The Paralyzing Effect of Not Blogging On a Daily Basis; An Analysis of My Recent Shutdown; A a Difficult Blog For Me As A Horrific Event But Then Rescued By a Loving Community and Central Marin Police Department; I Am So Blessed; Photographs of the Horrible Man That Attacked Me, His Parrot and Where He Lives, 1 Mohawk in Corte Madera, 94925, A Most Tacky House But Expensive Car on Driveway; Do Not Mess With Me; Great Adoration Felt Toward the Men in Blue; The Redemptive Aspect of The Experience: It Could Only Happen to You. Personage and Disarray Defined; Picture of the Brute, His Bird and His Tacky Home

As faithful readers may know I blog every day, well almost every day. When, for some reason, I do not the day is filled with a sense of incompleteness, of mild disarray, with listlessness. What in the world is disarray? Synonyms for the noun are: confusion, chaos; untidiness, dishevelment; mess, muddle, clutter, jumble, mix-up, tangle, hotchpotch, shambles. So I spend those nonproductive days in jumble, hotchpotch and shambles unless and until an email is sent to Computer Guru Chris., which then magically appears upon your screen. I have not blogged in two or three days, but the reason is clear. This blog must be negative, as it will tell a story of harm imposed upon my personage. My goodness, the Googling of that word led to unexpected results, did not know the meaning as it was typed but looked it up. Its definition is a person (used to express importance or elevated status). Synonyms: luminary, celebrity, celebutante, personality, name, famous name, household name, public figure, star, mogul, leading light, dignitary, notable, notability, person of note, worthy, panjandrum; person; celeb, somebody, big shot, big noise, big gun, hotshot, big cheese, bigwig, big fish; big wheel, kahuna, high muckamuck. Now, I did not intend to call myself a luminary, a big fish or a high muckety-muck but guess I did, all rather accidentally.

This is the scene, Andy’s Market situated in Corte Madera, California. It is recently possible, yet again ,eat at tables on the patio. So there I sat, overlooking Wornum Boulevard which is actually funny as I once dated, and almost married. Michael Wornum. He was a very rich,, Brit who served in the California House of Representatives. I recall that I was working and attending law school at the same time – so it had to be in about 1983. I did digress, but it is a very interesting story – one in which I got even in the end. I always do. Anyway, there I was, eating drinking and making merry. I rather obnoxious guy was seating about four tables away, talking on the phone (very loudly) with a parrot at his side. Honest, to goodness. I went to take a picture of the bird, he airily gave me permission, not ceasing his conversation. He was scamming and trying to impress someone who was scamming and trying to impress him. Eavesdropped on those conversations may times, particularly when living in Vancouver. It was most amusing as a multibillionaire and myself had befriended one another – the status of these guys and Joo Kim Tiah were hardly equal. Well this guy was ignoring his bird which hopped away and was being petted by some children. He yelled at the children:
He: Watch out that parrot can bite.
Me: How irresponsible of you!!! You should be keeping an eye on your bird, making sure that no one is hurt!

The man, of course, ignored me but when he got off the phone, he insulted me but said:
He: Let me buy you a beer.
Me: No thanks, I can afford to buy my own beverage. And if I let you buy me a drink then I would have to talk to you.
He: You are talking to me now.
Me: Not for long! I am moving to the other side of the patio to get a way from you.

I did what I said I would do. I looked up a few minutes later and he was riding by on a bicycle a few feet away on the sidewalk by my side.
Me What is an important man like you doing on a bicycle?

Thought nothing about it. Did a chore or two, bought some groceries and was walking by the leasing office when the same mantis time on a motorcycle drove up and almost ran me over screaming:
He: Look at this! I have a motorcycle, not just a bicycle. .
Me: Help! Help! I was run over by a motorcycle in London in 2014 and almost died. Get away from me!

