A Strange But Wonderful Day (in the Long Run); A Change In Status and Name; Not So Fond of the Emir of Qatar Anymore: Affiliation Defined; Covered and Modest But With Bling; Photograph Taken by CG

Well this day did not exactly begin on a high note – my hot water leaked all over the bed and me. Honestly, I did not wet the bed. Towels came to the rescue and there was another side to the bed but it was not exactly the way one would want to start the day. The day did not improve as I am packing my clothes into suitcases to prepare for the move to Marin. BORING, BORING, BORING. But great accomplishments, one closet is now half empty. I took a course one once (I am most well educated), from the College of Marin on how to pack. Roll certain clothes up and secure and lessen the bulk with elastics. But BORING!

Then off to Avalon (who owns this building) to secure a parking spot in the garage for Personal Driver, he will drive to San Francisco on Thanksgiving to help me pack and get out of this apartment. Parking difficult in these parts and, unlike Marin, I do not have a free parking stall. The wonderful staff said YES – provided me with the pass code to the garage, therefore an incredible sense of accomplishment.

Next along came magically an xfinity Comcast guy perfectly clad in the best face mask and shield that I have ever seen. It was so protective of him and his company clearly provided it. . The company knew that he would be in harm’s way but they armed him. He was the sweetest, most caring and helpful man. All of my various devices work and are connected to the ‘new’ system that Blue Point has imposed upon us. I lease from Blue Point, one of the most mismanaged companies in the WHOLE WORLD. They sublease apartments in established buildings in prosperous cities (fo example ) – London, New York, San Francisco etc. providing furnished havens for young men coming to train at the headquarters of their prosperous companies – young graduates with hope for a successful career. But all of this has changed. No more headquarters with young men being trained in these cities, instead working from home. Bluepoint will fade and die and best they shall. Their mismanagement and lack of communication haunts all of us who are under their spell.

However, I did call and speak to a wonderful woman yesterday, working for that company.
Me: I am so angry with your company. But I am not going to take it out on you as you are not the incompetent CEO and Owner. I do understand that you are European owned.
She: Thank you! I am not responsible. But what can I do to help you?
Me: Your company sent an email that informed that a new WiFi would b installed but I had to call to transition it.
She: Is that a problem?
Me: Yes because I am technologically challenged.
She: I will help you!
Me: That never seems to help. You say one thing, you phone peope, but the other guys the tech guys never honor it. Time after during my 18 month tenancy has this happened. So I do NOT trust you. Sorry!
She: I will do what I can and call you back, I promise!

Well, the Angel did, I was so thankful and the Comcast guy showed up on time and was a delight.

My advice to women – stand up for yourselves but be polite and appreciative when the right things come along.

But new/old news. The Status of Personal Driver has changed, actually had changed for many months. He is now Care Giver. I introduced him at coffee in Marin to two new friends.
Me; This is my Care Giver.
She: But you seem so healthy and fit!
Me: Well I am, but one can never get too much Care. Hahahaha

Hopefully the two women, met at Peet’s in Greenbrae will be my new Marin friend. It was fun and we had a great introductory chat. .

So anyways, Personal Driver is now Care Giver, hereinafter CG. He is fine and most happy with his change in status, I did ask him, of course.
He: That is fine! I like the sound of Care Giver better.
Me: I will continue to use your real name when I speak to you and introduce you to people.

On a darker note, I have switched status and affiliation. Affiliations synonym are: connection with/to, alliance with/to, alignment with, link with/to, attachment to, tie with/to, relationship with/to, fellowship with, partnership with, coalition with, union with; amalgamation with, incorporation into, integration into, federation with, confederation with.

I am no longer in alliance with, attachment to, in fellowship with nor in union with, the Emir of Qatar. For many reasons, both personal and private, I now see him as ambitious rather aggressive and domineering, much like his colleagues;. The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, The Ruler of Dubai, The Crown Prince of Dubai, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi. You all want to control and dominate, giving very few human rights to the people they dominate. The Emir of Qatar presents to the world a different face, being a Peace Keeper and Peace Promoter by funding the United Nations (heavily) and appearing before them often. But Emri of Qatar, as stated on Borgen a series on Netflix: “The United Nations is a toothless discussion group with no power.” (Or balls, that being Alexis”s addition). So do not whine Emir, stop funding them because they do not honour their Resolutions.

The following is funny and will be supported by a photograph. Allan has said that Muslim women must be covered and be modest. Well I am these days. But look at this picture of me – covered, modest and all. But did Allah say: Covered in bling???? Look at the hat and shoes and laugh. I do believe that Allah is laughing. Photograph taken by CG, he has many duties.

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