Cannot Help Myself, Andy is Back, But at the End; There Is Too Much Going On In My Life; Both Good and Bad; A Summary May Have to Be Provided for Some But Giving You Hope for Future More Complete Coverage; A Dreadful Marin Woman Who Labelled Me Racist; Clarifying My Minority Group Status; Instagram Man Found to be Scammer Again; Photo of Me in Dental Chair with No Nitrous Oxide

There is so much going on my life that it is impossible to report – impossible. There is getting to be such a backlog. I simply must blog every day and have not been. But blogging every day is one thing but more than one blog in a day, would be silly. Readers cannot keep up with daily blogs, so more than one in a day would be oppressive. I keep thinking that things will calm down, but they do not. Every day provides such information. For example, today I visited the Marin Farmer’s Market and got into a rather interesting and heated conversation with a mother – her son was wearing a “Black Lives Matter” T-shirt. The little boy, perhaps two, waved at me and I back and we began this conversation, which was interrupted by his mother. .
Me: You are wearing a Black Lives Matter T-shirt. But I think All Lives Matter.

She: How can you say that, you are racist! Blacks have so suffered.
Me; Bu so has everyone, all minorities.
She: You are racist! You hate blacks!
Me: I do not, I do not have a racist bone in my body. Everyone who knows me says that.
She: You are! You are! You are a racist.
Me: That is not true as I am a member of a minority who are discriminated against!
She: You are NOT. I can tell!
Me: I am a Muslim, they are a minority in this country and the world and suffer horrible discrimination, particularly in the days since 9/11.
She: You are not a Muslim! You do not look like a Muslim.
Me: I am, I always tell the truth. It is possible to convert and I did so!

Then I walked off to talk to the Cauliflower guy and told him my story and then I bought a cauliflower. He laughed and laughed and we had such fun. Then bought flowers, goat cheese, and scones from friendly locals selling their produce. Do think I will go back next week and make more friends (and perhaps another enemy, that horrible woman being an example). Gave my blog card to some – obviously not that woman. So more followers. Of course, Care Giver was in charge of my transportation and joined me in laughter. We had a big day in Marin. First the dentist, Dr. Ezra Kantor – do type Mind the Gap into the search engine. He is my hero, the man who gifted me with false teeth (uppers). He is the hero of the story but not named.

Me: I am going to name you! It will enhance your San Rafael dental business that you now share with your handsome son Grey. You looked so much like him when you were young but you did not age well.
He: But you did Alexis.
Me: I know! I have anti-aged!
He: You have Alexis. What is your secret?
Me: Dump loser men and other parasites. Moving to London was brilliant.
He: I can see that!
Me: I wish I did not have false uppers. I cannot come and see you often. Except if I fall down and chip my teeth. I just might!
He: Alexis, you do what you have to do.

Dr. Kantor has been my dentist for about thirty years – with time off when I lived in London and then Vancouver. I said to Wise Man today.
He: Alexis, you are doing SO well.
Me: I am, thank you! It is because I have the support of you, of PCP, my dentist, my Care Giver and my Angel (which is a secret).

Wise Man commented on the conversation with the woman at the Farmer’s Market.
He: Imagine how her son feels. Being the poster boy for that message and then hearing that the message might be, shall we say, incorrect.
Me: Well I am sorry but I cannot help that little boy.
He: Was the woman speaking in a loud voice?
Me: I see why I pay you the big bucks! What a question! I now see that she was speaking in a loud voice – attempting to impress her “colleagues” other Marin County stay-at-home Moms about her so-called anti-discrimination.
He: Would you do anything different?
Me: Perhaps been slightly calmer but I did not get angry and did make my point.

So some previews:
The Instagram guy that returned did finally admit that he was a fake. Not Ray Vaughn Carter living in South Africa with his two year old adopted daughter and son in Belgium but instead he is Lying Benjamin who scams from Africa. He did finally confess saying that he wept as he wrote romantic lies – he hated what he was doing. By the way, I gave him no money. A funny conversation with a fellow resident. Laughed with her about my connections with this scammer and my contacts with the Qatar Royal Family.

She: Well, at least you know they are not after your money!!
Me: You are SO funny. I never thought of that. Some members tried to give me money when I met them in London.
They: Here have this money and also: “I have five million dollars in my bank account.”
Me: I refused the money. I said: I believe you have all that money but the answer is still No.

I remain fine and funny. I must have forced about thirty people to laugh as it was for me, an OUT day. Tomorrow an In day.

This has been a serious blog, but here comes Andy Borowiz who is so funny. Here he goes:
“Unveiling a bold new plan to fight the coronavirus, President Biden called on Americans to stay at home next month and watch the impeachment trial.“I recognize that I’m asking everyone to make a tremendous sacrifice,” he said. “That’s why I’m issuing a stay-at-home order only for a time when there’s something really good on TV.” It continues in his funny fashion: The President denied that asking all Americans to watch the impeachment trial was at odds with his pledge to unify the nation.“Look—here’s the deal,” he said. “People watch the Super Bowl every year, even when there are two teams nobody cares about. The impeachment has two teams everybody cares about.”“There’s nothing more unifying than when everybody is watching the same show,” he added. “Look at how ‘Tiger King’ brought us together. Look at ‘Bridgerton.’ Come on, man.”

The photograph is me in the dental chair. I did ask for nitrous oxide but did not get it. Dr. Kantor said I was just getting my upper plate adjusted so not warranted and, further, did say that there was so much laughter in the office – laughing gas not needed. I did have to agree.

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