A Weird Life Gets Even Weirder.Weird as Noun and Adjective Defined; Computer Guru Announces that He is a Man; Back in Touch With My Princess; Shekh Hamden Seeking Me Out; Video Conversation With Qatar in the Nude But Covered Up; A Poem by Fazza; Photo of a Microphone Box

I do suppose it would be helpful to begin blog with a definition of weird. So it is very interesting but one definition – a noun archaic, mainly Scottish is a person’s destiny. Recently been reflecting upon what my destiny might be as everything is a bit strange. But used as an adjective weird is more in keeping with my existence, with the following synonyms: offbeat, quirky, outlandish, eccentric, unconventional, unorthodox, idiosyncratic, surreal, crazy, absurd, grotesque, peculiar, odd, curious, strange, queer, cranky, freakish, insane, zany, madcap, off-centre, far out, alternative; outré; wacky, freaky, way-out; wacko, off the wall, in left field, bizarro. Used in a sentence. Some people have a weird sense of humour.

But do let us begin with a rather usual email interchange which took place with Computer Guru Chris who has just moved from London to Somerset (I think)
Me: I would hate to be you today!
He: ha, it was a pain but we are in, in in! My hands still hurt but I now have. a garden, a garage, a studio, a utility room and my own washing machine, fridge and dishwasher!
Today I AM A MAN! Love, Us..XX
Me: I am laughing like a fool!!! I MUST quote you on the bloody blog. So when I come to visit will I stay in the utility room as I am so useful????? ? Love back !!!! Alexis

Now that is rather amusing but not really bizarro, far out, wacko or off the wall but it shall now get a bit unorthodox. Yesterday heard from a young woman whom I met in London in 2020. She was fourteen then, now she is sixteen. She, her half-brother and I formed a very close bond, it was most unusual. She and I have been out of touch for awhile. She is a Qatar Princess, the daughter of the Emir of Qatar. We had a misunderstanding a few months ago. I had posted a picture of us on the blog without saying who she was. She wrote and said her father did not approve of that, so I had Chris immediately removed the photograph. But I took it to mean that the Emir did not want mention, at all of his children on my blog. So I stopped.
She: No you can mention me but not my picture.
Me: OK! But what shall I call you?
She: You can call me a Qatar Princess.
Me: OK I will and will write about you.
But I do think that instead I shall call her My Princess. She will be pleased I think.

We had a great chat aided by video. She is extremely beautiful and is most excited that I am making tentative travel plans to visit Doha. (in July perhaps). It should be most safe to travel by then. She wants me to come and stay in her palace – well, not just hers, she shares it with her mother and some siblings. I met her mother, who is the third wife of the Emir when I was in London. Her youngest son asked me to hug his mother and kiss her cheek. It was in the hotel lobby – I did and she just beamed. Then I nose bumped a very handsome man but later learned that nose bumping is not done between a man and a woman. I apologized to his wife – also a Qatar Princess a couple of months ago when they sent me the video and I found out who the handsome young man nose bumping man was and then saying that it was heaven. Well, it was in a way. Now I could never do it because I am a Muslim woman and an old one at that.

Next a request through Pinterest – a man saying that he is Sheikh Hamden wants to have a private conversation with me. Who is he? Well, perhaps the Sultan, the Crown Prince of Dubai aka Fazza who I also met while in London, In the same hotel but a month or so earlier. Dubai and Qatar do not exactly get along together – what with the blockade and all. But blockade has been lifted – about a couple of months ago. So gave him my WhatsApp connection and we shall see what happens.

AAA was with me when all of this was going on as she is my Administrative Assistant and she helps with my rusty computer skills. She is a treasure, texted her mother and told her so.
Me: Your daughter is SO precious – the best thing that happened to me my whole life.
Well she and the occasional Prince or two. Hahahaha
She: Thank you! I hope she is useful for your needs.
Me: She is, above and beyond, my wildest expectations.
She: Love to hear.
Then some discussion about my old computer which shall be fixed and then be given to her son.
She: Thank you for always thinking of us. U r soooooo Kind.
Me: You are SO kind to me.

AAA is going to help me with my podcast which shall be coming out soon. I am following Chris’ directions by downloading and using GarageBand. AAA went to Best Buy and purchased a microphone. It is so exciting but could not do it without AAA’s in-home help.
Also thinking of getting back on Instagram. If you have got it – flaunt it.

A rather typical morning this morning. Healthy breakfast of egg bites and avocado. Did some flower arranging, started to read a lengthly New Yorker article but decided that a bubble bath was in order. Bubble bath with rubber Duckie. Got out of the bathtub but got under the covers of my bed as it was cold. Then my iPhone rang. Who was it? Qatar call initiated by My Princess. It was a huge family gathering – so many people. A very handsome man was introduced to me – he was apparently the Crown Prince of Qatar.
Me: Hello! Oh, excuse me, you are Royalty. Your Royal Highness, I am honoured to meet you. .

He is Royalty after all but here I am naked (under the covers) meeting the Crown Prince of Qatar. So many were there – sisters of the Princess, the Queen (third wife of the Emir) and a woman dressed in black. My Princess said that she was a nun – so it is possible to be a Muslim nun. I have not heard of that before. Perhaps I shall be a Muslim nun – cannot have sex outside of marriage and since I am not that eager to marry again. Why not???? Shall check into it.

The Qatar Kids, as I affectionately call them, can be a bit bratty. When I mentioned in the beginning of the conversation, that I had no clothes on, this was the response.
He: Can I see your body?
Me: Absolutely NOT.

Then later sent a text to AAA telling her of this.
She: HAH he’s bold!
Me: Definitely

Attached to this blog is a photo and poem that was posted about sixteen months ago. It is the Sultan, aka Fazza, aka the Crown Prince of Dubai. It says:
My Love is on the sky now where the infinite beauty exist. May Allah protect you wherever you are no matter in the air or on the land.
Then there are words in the Arabic language, most probably a translation of the English. So it is more than a bit surreal and curious that a man who calls himself Sheikh Hamden should be, in a way, courting me. Stay tuned.

The poem and photo of him on a plane appeared on his Fazza network at a time when I was flying, on Air Emeritus. I responded:
Me: You own the airlines, why are you praying to Allah? Instead you should just be sure to hire a competent mechanic.

The other photograph is the microphone purchased by AAA, it and the downloaded GarageBand will allow a podcast. I am not sure what it should be called – perhaps I should hold a contest. Instead, perhaps speak with Computer Guru Chris that thought of calling the blog alexismcbride.com which just so happens to be by name. Hahahahah

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