Blog Blockage Resulting in Photographs of Murals With Woman in a Head Scarf; A Salute from Computer Guru and Wife; Some People; Do Things The Hard Way But Not Alexis (aka Ayla)

Writing this blog is usually effortless but something has been happening recently. As described to a Canadian cousin:
Me: Before I used to say that I did not suffer from writer’s block, I suffer from writer’s diarrhea. But something has happened!?
She: Do you have any idea why this is happening right now.
Me: No, not completely. But have some ideas. .

I emailed my Computer Guru Chris with a similar concern
Me: I loved Putin dancing – please attach it. Writing this blog getting difficult – not sure why.
He: You’re doing great mate, we salute you ! Thanks, Chris
Me: Love you love you two. This ducking pandemic saved me otherwise I would be ducking some worthless man! Instead I am a virgin again! Hahahaha. I think a day off or maybe photos of murals. Personal Driver and I driving around SF tomorrow – great idea!!! Alexis (aka Alya)

Was not that an absolutely sweet thing to say? “You’re doing great mate, we salute you”. It did bring tears to my eyes. Good to my work Personal Driver did come by- we drove to Steiner Street (I think) where there is a series of murals celebrating 60 years of St. Anthony’s Church – 60 years of providing HOPE. Is not that completely upbeat and well, hopeful. Personal Driver became Personal Photographer, he aimed my phone at me wearing in a colour coordinated outfit with a colour coordinated head scarf. Those photos will be attached. Then we drove around to find coffee – achieved success. Then back to my apartment where PD assumed a different role – Personal Cleaner. So all, in all it was a great day.

Later I came across a YouTube of a young Chinese man, from Singapore who had converted to the Islamic faith and told his story in great detail. He was born into the Christian religion, became an agnostic but met a Muslim woman and learned of her faith. He spend a great deal of time taking classes but decided that he would join the faith only if he could prove himself to be worthy by fasting during the month of Ramadan. He did it. But talk about doing things the hard way! “Every year in the month of Ramadan Muslims fast from dawn until sundown, abstaining from food, drink, and sexual relations. Although the fast is beneficial to health, it is regarded principally as a method of self-purification”. This from the book given to me by Personal Driver’s son. So when Ramadan rolls around again, I shall be abstaining from food, drink, and sexual relations. But there is no good reason for me to do so before I joined the faith. It seems this young man got poor advice. The Islamic scholar chosen for me told me exactly what to do and it did not include fasting before its time. Did not listen to the very end of the YouTube as it was a little long winded. It was truly amazing to see all of the public comments of support sent to this young man. YouTube has many such stories – by young men and women. It is quite amazing actually. Personal Driver said that many Chinese are converting to the faith – a 70 year old man and his two sons attended the mosque in Richmond speaking of their new found faith. Most interesting, most interesting indeed. It is my personal belief that if everyone in the world converted to the faith and were good Muslims then there would be no wars. But is that going to happen? No as Jews hate Muslims, it is a historical fact. And do let us look at what is going on with the aggression shown by Israel, again a historical and recent fact.

But enough of this – still not humour and no dancing Putin. Will try to cheer up in the next couple of days.

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