Ramadan is Like Law School to Me; Surviving Ramadan Analogy Defined; Food as Fuel; Three Photographs Showing My Queenly Bed; A Mirror and My Sleeping Companion

Some folks think that I had a burning ambition to be a lawyer. Nope. Here is how it came about, at the ripe old age of 36, in In my travels as a Marin County probation officer I met a San Anselmo police officer who was going to law school at night. I thought, hmmmm, if he can do it – I can do it! So I made a deal with myself.
Me: Alexis. Take the LSAT, if you pass enroll in school
So I passed and so applied to San Francisco Law School, which at the time was located in the ghetto. I only applied to this school, the one my cop went to. Then another conversation with myself.
Me: Go for a year – see if you pass. Then decide if you want to go on.
So I went for a year, did pass and then another conversation.
Me: Ok do second year, If you pass then maybe go to third year.
I passed second year and then came third year. At the end of third year, a different conversation.
Me: OK I came this far, guess I gotta finish this up.
So finished and graduated law school. But now another obstacle loomed, the impossible California bar exam.
Me: Ok, take the bar exam and if you pass, then think about being a lawyer, If not, you are happy being a probation officer.

Well, I passed and there I was, a lawyer. I did private practice for awhile but then was able to score a fantastic job working In Marin County Counsel’s Office. All of the years in the probation department worked toward my retirement which is why I have a very substantial retirement income and do not have to worry about money. Magic!!!!

How is this the same as Ramadan? This is not easy, believe me, it is not. But each hour I put in every day and each day that passes it reaches the point that it is mandatory. Even causal acquaintances say.
They: Alexis, you are going to make it! I know you will!
Me: Thanks for your vote of confidence. It means a great deal to me.

Life is not perfect. At sunset other Muslims, after prayer, get together and eat massive amounts of yummy food, get together have a great time. It sounds unbelievable but is true, received a video chat from a member of the Royal Family of Qatar. Hordes of Royalty were outside, eating the most magnificent food you have ever seen!! It was arrayed on a beautiful rug. There is a ten hour difference in Doha, so it was not that painful but it does show how things should be done.
But what about me??? Well, little old me eats alone on food prepared by little old me. Advantage? I am certain to loose weight as the food is fine and healthy but not that appetizing. So it is going to work.

But the problem continues. When Ramadan is completed there are enormous feasts, Muslims party hardy. But, even if, invited to Doha to celebrate I could not go because Muslims cannot travel during Ramadan. Alexis McBride is not a victim therefore she is planning a party of her own – a barbecue . Conveniently, there is a barbecue a few feet away and one on the roof. AAA and I visited the roof yesterday – it would be very, very fun. So we are planning a Ramadan feast. In attendance will be one Muslim (me), several Vietnamese and possibly one person from China. Not a typical Muslim collection of people, that is for sure. I now know the whereabouts of Halal meat in Marin. AAA and I will go on a shopping expedition. How many days to go?. Well, that is a bit depressing, twenty days and still counting. But it does mean that I have been doing this for ten days. Why would I let those ten days go to waste???? So you can see why the the analogy to law school. So here we come with the analogy synonyms: similarity, parallel, parallelism, correspondence, likeness, resemblance, correlation, relation, kinship, equivalence, similitude, symmetry, homology. ANTONYMS dissimilarity. There is resemblance, correlation, parallelism and similitude between my experiences in law school and with my experience and determination during Ramadan Fasting, as has been shown.

This Ramadan fasting has altered my perceptive and senses in so many ways. I see food, at this moment, as fuel – something akin to gas for the car. You put the food in so that your body can function. Now I may go back to my consumptive days – we shall see. It is perfectly fine to eat for pleasure but we humble folk, we woman, have to spend a lot of time cooking – usually for the guys. For example – when one breaks the fast during Ramadan, the men go to the mosque to pray – leaving the women at home cooking their little hearts out. The men return, then sit down for a huge repast. Now this is not just an ordinary meal but a feast, banquet, spread, nosh, nosh-up. If one is a member of the Royal Family of Qatar, for example, and you are a woman, it is most likely that the Queens and Princesses are not cooking while the men are in prayer. So it seems only logical, that if one weds, it would be best to be in that group of people, not a woman in a non Muslim country, like the USA, for example. What is that saying? It is just as easy to love rich man as it is to love a poor one. I did, as is my habit, Google this to learn: The book confirms what mothers have been telling their daughters for generations: “Girls are told at their mother’s knee: “It’s just as easy to love a rich man as a poor man.” Or, “No Romance without Finance.” And, “Marry the one you can live with, not the one you can’t live without.” It is said in another way:” It’s something people say when they want someone to marry someone wealthy. They’re saying that there’s no reason to marry a poor man if you can just as easily fall in love with a rich man.”
This is hysterically funny and the truth. The last quote came from a site where there is a flashing ad: Millionaire Dating Site, it says. It says it is an online dating site for people who finding millionaire dating services. Huh?? What millionaire wants to date, much less marry a woman who wants his money. As a wise woman at the Presidio YMCA said to me, hearing about the attention I have received from not just multimillionaires, but multibillionaires.
She: The reason they are so attracted to you is that you do not want anything from them.
Me: That is SO true. I do not want or need their money. I live within my means, always have and always will. I do not actually know what I would do with more money as all of my needs are being met – by me. It gives me self esteem and self respect. I do remember what one man said to me.
He: Alexis, I am so impressed! You love me for me – not for my money or my status or anything. It is such a relief!
Me: That is very true. I have enough money and enough status on my own. I do not need yours.

Two photographs show my now Queenly bed. Kind Man placed the mirror upon the door of my walk in closet and attached a lace curtain to the four poster bed. I purchased the four poster bed in Santa Fe, many, many years ago and had it shipped along with my rocking horse that now sits upon my patio. So self esteem and self respect came my way as I bought a Queenly bed with my own bucks. Another photograph shows my bed mate. My cuddly unicorn. Who needs men???? Not me. Exemptions are good men, for example Kind Man but not bed partners which is forbidden by the Islamic faith unless I am married to a Muslim man. I am not married – well not yet. Hahaha.

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