Boredom With American Politics Only Relieved by Andy Borowitiz; Preposterous Defined: An Analysis of Humour; Jolly Good News from the Vaccine Front; No Normal But New Normal; Photograph of the Most Delicious Butter Chicken Ever Eaten

I do admit to being totally bored with the American Federal Political scene and have been since my arrival on these fair shores in 1967. However Andy Borowitz does indeed spark my interest and does in this most recent tidbit. “A broad spectrum of national-security experts support the immediate and total withdrawal of Donald J. Trump from the United States.
In an open letter signed by over three hundred members of the military and intelligence communities, the experts wrote that Trump’s withdrawal is “long past due.”

And then he brilliantly concludes: “After nearly four years, this conflict is over,” they wrote. “It is time to reduce the troop level from one to zero.”“It is no longer in the interest of the United States for Trump to be stationed here,” they added. The experts recommended that further steps be taken to reduce Trump’s footprint on. U.S. soil, and called for the immediate withdrawal of Ivanka, Jared, Eric, and Don, Jr .

I wonder where Donald, Ivanka, Jared, Eric and Don Jr. will go? Perhaps Canada – that will be fine with me since I no longer live in Canada. There is a spa in Vancouver named after Ivanka in the former Trump International Hotel and Tower. But it is closed and it is my understanding that it has been turned into a homeless shelter. Rather amazing that within three years it went to bing a luxury hotel to being a homeless shelter. Fantastic management Joo Kim Tiah – he was the owner of the place before the closing and declaration of bankruptcy. But I was there they in the glory days of 2017 and was their first long term guest. – four months. Yes, really honestly and truly. I must have been mad – well I am now – mad is in angry not insane.

But even more from the computer of Any Borowitz. Donald J. Trump was reportedly furious after the White House’s Human Resources Department notified him that it had scheduled his exit interview, the head of H.R. has revealed.Carol Foyler, the H.R. chief who was the target of Trump’s wrath, said that the exit interview is a “valuable tool” to help make the White House a better working environment.“Everyone who leaves the White House has to participate in an exit interview,” she said. “That was true of the nine thousand people who left during the past four years.”The H.R. executive said that she hoped that the interview could help Trump explore any workplace issues that led to his departure. The previous three people who had his job held it for eight years and he only lasted four,” she said. “It would be helpful to get his perspective on why things didn’t work out for him here.”

It is interesting to occasionally analyze humour:

Me: What makes this offering so interesting?

Alter Ego: One particular comment stands out: “true of the nine thousand people who left the White House in the past four years.’

Me: You are exactly correct – it is rather preposterous that sentence. Also the concept that the three previous Presidents served eight years and Trump only four. “It would be so helpful to get his perspective on why din’t things work our for him here”

Alter Ego: YES! Because it is not as if it had anything to do with the White House but only with the electorate. It is again preposterous. I do love the various and sundry synonyms of preposterous: absurd,ridiculous, foolish, stupid, ludicrous, farcical, laughable, comical, risible, hare-brained, asinine, inane, nonsensical, pointless, senseless, insane, unreasonable, irrational, illogical; outrageous, shocking, astonishing, monstrous, unbelievable, incredible, unthinkable; crazy ANTONYMS

But back to coronavirus from which is unreservedly good news. “In November 2020, Pfizer and BioNTech announced the results of an independent analysis of their BNT162b2 vaccine that showed it was 95% effective in preventing COVID-19. In June 2020, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) told drug makers their threshold for potential approval was 50% effectiveness.The Pfizer candidate is an mRNA vaccine, which uses genetic material known as messenger RNA to stimulate the immune system against the novel coronavirus. The two-injection vaccine has shown promising results in both young and old trial volunteers.However, it is worth noting these results were published in a press release—not in a peer-reviewed medical journal—and it’s unclear what the lasting effectiveness of the vaccine will be. The mRNA vaccine also requires subzero temperatures to remain effective, making transportation and storage an added challenge.” Another company Moderna is claiming 94% effectiveness. “Preliminary data show mRNA-1273 can provoke an immune response similar to someone who has had the virus. This is true even for elderly patients. In a Moderna press release, the company reports early results from their phase III trial show mRNA-1273 is 94.5% effective at preventing COVID-19. This rate is based off of 30,000 volunteers in their phase III trial, half of whom received a sham injection (placebo). Of the 95 cases of COVID-19, 90 occurred in the placebo group and 5 occurred in the mRNA-1273 group. Eleven cases were severe, and all occurred in the placebo group.” This good news is from So definitely help is on the way.

What will this mean? Had a conversation with a cousin which went like this

Me: Well, the vaccine seems to be coming and well on its way. But will things ever be normal again.

She: No, things will not go back to normal. Instead there will be a New Normal.

Me: That is absolutely brilliant! Yes, a New Normal. I cannot imagine ever dining indoors in a restaurant, or even going to a museum. Or the theatre. I have become Netflix dependant and shall receive my entertainment the comfort of my home. I shall be living in very close proximity to a great market with the most delicious prepared good. No reason to go to a restaurant, I shall eat in the comfort of my home. I was hugely into restaurants, museums and the theatre. Went to London to partake thoroughly and thought the move to Hayes Valley in San Francisco would provide easy access to all of that. Then along came the pandemic when everything shut down – now for almost nine months. Oh yes, and no more graduate school for me – I mean I have more degrees than ex-husbands.

She: Yes, I find that all rather amazing – both the ex-husbands and the degrees..

Me: But those days are over.

The photograph is of the most delicious Butter Chicken I have ever eaten. It was prepared by Personal Driver. Why in the world would I ever go to a restaurant? It has also been prepared observing the restraints of the Islamic faith.

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