The Most Eventful Week of My Life’ My First Day as a Muslim Lady; An Hilarious Conversation with PCP; What is it Like Being a Virgin Again? Take the Bulls By the Horn Defined

This has been an eventful week, probably the most eventful week of my entire life and please do not forget that I am 77 and have done many wild and cray things. One does rather loose track of time during these endless days of ‘hone sheltering’ – so I had best mark it on the calendar for later recall.

The week began in pleasant and ordinary fashion, driving to Marin for a blow dry with Kim and then lunch at Andy’s. But upon return to the apartment blood flowed from my anus. Appointment with Primary Care Physician made and kept. Then another Marin appointment, this time with Wise man on Thursday.

But the transformative event has not been spoke about as yet. On Tuesday evening I took the bull by the horns. Now that is a strange expression which means “To take the bull by the horns and to grab the bull by the horns are idioms that both mean to face a situation head on, especially a difficult or dangerous situation. … Many ascribe these idioms to bullfighting. Others believe they originated in the American Old West, where cowboys wrestled with cows and steers.” It is not entirely apt as it was not actually a difficult or dangerous situation but I did act with decisiveness. As faithful readers will know converting to the Islamic faith has been a goal for months now and preparation was made – a discussion wit an Islamic scholar and doing as he said, which involved reading the Quran. But, for some reasons, there was a delay in saying the appropriate words with conviction. It was not really fear but the bleed seemed to be a wake up call. So I took the book given to me my Personal Driver’s son and read out loud the words.

The next morning it was back to Marin to meet with my Primary Care Physician. I wore a long dress, covered my arms with a jacket, wore a head scarf and a color coordinated face mask. Personal Driver greeted me:
He: Hello Muslim lady.
Me: Hello Muslim man.

Then to the doctor’s office where everyone knows (and actually loves) me.
Me: Do you recognize me with head scarf and face mask?
The Office Manager: No Alexis, I would not recognize you except for your voice.

Had a great conversation with one of the other patients. She congratulated me on my conversion to the faith, saying that the press rather than talk about the numbers of diseased persons, was becoming more upbeat and speaking of the Muslim faith and its growth, particularly in these troubled times.

Then it was my turn to be seen – PCP had heard of my embrace of the Islamic faith. We had the strangest and funniest conversations ever. I laugh just thinking about it, he usually does not have a sense of humour, by the way.
He: Isn’t it hot with that head scarf on?
Me: No, it is not at all. It is cotton and well coordinated with my face mask.
He: Indeed, it does Alexis

He: So what has happened to you? Why this conversation?
Me: Well. it is a logical religion that makes sense and incorporates science, as a matter of fact.
He: Really, I did not know that.
Me: Neither did I until my studies of the faith took place. It does promise inner peace and happiness if one follows its dictates. And there are other advantages.
He: Such as?
Me; Well I am a virgin again. I must be a virgin to wed again.
He: Are you thinking of getting married again.
Me: One cannot have sex outside of marriage.
He: No sex?
Me: No, only with my husband after we are wed.
He: Are you looking for a 4th husband.
Me: Well, there is a search underway at the present moment in Pakistan.
He: Pakistan? Would you go there and live?
Me: Possibly. The ‘matchmaker’ is considering three categories. The first one would require me to live in Pakistan with his family, the second would be wealthy so residences in Pakistan and the USA, the third category would have him emigrating to the USA after the marriage.
He: Well that is interesting Alexis.
Me: Did you every think some forty odd years ago when we first met that I would become a Muslim?
He: That was the furthest thing from my mind!
Me: You are making me laugh! I do not care about the no sex part – I as you may know, have had several encounters with rather dubious men, including Husband #3. He no longer exists, he is obviated, he never existed. .
He: Well he is dead.
Me: I know, it was you who told me. You were his doctor as well as I am and other friends. But the slate is wiped clean.
He: What does Wise Man think about this.? (They are friends PCP and Wise Man)
Me: He is fine about it. Says he has never seen me happier.

Then PCP wandered about the office repeatedly saying: “No sex” and shaking his head. Honest!

An appointment with Wise Man two days later when the conversation was repeated.
He: I will call and reassure him. He probably had to take an hour off to get his head around it.
Me: Fortunately it was lunch hour when i left.

Wise Man and Alexis spoke of many things. But here is the funniest thing he said:
He: What is it like being a virgin again?
Me: It is complicated, but it is rather enjoyable. Never would have thought that.

Further conversation about my Middle East connections which shall be reported in subsequent blogs. Left his office in a most happy mood, laughing with Personal Driver as he sped me back to San Francisco. But so tired that I went to bed, woke up at 8 thinking it was morning but it was still night. Went back to bed, I certainly specialized in sleep yesterday and today.

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