Borowitz Strikes Again; Garry Wills Speaks About His Book on the Quran; Cities Are Not Going to Bounce Back According to El Jazeera; Infrequent Blogging Is Upon Us; Head Scarfed Alexis

How does the man (Andy Borowitz) do it?? This from October 18,2020. Trump Accuses New Zealand’s Prime Minister of Competently Handling the Coronavirus to Get Reelected. “Calling New Zealand’s Prime Minister “crooked and rigged,” Donald J. Trump accused Jacinda Ardern of competently handling the coronavirus pandemic in order to get reëlected.

Speaking at a rally in Wisconsin, Trump called Ardern’s use of public-health measures to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus on her nation “a sleazy political move like you wouldn’t believe.” “This woman wanted to get reelected, so she decided to go after the coronavirus and beat it,” he said. “This woman is a disgrace.” Ramping up his attack on Ardern, Trump accused her of securing her election victory by “listening to scientists.”“She was talking to scientists every day,” Trump charged. “It’s all going to come out when we see her e-mails.”In a final denunciation of Ardern’s successful handling of the pandemic, Trump vowed, “You’ll never see me pulling something like that.” And goodness knows, we did not. He neither listened to scientist or did anything to handle the pandemic, except mismanage it.

But onto something more serious. I recently listened to a YouTube video presented by the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs, Garry Wills discussing his book, What the Quran Meant and Why It Matters. He began by quoting an outlandish statement by Trump: :The Muslims Are Our Enemies. Wills pointed out that that this was most formidable as there are 1.8 billion Muslims in the word of today. Wills is a religious scholar, has penned many books on the various faiths. However, neither he nor his scholastic colleagues had read the Quran. He set about to do so and was most impressed with the inclusiveness of theith. Misinformation about the Islamic faith abounds. Statements attributed to the 911 terrorists – the 72 vrgins and the whole concept of Jihad is absolutely misinformation. The opposite is often true – rather than being a vengeful God, Allah is most merciful. During the Question and Answer period one woman questioned what could be done to spread the truth. His response was rather priceless.

He: Read the Quran. Educate yourself in order that you can speak the truth with authority. How many people in this room have read the Quran. The room was crammed with people – only seven people raised their hands. The woman asking the question about stamping out ignorance was NOT one of them I guess she wanted someone else to do the leg work. Of course, I felt most superior – as I have read the Quran, cover to cover. Reading the Quran was the task suggested by an Islam scholar when we had our conversation about the tasks to be taken before becoming an adherent of the Islamic faith. Another man asked Wills if he spoke to an Islamic scholar – Wills said no but he had corresponded with one. That is, in my mind is a deficiency – the language in the Quran can be difficult and light from other religious writing and knowing the history of the region needs to be shed to reach a full understanding. A search is being made for an Islamic scholar for me, one who speaks English. They seem to be a rarity in these parts. But I have faith that one will be found. In the meantime there is a great deal on the Internet – including this lively lecture and discussion.

But back to the coronavirus. This from Al Jazeera “The once mighty financial capitals of the world have been reduced to ghost towns as they suffer the effects of COVID-19.For more than a century, cities have been magnets for millions of people seeking work opportunities and the promise of a better life.But the COVID-19 pandemic is rewriting the way we live and work. City centres have been turned into ghost towns as people work from home. It could potentially leave lasting scars with shops, restaurants and services that cater to commuters being decimated. By some estimates, the economic damage to the world’s top two financial centres – London and New York – surpasses the wreckage of the financial crisis of 2008.” This certainlycan be seen in San Francisco – great swaths of ghostly images – rather frightening and depressing. A very different scene than The one found in Marin County – where I shall be living very soon.

But it was confirmed today – that even with the vaccine we will be required to remain in face masks. Yes, indeed! Well I have thirteen in all colours and shapes matching my head scarves and colour coordinated clothes but I cannot breathe with the damn things. Oh well, just poke out your nose occasionally when no one is looking and you can catch your breath. Just a hint but remember gang – you do not get something for nothing and you do not pay me. Hahahaha. I have this awful rash all over my face, but no one sees it because of the mask. And, besides, I cannot have sex without marriage and I am unwed (at this moment). But being pursued by two Muslim men – yes indeedie do. So who knows??? I can refuse them as a Muslim woman, I have free choice. They are both most handsome and most rich and both Muslim. Hmmmmmm.

The photograph is of me, taken by Kim. It features me in a head scarf bought in Dubai, the night of my departure from that condemned and ruined city. I do look cute, admit it. I do not look 77. Admit it you fools. Hahahaha !

I am not blogging daily these days. Allah told me to lighten up – he is a merciful God.

You: : Why are you not blogging every day Alexis.

Me; Because Allah told me that I needed to relax and follow the dictates of the faith, which are to find inner peace and happiness. And I have, it is such a huge relief.


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