A New Discovery; Old Text Message Discovered; Aspect Defined; Bertie Baby; Presumptous Defined With Ample Illustrations; Me Not Looking Cute; Imaginary Conversation with Deceased Mother; Jumper Not the Same Thing in the UK and Canada

Somewhere and somehow, I had read the words to be said when one breaks one’s fast. There are many words, of course, Arabic ones, but herein is the English version: “Oh Allah! I have fasted for You and I am breaking my fast with the food You have provided” PHEW. I am getting this correct!

Did send an email to CPI who is not well and is bed-ridden. The subject line was: My Life Is Beginning to Resemble Yours.
Me. Well Ramadan fasting has done me in! I have been in bed all day – no energy whatsoever and this is only day four. Well not quite resemble yours I guess – wrote two blogs (over one thousand each), Instagrammed probably 30 people, had one phone call from Qatar, changed my profile on Instagram, heard from CP, missed a call but got a text, texted AAA and her aunt, Sent an email to former London lover discussing Uncle Dave book. Sent a wife transfer to Computer Guru in the UK. I did get out of bed in early morning to tidy up the apartment. Took pictures for blog as well. No idea what is going on with CP or IF he is CP. He says he wants to marry me but I have to go to Dubai.. I said I am not playing hard to get, I am impossible to get. He replied: that is funny. It might be possible to divide oneself in two pieces (here and Qatar) but not three. I do guess that he is acting like a typical man. They always want what they cannot have. But who knows if it is really he or someone impersonating him who cares?
Sent him a photo of my face painted Qatar flag. If it is him, think of the torture. Looked into air fare for Qatar – might be able to use frequent flier miles. How very interesting. There are actually many flights a day – British Airways also fly but why not go with Qatar Airways – they are a partner. So I guess my life does not resemble yours. Hahaha.

More Ramadan reading brought forth the fact that some people do stop watching television and other forms of entertainment. My personal determination is to stop watching the news, in any form. I am a fan of PBS News Hour and Christina Amanpour (who is 63) but do not want to get caught up in the tragedies of this existence and instead focus on the faith. It makes perfect sense to me.

Both the Obamas and the Vice President are on Instagram. The Vice President announced that the Japanese Prime Minister was visiting, the first foreign leader. I made a comment:
Me: That is a very good idea to have Japan on our side. Remember World War Two and the internment camps? Did not get a response – wonder if I will? Extremely doubtful, do think that using Instagram to promote any political agenda is wrong. But who am I to say? Alexis McBride.

Found this exchange amongst my text messages, an exchange dated December 2019.
First there was an apology for a no show on the person’s part, I respond that I cannot quite believe all of this , but the texting goes on.
Me: Oh well, I will continue on my day with my imaginary friend. At least she will show up. Hahaha
He/She: And she probably feels a lot better than you real friend so have a f**king good time.
Me: But she does not drink so I will have to drink alone. Hahahaha I am so laughing. My life is improbable . More than even the blog shows.
He/She: If you go to the Rotunda you won’t be alone for long you man magnet. Your hahaha are making me feel a little better, at least mentally. Old proverb: An improbable life is an adventurous and fulfilled one.
Me: You are right!! I shall sit at the bar of the Rotunda and men will come flocking! Are you up to a chat on the phone? I shall reveal my secret.
He?She: Ok, call me
Me: I shall

But here is the even stranger, more bizarre aspect. Here are some synonyms for aspect: look, air, bearing, cast, manner, mien, demeanor, deportment, expression, countenance, features, semblance, guise, impression, effect; atmosphere, mood, quality, ambience, feeling, flavor..So the bizarre quality, guise and countenance is that I have NO idea whatsoever who it is or was; nor can what the big secret was Did try to ‘reach’ out recently by sending a text to the 415 number saying that I was going over old texts and was back in Marin, No response was forthcoming. . Most interesting. Did try to Google the proverb but was not successful but did find this. “A life without adventure is likely to be unsatisfying, but a life in which adventure is allowed to take whatever form it will, is sure to be short.” The author was Bertrand Russell, Well Bertrand, Baby, you got it wrong. I am 78 (almost) and still going strong. Besides Bertrand, Baby when one is a Muslim and you behave yourself, life does go on forever.

A bit hazy about Bertrand Russell, I applied the wonders of Google to learn more of him. Now I am perfectly clear, another discovery. Considering he was aristocracy and all of his titles and awards, it was a bit presumptuous of me to call him Bertrand Baby. What is presumptuous?
It is defined: of a person or their behavior) failing to observe the limits of what is permitted or appropriate. Its synonyms made me feel even worse about myself: arrogant, egotistical, overbold, bold, audacious, pert, forward, familiar, impertinent, fresh, free, insolent, impudent, cocksure; cheeky, rude, impolite, uncivil, bumptious; hasty, premature, previous, precipitate, impetuous; informal cocky; North American informal sassy. ANTONYMS timid, unassuming.

I have definitely been called sassy before and did write to (then) multibillionaire Joo Kim Tiah about the benefits of sass when I volunteered to be the General of Sass (if memory serves me correctly). Moreover, I was not exactly unassuming when, last week (I do believe) met the Crown Prince of Qatar (via video chat) at a family gathering. At first, the conversation was as follows.
Me: Hello, I am pleased to meet you.
But then did realize my error.
Me: Oh, I apologize, you are Royalty. Your Highness.
Bowing my head reverently. He was not actually paying attention to an iPhone being thrust at him by My Princess, she is a relative of his but cannot recall their exact relationship. She is perhaps a niece. Faithful readers will recall that when this ‘meeting’ took place I was nude, but was covered with the quilt my mother made me years ago. I am sure she would laugh, but say:
She: Did he admire the quilt?
Me: No Mother.. But it was because he was distracted. He was going to give a speech in Arabic and he seemed preoccupied.
She: Well maybe he will get another chance to see it.
Me: I hope not!

If ever I see him again, either through a video chat or in person I would be certain to be clothed. If the meeting took place in Qatar I would be wearing an hijab and most probably a face mask (one of my nineteen).

The photograph attached to this blog is another framed picture, hung by Kind Man the other day. The three individuals are my grandmother, me, and my mother, I am the one in the middle, It should comfort all to see that I was not always cute. My mother made the ‘jumper’ for me – in the UK jumper is a sweater but this was Canada where a jumper is something you wear with a blouse or a sweater underneath, a very clever idea. Translations and the blog are provided free. You get what you pay for..

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