Increasing Reclusiveness, No Longer Enjoying Role of Being a Commodity; The Fun of Being a Muslim; Reclusiveness, Commodity; Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks Defined; Cute Photo of Me in Head Scarf and Matching Face Mask.

I reported to CPI in an email that I am becoming increasingly reclusive and feeling less and less like a commodity. A commodity is an item; material, type of produce, product, article, object, thing, artefact, piece of merchandise; import, export. My blog does make me a peace of merchandise, an object, a product in a way. But in addition to that was my strange relationship with the Royal Family of Qatar and my previously flirtatious ways. Dropping Instagram and Squad were two more steps to independence – not so much an artefact any longer. Reclusive is a great word as well meaning solitary, secluded, isolated, hermit-like, cloistered, sequestered, withdrawn, retiring, shut away; introverted, unsociable, antisocial, misanthropic; seclusive, eremitic, eremitical, hermitic, anchoritic. Antonym:gregarious, There is no question in anyone’s mind that gregarious was a word that exemplified Alexis McBride. But nowadays solitary, secluded, isolated, cloistered, sequestered accurately describes my life style. OF COURSE, this never ending home shelter, self isolation etc. etc. definitely contributes to the situation but it is more than just that. Feeling no need for people, places and things. This would describe a depressed person – but I am not that. My physicians see me as being happier then they have every seen me. The fact of the matter is this – people often disappoint and there have been rather major disappointments in the past year. It feels like that is put behind me , no regrets but rather a measure of relief that unworthy people are no longer in my life. Naming them would be a possibility as there is no need, any longer, to protect anyone’s privacy but why dwell on the past and think of them? None at all.

It is not as morbid as it sounds. Yesterday was a rather fun day – well, part of it. I tire quickly. Alarmingly quickly says Personal Driver. A four hour outing used to be my limit but now it is down to two hours (sometimes less). It started out well, super actually. An appointment with Kim fn Marin for a blow dry and much laughter. She did such a good job as the attached photograph will show. She did a fantastic job with my head scarf and found a way that I could hide my hair wearing a base ball cap so I do not have to wear a head scarf when I exercise. Gather up my hair, stick it under the baseball cap, poking some out in the back. PHEW!!
Then it was to Target in Marin City to do some needed shopping. New sheets for the bed, a table cloth, salt and pepper gratter etc. etc etc. It was fun and I was most fun, speaking with the extremely helpful staff. Christmas decorations have made their appearance, and I do hate Christmas.
Me: I have recently become a Muslim. I hate Christmas – I did not realize what a bargain this faith is – now I am relieved of the sorrows of Christmas.
Staff Members: Much laughter.

A trip down the aisles of the grocery section also brought laughter. There are dietary restrictions in the faith.
Me: I can hardly eat anything these days. It is definitely good bye bacon and pork chops and turkey and chicken that Is not Hillel. Do you think I will starve to death?
Personal Driver: No Alexis, you will not starve to death.
Me: Promise?
He: Promise!

Got a coffee and a blueberry scone from the Starbucks there (permitted). I am known for my hatred of vegetables – now I am being reduced to being a vegetarian. Oh well – who said an old dog cannot learn new tricks?. That is a phrase with the following meaning: “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks is a common phrase that means it is challenging to teach a person something new, usually because that person has been doing things a certain way for so long that they’re too stubborn to learn how to do it differently.” Fascinating the origins of that idiom:The phrase “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” was originated by Heywood in 1546 and is considered as one of the oldest idioms of old English language.” I never would have thought that – and you learned it here first. Hahahaha Not exactly sure how it will add to your enjoyment of life – but one never knows.

This is a short blog with another in the works. Al Jazeera has an article on the surge of cases of the virus in the United States and that demands some attention but not at this exact moment. Today is an IN day – so there will be time to blog in the afternoon. I am being a good girl today – took the baby aspirin, ate oatmeal for breakfast, took the basic collection of prescribed medicine, drank the Metamucil. Such healthy habits – so necessary these days.

Now do I not look cute in my head scarf and matching face mask – photo taken by Kim in Marin.

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