33 Estonia 68
34 Qatar 67
35 Portugal 57
36 Austria 52
37 Denmark 51
38 Chile 51
39 Switzerland 48
40 Norway 47
41 Honduras 44
42 Hungary 40
43 Serbia 39
44 Argentina 39
45 Taiwan 37
46 Pakistan 34
47 Seychelles 34
48 Bangladesh 33
49 Mexico 31
50 Finland 31
51 Greece 27
52 Slovakia 27
53 Moldova (the Republic of) 27
54 Czech Republic 23
55 Lithuania 23
56 Montenegro 20
57 Philippines 19
58 Cambodia 19
59 Belgium 18
60 Zimbabwe 17
61 United Arab Emirates 15
62 Belarus 15
63 Saudi Arabia 14
64 New Zealand 14
65 Kenya 14
66 Tunisia 13
67 Albania 13
68 Nigeria 13
69 Egypt 12
70 Peru 9
71 Luxembourg 9
72 Kazakhstan 9
73 Panama 9
74 Ecuador 9
75 Puerto Rico 9
76 Colombia 8
77 Azerbaijan 8
78 Sri Lanka 8
79 Armenia 8
80 Croatia 7
81 Latvia 7
82 Nepal 7
83 Saint Pierre and Miquelon 7
84 Cyprus 7
85 Slovenia 6
86 Bahrain 6
87 Algeria 6
88 Georgia 6
89 Uzbekistan 6
90 Malawi 6
91 Morocco 5
92 Ethiopia 5
93 Iraq 4
94 Bosnia and Herzegovina 4
95 Kyrgyzstan 4
96 Belize 4
97 Macedonia (the former Yugoslav Republic of) 3
98 Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of 3
99 Mali 3
100 Lao People’s Democratic Republic 3
101 Iceland 3
102 Tanzania, United Republic of 3
103 Syrian Arab Republic 3
104 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 2
105 Jordan 2
106 Bahamas 2
107 Bhutan 2
108 Bermuda 2
109 Mongolia 2
110 Bolivia, Plurinational State of 1
111 Ghana 1
112 Jamaica 1
113 Fiji 1
114 Palestine, State of 1
115 Costa Rica 1
116 Uganda 1
117 French Afars and Issas 1
118 Guatemala 1
119 Cape Verde 1
120 Gabon 1
121 New Caledonia 1
122 Dominica 1
123 Guam 1
124 Myanmar 1
125 Somalia 1
126 Curaçao 1
127 Monaco 1
128 Oman 1
129 Sudan 1
130 Uruguay 1
131 Cameroon 1
132 Suriname 1
133 Zambia 1
134 Brunei Darussalam 1

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