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So it looks like my mania for the Middle East continues despite no real connection to anyone or anything there. Well, except my blog numbers which reveal many readers – if one throws in the 4 readers of Saudi Arabia there are over 500 readers – an enormous accomplishment in a countries which are not English speaking. This from the Middle East Institute , to which I subscribe.
“As Americans head to the polls in November the results will have far reaching implications for Americans and the global community alike—perhaps none more so than Israelis and especially Palestinians. Insofar as Israelis and Palestinians are concerned, the differences between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden could not be more stark. While Trump has upended one sacred pillar of the peace process after another Biden has pledged to reverse the most destructive of these policies in the hope of salvaging what remains of a two-state solution and to restore U.S.-Palestinian relations, now at an all-time low.

Even as the Trump administration has worked to preempt virtually all issues of concern to the Palestinians—from Jerusalem and refugees to the prospect of self-determination—Palestinians are themselves beset by a host of internal and external challenges. Internal political division, institutional paralysis, and a chronic economic crisis, have brought the Palestinian Authority (PA) to the verge of collapse and sapped its legitimacy. Meanwhile, the recent normalization deals between Israel and the UAE and Bahrain, and the possibility further normalizations, have underscored the marginalization of the Palestinian cause, both in the region and in the global policy discussion.”

The speakers are eminently well-qualified. Eminent: (of a person) famous and respected within a particular sphere or profession; used in a sentence: : one of the world’s most eminent statisticians. But I did not register for the web seminar as enough is enough and I am moving on, not sure where it will be but away from the Middle East. I do admit to an obsession which has lasted for almost an entire year. But enough is enough and I cannot say that I got anything back from the rich and powerful folks I associated with, except for an inflatable, very darling unicorn on New Years Eve.

There was another event, not yet reported that took place last week, the most eventful week of my life. I was not looking but accidentally discovered a poem written by Fazza, (aka the Crown Prince of Dubai) (aka the Sultan). The discovery accidental as I no longer follow him in any form. It was posted on October 18, 2020, called Born and Reborn. My ability to link not operative – it was posted by Royal Misery/ Interestingly there are no photo ops showing Fazza;s face – a side view, a T-shirt and one in long shorts, but no head shots. I did, at the time respond saying something about my conversion to the faith and informing of my Muslim name. But then common sense set in and the following emails were exchanged between CPI and Alexis McBride.
Me: Well I think this is sort of bullshit but nevertheless rather interesting, well in a way. Timing interesting as could be viewed as a response to my rejection of him. But who cares??? He is a destructive individual but more on that later.
CPI:is Fazza losing his gift? That poetry is terrible – any particular reason that the love is 3,000 years of glory? Had my hair cut yesterday and today am sitting with a great heap of sodden kleenex. My first cold in at least 8 years. Is there a connection? Probably just not getting out enough.
Me: Perhaps the poem was a rush job??? Do not get the 3000 years of glory – nor much else. Whoever wrote it has no understanding of the Islamic afterlife. Fazza is probably not going to the same place as his love – not unless he shapes up which is unlikely. There are seven levels of heaven and then the other place which has Hellfire. So it is bad poetry that makes no sense whatsoever and is the antithesis of a commitment which he needs to make. He has probably never in his life made a commitment to anything or anybody. Sorry about your cold. Actually prefer my haemorrhoids to your cold. Sympathetic hugs and love.

But more thinking and a conversation with Wise Man about the situation, who said that if it was meant for you, he is just trying to preserve the status quo without making a commitment.
He: Those people are next to worthless as they never commit to anyone or anything.
Me: That is so funny as he has so much money. Hahahaha.

But there is another way to look it – through the insight provided by the faith. “Islam encourages the husband to treat his wife well, as the Prophet Muhammad said: The best among you are those who are best to their wives.” The Crown Prince of Dubai has a wife, married in May of 2019 – he and two brothers took cousins as their wives. He is not exactly treating his wife very well, writing ‘love poetry’ to another. Well, unless he is writing it to her. Besides, he can take another wife so no reason to sit around and wait for eternity for this woman. He could just marry her – make a commitment, marry her.

It is interesting with men of power and wealth, they are isolated. They make stupid decisions as they do not have anyone to sass them – Donald Trump being an example. I am an excellent sasser. Told Phillippe Posh that in my Vancouver Days – he knew Trump and said that his daughter sassed him.
Me: You are mistaken. The sasser has to be independent and truthful. I did an excellent job of sassing Joo Kim Tiah, the multibillionaire but I broke off the relationship – and he went bankrupt. Honest!!

The Islamic faith assists me in seeing everything in a clearer light with a superior value system. I feel this already and has been reflected in my examination of Born and Reborn. The test of a good man is whether or not they are an observant Muslim. So there, so there, so there

I do admit to having a bone to pick with the Sultan. Having a “bone to pick with someone” means having a grievance that needs to be talked out: “I have a bone to pick with you, Wallace; I heard how you criticized me at the meeting last night.” It may be possible to let it go

To the Crown Prince of Dubai I do say: Repent, believe and perform a charitable act. Those are words found in the Quran.

This is not a humorous blog – attached is a totally funny dancing Putin emailed by my Computer Guru – it made me laugh in delight. I hope this works for you.

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