A Wonderful Surprise Just When Needed; Disappointment Defined; Goose That Laid a Golden Egg; Return of Two Absentees in My Life; Statistics Again; Again Mind Boggling; CPI Has Oxygen Tank at Her Side; Cousin Makes Mac and Cheese; The Make Up Competition

Yesterday evening a much needed and most welcome surprise. A knock on my door after sunset and whom did I find on my doorstep? The seven year old treasure, a nearby neighbour. For many reasons had not seen her in awhile.
She: I have missed you! I came to see you and get a hug!
Me: Oh my goodness! What a great surprise! I sorely need a hug and so happy to give and get one.
She: Thanks, See you tomorrow!
Me: Looking forward to it!

A hug was needed by my as suffered a major disappointment which had been coming for a long time but culminated in an angry exchange. Believe this or not, not on my part. I do have the ability to lose my temper, very dramatically, but had decided not to and did keep control. What is a Disappointment has a strong definition: sadness or displeasure caused by the non-fulfilment of one’s hopes or expectations. Rather powerful synonyms as well: let-down, non-event, anticlimax; misfortune, setback, blow, reversal, stroke of bad luck, body blow, one in the eye; fiasco, disaster, catastrophe, mess, debacle; damp squib; flop, dud, washout, non-starter, lead balloon. Yes, a setback, perhaps a debacle, or a lead balloon. But awoke determined to put it all behind me and look at the experience as having a cancer removed from my life. Definitely a hug from a seven year old neighbour helped. I took a rather lovely picture of her, her face warned by the flames of the communal fire pit but it shan’t be splashed over the blog as the privacy of others is protected, particularly children.

There was a fascinating program on Channel 9 (my favourite) entitled Diana about the late Princess of Wales. An interesting phrase emerged – that her death was the killing of the goose that laid the golden egg. There is evidence that a certain family regarded me as the goose that laid the golden egg but I have gone missing from their lives, it does appear.

But again on the bright side, yesterday found the reappearance of two people in my life. One who lives in Qatar whose identity must be protected – an oral text message:
Voice: I miss you! Sorry to not be in touch. How are you?.
Me: I have missed you too. I am doing really well and am most happy. Are you my dear?

Then I included a photograph of me in my pyjamas informing that it was morning in Marin. The day before that a terrible tiredness had struck and stayed in my pyjamas, basically in bed all day. Texted my cousin.
She: What has made you so tired? I have done little of anything but have started a big batch of Mac and cheese for freezer.
She sent a photograph – it looked so delicious and nutritious! She sent the recipe. I must try it some day.

Then a very welcome email arrived yesterday morning from CPI – my high school and Uni friend who has been quite ill for some time.
She: So sorry to be so long – both ok and not ok but trying to be better. Another bout of hospitalization intervened and I am sharing my humble couch with an oxygen tank. . This is getting tiresome. A new Vietnamese family??? I must catch up! Many tanks of love.
Me: OMG. So happy to hear from you!! Sharing bed with oxygen tank – I would prefer a man personally but cannot because of faith.
Then described the composition of my Vietnamese family.and other events including the Qatar connections.
Me: So life is full, but hearing from you is like the icing on the cake and the decoration. Princesses of love and Princes of hugs. A.

The last blog promised photographs of a made up me by two teenagers. One ‘homegrown’ AAA. She is most expert.
Me: You are so good at this! How did you get this way.
She: Practice.

Me; That is so smart and so true. The only way one gets good at things is by practice. As the saying goes: Practice Makes Perfect.

Later I emailed her.
Me: Make up worked! He told me he loved me. Honest!
She: Oh my gosh!!

Told her the gory details when I saw her – she gave me a ride to the dentist. Teeth still not cleaned as the dental hygienist was pregnant and could not administer the laughing gas.
Me: Oh well! I guess we will have to postpone this yet again. Then later in an email to PDIHS:
Me: Dentist again. Still no nitrous. Appointment rescheduled again. Honest. I am SO stubborn sometimes. The dentist office just laugh and laughs. They ok.

So here are the pictures and the competition. Who wins – AAA or the Princess of Qatar? The Qatar Princess applied the make up when I was in London in January of 2020. AAA’s application was much more recent.

I asked Chris for my statistics again and they are attached. I am not sure why I asked – he was not able to do the statistics by country at the time. But it still boggles the mind – totally! In one day over 300 visits. What?????

AAA has connected all of my devices including my new gold computer, but did this blog on the old one – no idea why. AAA’s mother comes in an hour to help clean my apartment so must first clean it up so she does not know what a slob I am. Hahaha. Mother texted recently
She: Thanks be to God to bring us together as a small family.
Me: We may be joined by another so it will grow. I actually know that Allah gave me your family.

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