Valentine’s Day 2012; My Best Ever I Do Believe; A Little Bit of Impeachment Goes A Long Way, Limited To Andy for Today; Wonderful Emails Awakened Me on This Valentine’s Morn; All Are Copied In Whole or In Part; The Lyrics of You Are My Special Angel and a Secret Told; My Maternal Grandfather is James Duncan Pirie (a Scot); Photographs of Brute Which Reveal His Underlying Illness

Oh my goodness gracious me, Andy did it again! Took something totally tragic and turned it into something totally funny and uplifting Here we go! THE AFTERLIFE (The Borowitz Report)—The late James Madison, widely credited with drafting the United States Constitution, said on Saturday that he was concerned that he made the document’s impeachment clause too hard for idiots to grasp. In his first-ever interview from beyond the grave, Madison said that, when he drafted the Constitution, he thought that he had made the section on impeachment “so clear that even a total numbskull could understand it.” Then Andy goes on: “I remember being in the writers’ room and asking Alexander Hamilton if we should put something in there about how a President should be convicted if he attempts a violent overthrow of the government,” Madison said. “Hamilton was, like, ‘First of all, that’s so obvious, we don’t want to insult people’s intelligence by spelling it out. And, second, a President would have to be a complete and utter psycho to try something like that. You have a wild imagination, my friend.’ ”Madison said that he heeded Hamilton’s advice, but now harbors some regrets about doing so. “I know hindsight is 20/20, but if I had to write the impeachment part all over again, I’d really dumb it down,” he said.” Is not that perfect? Small touches, for example having James Madison saying: Hamilton was, like” – having him speak like a Valley Girl is so subtle and therefore SO funny. I will weigh in later about my news and views about the whole affair but now onto more important things and what could be more important? The fact that today is Valentine’s Day, well I am writing on Valentine’s Day, knowing that you will be reading it the day after Valentine’s Day, at least.

I woke up this morning super early, 5:30 I do believe. Several emails greeted my morn and they shall be mentioned in the order that they were received. The first from Computer Guru Chris expressing some concern.
He: Hey I’ve posted it, I assume as you were a lawyer that its okay to post this guys picture and address? Thanks, Chris

Me: I am sure it is, and was, ok to put it up. What the hell is he going to do with me. He waived all rights to privacy when he made a public spectacle of himself. It was only my sleuthing that found his address and the photo was taken from the street. As a victim I am entitled to a copy of the police report I think but just want the whole thing to go away. I could sue him but will not bother. In a way he did me a favour – got me new readers, the cops 👮‍♀️ made me feel even safer living here. And I made him less safe as he is exposed to public ridicule. The creepy guy that returned (Rayvan Carter) sent me a picture of his penis. Now that I will not post. Hahaha. I kicked him out of my life again. We must get some country statistics done again to see if there are any readers in Nigeria. I am sure his new identity was false too.Will mail computer tomorrow. By the way do you have a copy of the perfect Tate book? The final one with no errors? I can mail one to you at the same time. And if you want more to gift 🎁 to relatives? Do let me know. I am not going to sell the self published book (for complicated reasons). Approached a local bookstore, Book Passages, to sell he beauties but they do not know their rear ends from a hole in the ground ( to use a non blogable expression). So I am convinced it would make money for the independent book store and they have a couple of copies, but certainly not counting on it. Thank goodness (and you in particular) for the blog, do not have to deal with publishers, marketers and the ilk who seem programmed to destroy an author’s creativity and spark.

However, there is this to consider. The repercussions of my posting of his house address could be parallel to the insurrection if I encouraged my faithful public to go and egg his house and car. But I am not, no way!!. I think the poor guy has suffered enough but we all can be comfortable in the knowledge that he learned nothing from the experience. Not a thing! One thing was not clear, revealed when I read the posted blog. The Central Marin Police Supervisor said he had never seen such community support for me, little old me. How touching and marvellous is that? Does that make me feel great? Yes, as a matter of fact, it does – great and grateful!

But back to my emails. One from CPI whom you have not heard from in sometime. In fact, two from CPI. I had sent her a picture of my bunny and inquired about her stuffed animal called Whimpey.
She: Whimpey is quite lonely these days – he is downstairs while I exist upstairs.
Me: Well you could get your husband to bring him up to you?!?!? It was a mistake to start calling my bunny PUN Fazza the First because as when affection for ‘real’ Fazza capitulated so did the affection and attraction for the poor bunny. Have you seen my new animals? On blog but can send you a private picture. Alexis (aka Ayla)

Now this is all rather amusing, particularly when one considers that CPI and I are both 77 years old. A little too old for stuffed animals but one is never too old for a stuffed animal or two or three. Hahahah

Then another email from a former lover. It was not actually a Valentine but it felt like one.
He: hello Alexis self fknowledge is a dangerous gift given only to the wisest amongst us. Best wishes
Me: You are great sometimes, not all of the time, but sometimes. Like right now. Alexis

But the more I thought about the fact that it was Valentine’s Day, the more his email inspired and sent him another reply.
Me: Happy Valentine’s Day day by the way, considering your email a Valentine, it was that sweet! Alexis

Not received a response as yet but he is in another time zone. Would not you know?

I was going to share my wisdom (s) about the impeachment but decided not to. Will do so at another time, not on Valentine’s Day. So far I have collected ten Happy Valentine’s Day verbal greetings and also one text from a cousin. So not bad considering no viable man.

Here is a secret but I am sharing it, so no longer a secret. A song keeps echoing in my mind, so of course I Googled it. The author is James Duncan, now that is most unusual as my maternal grandfather’s name is James Duncan Pirie (he was Scottish, born in Scotland). It seems that I have a Special Angel.

You are my special angel
Sent from up above..
The Lord smiled down on me..
And sent an angel to love..

You are my special angel..
Right from paradise..
I know that your an angel
Heaven is in your eyes…

A smile from your lips
Brings the summer sunshine..
The tears from your eyes
Brings the rain..
I feel your touch..
You’re warm embrace..
And I’m in heaven again..

You are my special Angel
Through eternity..
I’ll have my special angel
Here to watch over me..

You are my special Angel
Through eternity…

One photograph is the one sent to CPI the subject line was:
Me: Here is my bunny on top of my horsey.

Two other photographs are those of the brute. Upon review, he is most grandiose in his gestures and attitude. My diagnostic skills detect that he is in the manic phase of his bipolar illness so, perhaps I did him a favour by fifty-one-fifting him. I hope not. He would just stop taking his meds yet again as he loves the highs. Poor fool. I know a psychiatrist who is excellent at treating those with that diagnosis, but would I share it with a man who called me a Cunt – no I would not!!!! I do remember this interchange with an old friend.

Me: Why do I drive men crazy?

He: Alexis, they were crazy to begin with.

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