It’s Been a Year; Recent Revealing Conversations With Computer Guru, Holly, Kim ; History of the Relationship Between Computer Guru and Alexis; He Did Save Me From a Year of the Pandemic; Becoming Americanized; Fantastic Vacation Plans to Hawaii for My Birthday; A Man Said He Loved Me (Identity Unknown to You, Not Me)

Computer Guru Chris and I exchanged amusing emails. The most recent one began with the transmission of picture of the Baby Piglet Puppet Book
Me: Now THIS is cute.
He: Agreed c.
This is amusing because quite often when sending photographs of me (in all my glory) it is accompanied by this statement
Me: Cute eh?
Cannot recall at this moment getting an answer that said” “Agreed”

But this exchange was even funnier. I do believe that it was March 13, 2021 but two identical blogs were posted, it was my fault – or to be more exact, my computer’s fault.
Me: You posted the same blog twice but it was because I sent it twice. Sorry for confusing you. You do have the one that is hot off the presses and more timely.
He: Gosh, that’s a first, that’s what happens when I post drunk :/
Me: Don’t you always???? Hahahah Share with Clare. She won’t laugh because so true. Send back funny response and it will go on blog. I promise! You need time off with the move? Moving such a pain – I now have a fantastic housecleaner and my AAA but it has been hell these past months.
He: She didn’t laugh but she was drunk too so I won’t feel bad.
After some too-ing and fro-ing it looks like we are moving out on March 30th, should get confirmation in the next day or so, its been stressful waiting around and depending on nebulous entities beyond our control but its happening and that’s the exciting bit. Ive done most of the packing so its just moving the boxes from A to B and the fun bit is setting up the other end! Oh, I don’t need a holiday don’t worry, the only downtime I might have is if BT screw up the broadband switch
Me: You are so consistently fantastic that it is amazing and you are not even a Muslim. I am laughing! I have never in my whole life as a person lived in such a clean and tidy apartment (or house) due to fab new house cleaner! It is fit for a queen- well I am one – Ayla the Muslim name. I cannot marry the Prince come to think of it – it would be a step down. So it is some King or nothing! Hahaha 🤣 Got to put some of the interchange on the blog. Some – not all. Hahahah

Now this is the truly amazing part which could be revealed by reading About Mr or the Introduction In Contemplation and In Conversation: Companionship at the Tate Britain (my self published book)., but you will get a shortened version here and now. I first hired Chris to do the formatting and Photo Shopping etc on the book in 2016. On a whim, asked him if it was easy to set up a blog. “Super Easy” said he so two days later I owned Knowing I needed reliable technical and emotional support I kept him on board despite the move to Canada and then the USA. I would not be able to do this without him. The amazing thing is that we have not spent hardly any time with one another – a rather drunken repast at the Rex Whistler with he and wife Clare and then, the next year a walk in Battersea Park with Clare, her mother and a dog or two (not theirs). We are amazed at the success of this undertaking – the most eloquent and touching words were spoken by Chris at the Rex Whistler, after the consumption of some fine wine.
Chris: I pave the road, you drive the car.
Me: What a perfect description of our working relationship.
The funny thing about that evening was the next day, when speaking with Sir Randall, the boss of the Rex Whistler.
He: Do you know how many bottles of wine you purchased last night. Six (6)
Me: (indignantly) Well, I was not eating alone! There were two other people with me!

Those were in the preMuslim days. I do have a wine exemption to the Muslim prohibition against alcohol consumption, but it may be spelled whine. Hahahaha

March 15, 2012 was the San Francisco Bay Area’a first anniversary of the beginning of the Shut Down. Looking back at that dreadful year, I can see that Chris was instrumental in my ‘staying alive”. I was totally isolated until my move to Marin on December 1, 2021, personal continuing contact with only one person, Personal Driver. But, in retrospect, my daily blogging kept me connected to reality, gave me a measure of hope, led me to research and thus be informed about the virus and the pandemic. I was determined to not spread horror and to be informative and encouraging to all who read me. Almost every day success was reached – there was admittedly some anger focused upon Trump, upon ignorant public health officials and others, such as the Mayor of San Francisco and, of course, Gavin the Governor whose Recall Petition is scheduled for today. Did my part to bring him down – pray it is successful as he has the markings of Trump and Gavin the Governor has presidential aspirations. Would suspect that the recall petition, even if unsuccessful, should nip his hopes for high office in the bud.

