Feeling Most Special; Freedom is Just Around the Corner; The Good News From CDC; Still Some Restrictions However; Thursday the Big Day Facing It With Clean Teeth and Great Hair; Finding An Amazing Book of Sale; Computer Guru Going to Become Wizzy, Wazzy, Jazzy; Photo of Me in Nearby Gym and Photo of Future Most Youthful Husband

For Oh So Many Reasons, I feel most special. Here is, at the moment, the most precious reason, – at this point in time 9% of the population in these United States have received two doses of the vaccine – and I am one of the 9%. I guess it goes to show that getting old is not such a bad thing as it is my age that places me within the ranks of the 9%. That is not the only factor of course – being attentive, immediately responding to an email that announced the arrival of the vaccine, having the transportation and ability to drive an hour to Santa Rosa for the first jab and the transportation and handsome driver to go and get the second jab. And having the fortitude and bravery to admit that I was wrong and return to the United States after a stint in Canada. But nonetheless here am I living in a wonderful community with all of the advantages of an assisted living facility and none of the disadvantages. Well, for some reason the pool is temporarily closed but that is not a problem as it is cold out anyway. The gym, also a few steps away, is open for solitary pursuits. A photograph of me in the gym will be included to prove that I am not just hot air – that I do tell the truth. The gym is well equipped and so well maintained and spotless. Not really fond of gyms but no excuse and there is not the distraction of ridiculously muscled hunks hurling weights about and grunting which is not a pretty sight nor a melodious sound.

But here is the latest and greatest news. “WASHINGTON (SBG) – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced new guidelines yesterday for those who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Dr. Zachary Jenkins, associate professor of pharmacy practice at Cedarville University, joined The National Desk to break down these new CDC guidelines.Full vaccination “all comes down to a two week period after completion of a vaccine regimen,” said Dr. Jenkins to The National Desk’s Jan Jeffcoat. For the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, that’s two weeks after your second dose, and with the single-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine, it is two weeks after the single dose regimen, according to Dr. Jenkins.
According to the CDC, those who are fully vaccinated can now gather indoors with other fully vaccinated people without masks, can gather indoors with low-risk unvaccinated people from one other household, and do not need to quarantine or get tested after coming into contact with someone with COVID-19.“The studies have shown we were protected from severe disease and hospitalization when we do receive these vaccines, but there’s some data that’s starting to come out that’s actually showing it does decrease transmission,” said Dr. Jenkins. “These guidelines are really kind of a way of opening things up for people that have been vaccinated because of that decrease in transmission”

Life is not a complete bowl of cherries, there are some restrictions. There are some measures that fully vaccinated individuals should continue to practice.“These vaccines do not protect everyone 100%,” said Dr. Jenkins. “They’re suggesting right now that we do at least in large gatherings and big public places, try to do social distancing, try to use masks, avoid gatherings with more than one household.”

A television alert said that travel was possible but not ‘long trips’ – so no Mecca for me as yet as that it a long trip but it is within the realm of possibilities in the somewhat near future. I am being slightly premature as Thursday is the big day and this is only Tuesday (as I write). I could just stay in and in bed until Thursday but blow dry appointment and dentist appointment looms so I shall be up and about. But Thursday shall find me with clean teeth and great hair. Hey – guess I could go on a man hunt – find a Muslim man who had been vaccinated and we could do something or another with no face mask. Hmmmmmmmm. The search, temporarily abandoned, can be put back on track. I am joking, somewhat. The longer one goes without a man the easier it gets to live in a single, solitary state.

Something extraordinary happened just the other day. Walked to visit nearby Kim on Saturday, then happened by Book Passages, pursuing the On Sale books outside the door. Peruse, of course has synonyms: study, scrutinize, inspect, examine, wade through, look through; browse through, leaf through, scan, run one’s eye over, glance through, flick through, skim through, thumb through, dip into. So I waded though, sliced through and dipped into the On Sale Books and found a treasure – on sale no less. It was Muslims of the World: Portraits and Stories. It is a thoroughly fascinating book telling the story of people across the world finding the Islamic faith. Some of the men pictured are most handsome, and they are Muslims. This perhaps could be the open book to the husband. Laughingly took it to Andy’s Market, opening a page and saying to MIU (a nickname of course). Me: Look! Here is my next husband. He: Alexis, he does look a little young for you!. The photo will be included – it is guaranteed to bring giggles.

Had a long and funny email conversation with Computer Guru Chris.

He: Ive just posted the post, I have been training near Gatwick today, i’m going to be a high tech whizzy wazzy jizzy jazzy fibre broadband installation engineer when I get to Somerset apparently, assuming this company I’ve signed up with is not a complete scam! We are negotiating a move date of March 24th, so exciting..

Me: I am so happy for you!!! Assuming that you shall still have time for little old me??? Because without you I would die – well not exactly! First ‘lesson’ with my 17 year old computer on site helper. She is a darling and can also drive me around Marin and is great at make up. You were never any good at make up. Hahahaha. So it looks like life is looking up for both of us. I am sure Clare is happy with the thought of not having you to kick around the house any more! Hahahah! I am going to be immune on March 11 – two weeks after last jab. Needless to say I am most happy. Glad to get so many things out of my stylish hair. Making room for husband number 4. Hahahaha. Alexis

Photograph of me in gym and the future husband. Hahahaha As one can tell, I am in a good mood. Who would not be??? I have everything anyone could ever wish for and hope for, wish for and more.. Praise to Allah!!!

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