All Praise to Allah, Speeding to Salvation; Mercifully Getting the Jab

This shall be a triumphant blog accompanied by photographs. Yesterday received an email from Sutter Health informing the universe that vaccines were obtainable in our area for those old souls over 75. I immediately engaged the services of my iPhone, called the number, spoke to a marvellous woman and emerged with a rendezvous with a jabbing needle later in the day. So it was a telephone call to the Torture Chambers (otherwise known as Physical Therapy) to reschedule the appointment another call to Care Giver who would (and does) provide transportation and caring and soon found myself speeding up Highway 101 towards Santa Rosa and the promise and hope of redemption.

What was my emotional reaction to this? It was a total surprise, although the vaccine had been rolled out there was tremendous delays in the implementation and administration of the potential life saver throughout this land. There was a glimmer of hope about a month ago but that had disappeared. While impatiently waiting on hold for confirmation of the appointment, I began to cry – not little tears falling down the cheeks but sobs. At that moment came the realization of how horrible and hard this had been – these many, many months. I had been most brave, kept myself super safe and rather positive the whole time, only possible with the help of Care Giver. We shopped fro groceries once a week, he transported me to doctor, dentist appointments – occasionally taking me on sight seeing trips where we observed the devastation of San Francisco. The hour long drive to Santa Rosa was of a different nature.

Me: I am really nervous, do not know why. I am more nervous now than I ever was, even before each of marriages. Of course, I had reason to be nervous then, come to think of it.

CG: Yes, never have I seen you more anxious. But we are on the way in a most timely fashion, you have everything you need – your passport and your medical insurance cards. You have no real reason to be nervous.
Me: I know. Come to think of it, I have other things in my life that I should be more anxious about.

CG: Yes, I have been meaning to talk to you about that.

Me: I know, but now is not the time.

CG: I definitely know that, I definitely know you.

So we just laughed, as we sped towards salvation.What is salvation? The most apt definition is preservation or deliverance from harm, ruin, or loss. The appropriate synonyms are lifeline, preservation, conservation, means of escape. The vaccine is a lifeline, a means of escape. That is what the vaccine is, a deliverance from harm, ruin and loss, particularly, of course, if it is effective and the stupid people are somehow brow-beaten to get it. There are ways this could be done – do think that President Biden should put me on the advisory panel – I have some clever motivational tools up my sleeve. I shall perhaps mention them on this blog – may be read by someone in command and it shall be off to Washington I shall go with my face mask and vaccine protection,.

But back to the day of days. There were swarms of people – most old and rather infirm actually. What was truly amazing so heartening and unbelievable actually, was the attitude of all of the staff. From the men that gave to directions, to the people that screened, to the jabbers themselves – they radiated hope, relaxation and exhibited such organization. It was rather awe inspiring. Most of the others, we experimental animals (in some ways) were not in that frame of mind. I know I got the prize for being the funniest, happiest and most positive.
My jabber: You made my day!
Me: You made mine, believe me and it did not hurt a bit. I love hearing people say to me, “You made my day.” Once I got nine You Made My Days – in one day. It was a record.
My jabber: I cannot believe your are 75.
Me: But I am, that is not a fake ID. Much younger guys are all over me.

As usual I was perfectly dressed. I have this strange shirt – purchased in the land of strange and fad clothes (Vancouver). Look at the photograph accompanying this blog and you shall see – there is shirt, bare arms and them puffy sleeves. Little did I know when it was purchased that it would be used for such an occasion.

Jabber: Do you want me to tell me what I am going to do.

Me: Please no. Just do it and get it over with.

Jabber: It is done.

Me: You are great! It did not hurt a bit.

Protocol insisted on hanging out for fifteen minutes to make sure that there were no adverse reactions. Care Giver insisted on walking around rather than sitting on uncomfortable chairs. It was brilliant – he put the timer on his phone and we walked about laughing and talking while most of the others sat around in a stupor.

On the way out I waved at my jabber and her jabber colleague. I had shown them the wallpaper on my phone – NOG and they were suitably impressed. But here was the clincher.
They: The best of luck with him!
Me: Thanks, I am going to need it. He is in South Africa.
They: You neglected to tell us that.
Me: I wanted to save the best for last. Hahahaha

So I jumped into the new chariot and we sped off toward Marin. I received special permission to purchase a small bottle of Champagne to celebrate. So coffee for Care Giver and champagne for me. THE END

This blog is illustrated with photographs of yours truly. Rushin’ off to get the jab in my Russian hat, getting the jab and something ridiculous. A woman had brought her dog in a baby carriage to the event. Dog in baby carriage not allowed in and was sitting forlornly waiting for his/her mommy to emerge, all jabbed and ready to go. The humanizing of dogs is a bizarre trait – dogs are dogs, not people or babies. If dog owners substitute babies or people for their dogs there would be no orphans or homeless people. Dog owners seldom think of their animals who are forlorn when left alone.

Forlorn definition: pitifully sad and abandoned or lonely. Its synonyms brings tears to the eyes. sad, miserable, sorrowful, dejected, despondent, disconsolate, wretched, abject, morose, regretful, broken-hearted, heartbroken, down, downcast, dispirited, downhearted, heavy-hearted, crestfallen, depressed, melancholy, blue, gloomy, glum, mournful, despairing, doleful, woebegone, woeful, tearful, long-faced, joyless, cheerless, out of sorts; pitiful, pitiable, heart-rending, piteous, pathetic, uncared-for; informal down in the mouth, down in the dumps. The dog sits in the apartment all day feeling down in the dumps , joyless, disconsolate.

The owner has a dog so there is someone to come home to, to give them the feeling that they brought joy to something’s life. How incredibly selfish, all they have to do is buy dog food, and walk the animal, perhaps putting the excrement in a plastic bag. Such an unpopular thing to say – dog owners number in the thousands, if not in the millions. Well you guys, nobody is forcing you to read this blog. I am sure many share these sentiments but are afraid to confront you. .

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