As all that read me, over time, can see that I am becoming most Americanized – do follow the events of the world to some degree, however, my preoccupation with the Middle East has faded, my involvement with the land of my birth, Canada has similarly waned, am not fascinated any longer with Alix Residences, located in Malaysia (it was most certainly named for me – Google it, should you wish. Do not necessarily invest in the property as it is highly doubtful that it will be built. Perhaps I should marry a man with money who would complete it on my behalf. Hmmmmm. Now THAT would be a story, perhaps I could write it. Hahahaha It is rather uplifting to be focusing on these rather Not Awfully United States. The reason, of course, is President Biden who is doing a superb job. I am entirely supportive of everything he has done – well except for his failure to punish the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia but Congress is mobilizing itself to impose appropriate sanctions and cease arm sales to the man who is responsible for the drastic situation in Yemen.

Two amazingly wonderful USA events happened over the past couple of days. First, an invitation to visit Hawaii – yes, indeed. This is how it came about. During those bleak days living in Vancouver (2017-2019) , there was a bright spot, a saving grace. She was my personal trainer at the YWCA – she is a genius, negating my sciatic pain with her regime of exercises and, perhaps more (on a personal level) cheering and sharing our hatred of Vancouver. We left at almost the same time. She to Hawaii, me to San Francisco (and then to Marin). We lost touch over the breach of our physical contact but somewhat stayed in touch. I texted her recently and this is what happening, it is exciting. I can now travel as I celebrated my two week from second jab on March 11, 2021. The Manager of this complex (BAM) recently returned from a trip to Hawaii, as he spoke about it, thought that might be great. Sounded like a good idea, texted my friend and BINGO!! Here are the plans. Travel to Hawaii – land on the Main Land – get in a small plane and go to the tiny island where she and her husband live. Then she shall train me for at least a week so I will get back in shape – that pandemic has done me in. It seems a brilliant idea to treat myself to this rewarding and rehabilitating experience at the time of my 78th birthday. It will be my best birthday EVER! She does, by the way, import people to train in Hawaii – three people are coming for a month from Vancouver. Do we pay for her services – well I guess so! Is it worth it – of course! I shall certainly reveal her name but only with her permission.

The second fabulous gift received over the past two days was that a man told me that he loved me and he started it. He said it first.
He: I love you!
Me: Oh my goodness. I love you TOO!

Well, it is complicated and I shall not give any of you any clues as to whom it might be. But do let me say this – it is not romantic love. We shall not marry and as I am a Muslim woman we shall not have a sexual relationship. He is young – bad at math but could be my grandson (according to age and he does not look like me). Was it a surprise, this declaration? Yes, it was! I was gob smacked, calmly walked to my apartment and needed to tell someone, so I called Kim, my precious hair stylist (and more, of course).
Me: This man said he loved me.
She: No REALLY???
Me: Yes, will see you later and bring you back your bowl.

She had given me food, Vietnamese food from her family, it was salmon and therefore allowable under the faith. Then to see Holly to get a manicure and a pedicure. She is the woman who yelled BINGO when I spoke of a possible choice of husband. We talked about the new guy, said that it would never lead to marriage but it would make my life enjoyable and so would stay here.
Me: So not so much money but I make enough money for rent and to come and see you every two weeks and have great nails and toes.
She: Bingo!!!!

Tomorrow, or the next, you shall see pictures – two. Make up by AAA and make up by a Princess of the Royal Family of Qatar. You decide, but the conclusion is obvious. AAA will get the prize,

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