Instead of moving on he just sat on his motorcycle, raving his engine and swearing at me. I fled for cover – wonderful Angel let me in the leasing office and we locked the door. She and the Maintenance Man went to talk to the brute who continued to swear, yell and call me names. Wonderful supportive people from the community came out hearing all of the noise and stood speaking to the awful man, who tried to defend himself against me.
One Marvellous Resident: I heard you call this woman a Cunt. She deserves respect, not to be called a Cunt – you are at fault.
I head that conversation as had emerged from the office to take a picture of the man so that he could be traced when the police arrived. Angel called the Central Marin Police force, the dispatcher made sure I was safe and soon, very, very soon the police arrived. Three cars as I recall. The brute was still there, yelling and screaming. One police officer came to speak to me. Knowing it was important that I remain calm and rational I did and explained the event making sure to mention the Biting Bird as we called him. He was so calming, listened to every word, , asked me appropriate questions, took me seriously – could not have asked for better treatment. Glanced over to see handcuffs being placed on the brute, he was escorted to a police vehicle that held prisoners.
Me: Is he being arrested?
The Officer: Yes he is!
Me: Oh, thank God!

At that point I began to cry. The Officer said:
He: We will keep you safe. I will keep you safe!
Me: (through the tears) You have been so kind and wonderful to you. I would like to speak to your Supervisor to convey my thanks and appreciation.
He: He is right here. I will call him over.
Me: This officer is a credit to your police force (then explaining exactly why)!
Supervisor: Thank you. It is so rare that our officers receive praise.
Me: I do know that. That awful man probably needs to be 5159ed.
He: How do you know about that?
Me: I was a lawyer in County Counsel’s Office for years and years, Retiring from there when I was 61 (now I am 77)
He: I have never in all my years seen such support or any community, for anyone! It was amazing.
Me: I know! I am blessed to live here. All Praise to Allah.

I do admit to handing out my blog cards to the Men in Blue and then slowly walked to my apartment, escorted to the locked gate. Passed by the brute, locked in the car. I did tactfully refrain from giving him the finger, although I was sorely tempted.

So it did have a happy ending in a way. This was why it was so special and I weep as I write. My father used to call me a Cunt, even when I was a little girl of six. No one ever stood up to him, not my mother, not my brothers, not any relative. I guess he was drunk and trying to justify his sexual abuse of me. That man who heard me called a cunt from his balcony and came to defend me. I do not know his name, but I do love him.

I texted Wise Man.
Me: I was attacked by a man on a motorcycle yesterday. So frightening! Police and almost entire community totally supportive. Guy arrested and in jail, that feels so good! Fascinating tale of woe and redemption.
He: It could only happen to you!!!!
Me: You are so right. But it allowed me to master my former trauma. In the end I was grateful. Cannot wait to see you. Alexis (aka Ayla)

So that is it, cannot bear to write anymore. It is helpful to write these awful stories. When in London was able to write about the events of August 18, 2019 – happened in the hallway of my San Francisco apartment. Wise Man said then that writing, telling the story of horrible trauma, is healing. It was, and it is. That evening in August there were no police officers, but paramedics, strangely enough that rescued me. Undid my hand cuffs and took me to Davies Hospital. Never will I understand the events of that evening and why paramedics, and not police officers as I was being attacked. But, believe me, I am not complaining. No jail for the five assailants, probably faced death as that is what happens to goons hired by multibillionaires. The Tiah family faces bankruptcy, so I guess they got their just desserts. Definition of ‘to get your just desserts’If you say that someone has got their just desserts, you mean that they deserved the unpleasant things that have happened to them, because they did something bad.” If you are once a multibillionaire and then end up bankrupt, that must be unpleasant.

Unfortunately Donald Trump does not seem to get his just desserts. Well, he will someday. On Judgment Day Allah shall not look too kindly on him, that I do know. Donald will go to the warm place complete with his spray-on tan.

I do not know the brute’s name but heard the police officers discuss his place of residence. It was not difficult to remember for several reasons.

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