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This is funny, from the computer of Andy Borowiz: Ivanka Trump applies for Job As Biden’s Daughter, with a date line of October 10, 2020. “In what many viewed as an ominous sign for Donald J. Trump’s reëlection prospects, Ivanka Trump has applied for a job as Joe Biden’s daughter.Trump’s job application, which was leaked to the press on Saturday, included her promise to make Biden’s Presidency “even more successful” than her father’s. “As awesome as Ivanka Trump has been, I believe Ivanka Biden will be even more awesome,” she wrote.
Trump appeared to have difficulty finding tangible achievements to include on her application other than “Did not write a tell-all book.” Finally, she ended her application with an attempt to boost her chances of being hired as Biden’s daughter: “You don’t have to take Jared.” Borowitz’s bio reveals that he has been working for the New Yorker since 1998, that he is a comedian and has written several books. Such a talented man! Then another from him: Fielding a question at the daily briefing by the Coronavirus Task Force, the esteemed virologist said that it was most likely “a regrettable accident” that resulted in Donald J. Trump’s son-in-law being trapped in the bathroom for nine hours.“Doors get locked by mistake all the time,” Fauci said. When a reporter pointed out that the bathroom door had been locked from the outside with a padlock, Fauci replied, “Whoa. That’s a different kettle of fish. I had not heard that. Padlock? That’s crazy.” Fauci urged the press not to “make too big a deal” of Kushner’s imprisonment in the bathroom, and noted that Vice-President Mike Pence eventually heard Kushner’s screams and came to his rescue. Taking another question from reporters, Fauci said he had no idea who locked Representative Devin Nunes in the bathroom.” I always give Andy Borowitz credit for his fantastic funniness and probably spread his words to others who would not otherwise read him. So I do not feel guilty!

Today has been a great day for many reasons and I am most happy. Spoke to my mover Steve who is wonderful and we are working out plans for the big day – will talk again on Monday. Two telephone calls to CG to bring him up to date on continuing plans. Then a text wishing me a Happy Thanksgiving.

She: Good morning Alexis. Have a great Thanksgiving.

Me: I am not, I am going to be packing for my move to Marin. Yuck! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving.

She: Take good care of yourself.

Me: I shall take good care of myself. I always do. Hahaha Thank you for your concern.

Here is the absolutely good news. She is one of the two women I met at Peet’s in Marin the other day – she is following up on our friendship. Then a surprise email from a near and very dear friend with whom I had lost touch with over the years of absence from Marin. She connected and is so happy that I am returning. So it looks like I shall have three women friends in Marin upon my move back. I have been missing having women friends – seem to have close contact with men friends during the past seven and a half years, but not women.

A very funny comment from my computer Guru Chris.

He: So very blinging boss, good luck with the move, it can be quite stressful, I’m dreading ours if that does actually transpire!

Me: I so love ❤️ being called ver blinging boss. I am blessed with a great mover by the name of Steve who asked me about my history in Marin. So sweet! And CG will come and help me pack! Things are going to be ok and I shall be so safe and happy where I shall live. A surprise call from old Marin friend, not seen or heard from in my many years of absence. She is so happy that I am back, we shall get together when the move has transpired.

But back to the boring world of politics. It is apparent that Willie Brown has lost his mind. He announced that he had approached Gavin the Governor (a Democrat) to get in touch with President-Elect Biden (also a Democrat) to insist that Biden replace Kamala Harris with a 100% back woman, suggesting San Francisco Mayor Breed as a possible candidate. WHAT?!?! Multiple reasons why this would not be possible. 1) It is not constitutional – the electorate voted for the ticket, not just Biden. 2) Why does Willie think that Gavin the Governor has any power or authority over President-Elect Biden. 3) Mayor Breed is the woman who brought down San Francisco – no tourism, no downtown as the homeless have taken over and no one shops there any more, her pattern of opening and closing, opening and closing have forced people into uncertain anxiety and destroyed countless businesses, she mismanaged the coronavirus than extent surpassed only by former President Trump. (Well we hope former, he continues his ridiculous antics. Donald, please just go gracefully, please).

This portion is written post Thanksgiving. No turkey for me, but news of my non-Thanksgiving where the only ‘normal’ thing was mashed potatoes which was always my favourite anyway. No turkey for the following reason. CG called the Hillel Market in Richmond.

He: Do you have any turkey parts, for-instance the breast?

They: No we only have a whole turkey.

He But what will she do with a whole turkey? How can she cook it and eat it all as she is only one person.

They: That is your problem not ours.

Therefore no turkey this year. Next year his family and I will get together and share the whole turkey. By then this damn pandemic might be over. But doubtful as the Thanksgiving home gatherings will spread it far and wide. But not to me as I went nowhere and did nothing. Well, accept pack, it is almost done due to CG’s incredible help. CG cooked a great breakfast which was a Delicious Substitute for Thanksgiving dinner, It is pictured below.

Here is news from another turkey dinner. Oh my goodness, is this hilarious! The Borowitz Report reports this: Claiming that his tantrum about losing the election had ruined Thanksgiving, Melania Trump exiled her husband to the children’s table. Donald J. Trump’s expulsion occurred shortly after his wife asked those at the grownups’ table to name things for which they were thankful.

Jared Kushner named “doing such a kick-ass job on the pandemic,” Ivanka Trump cited “that I didn’t talk to Bob Woodward,” and Rudy Giuliani chose “my beautiful, naturally dark hair.”When it was the President’s turn, he launched into a ten-minute tirade about an election-stealing conspiracy involving George Soros, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and “well-known Antifa sympathizer Tucker Carlson.” By the time he began calling for the imprisonment of Lesley Stahl, Melania had heard enough.“You just wrecked Thanksgiving, which is my favorite holiday,” she said. “It’s not like Christmas, which totally blows.”She then banished her sulking husband to the children’s table, causing Barron Trump to remark, “Why am I being punished?”Barron later emerged victorious in a wishbone game with his father, who demanded that the result of that contest be overturned.”

How funny can one man get???? With Barron saying:
Why am I being punished and then winning the wishbone contest and the father asking that the contest be overturned? It is sheer genius.

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