A Most Unusual Life; A Love Text and Proposal of Marriage; More Islamic Information Ymmy Food Prepared by Personal Driver;; Face Mask Mania; Pooped Out Phone; Three Pictures One Face Mask; One Wit Alexis in Tiara; One With Alexis in Face Mask

I do live a most unusual life, well in some ways, It is admittedly unusual to blog almost every day That is a starter. But yesterday received the following text: “Alexis McBride cause all of me loves all of you, loves your curves and all your edges, all of your perfect impressions, give your all to me. I’ll give my all to you, you, you’re my end and my beginning even when I lose I am winning cause you give me all of me and I give you all of you oh, oh, I love you granny.”
It that not rather romantic and quite beautiful particularly when you consider that English is not his first language? Then a later text informing me that he was coming to San Francisco on October 18 to marry me. Do I think it is going to take place? No. I do think the individual is playing some sort of game with me. That can happen when one is bored and terribly rich. He is single so eligible for marriage and his Muslim faith would allow it. The marriage contract would make interesting reading, that is for sure. If a man takes the virginity of a woman, then divorces her – he is required to pay a large amount of money to compensate her. The amount is individualized but must be an amount that “hurts”. It is not enforced through the courts but rather through the faith. The amount would be enormous given the net worth of the individual. Perhaps billions, in this case.

The Islamic faith is fascinating. This from the book given to me by Personal Driver’s son. “If we would like to know if a religion is true or false, we should not depend on our emotions, feelings or traditions . Rather it should depend on our reason and intellect. When God sends prophets He supported them with miracles and evidence and proof that they were truly prophets sent by God and hence the religion that they came with his true.” The book has a website, www.islam.guide.com Learning about the faith can be a full time job – it is very handy that I am retired and have people to do my cleaning and cooking. Some of the benefits of Islam, according to the book are: 1)The door to eternal paradise 2) Salvation from Hellfire 3)Real happiness and inner peace 4)Forgiveness for all previous sins. An added benefit is that one becomes a virgin again – one has to be a virgin when one weds. That somewhat explains the motivation of the individual who says he is coming to San Francisco to marry me. I am laughing! Wise Man said that he has never seen me happier so something is working, other tan a proposal of marriage made by a rich young man.

Yesterday featured a blow dry from Kim in Marin, grocery shopping and a fantastic lunch prepared by Personal Driver. It was kebobs, beef and chicken. A truly, truly yummy soup with turmeric. Personal Driver is an excellent cook which is good because his wife is in Pakistan for two months. One of her tasks is to find a Pakistani husband for me. Yesterday Personal Driver took pictures of me wearing a Bride to Be tiara to circulate in order to achieve offers. A picture is attached to this blog – just in case.

Another facet of my life that is rather unusual is my new found mania for face masks. The symptoms of face mask mania are the purchase of face masks whenever possible. Yesterday when buying weekly groceries at Lucky’s I spotted a darling assortment. I purchased Bamboo whose birthday is June 7. I shall picture it as well as the mask purchased at Woodland Market in Kentfield two days ago.

Yesterday I called CPI who lives in Vancouver. This is rather unusual as we usually email. We talked so long that I ran out of money on my phone bill – never done that before. I usually do not talk on the phone – email, blog and text. So I need to figure out how to pay them, my usual habit is to go to the store but today is an In day, with no Personal Driver to escort me.

This is a short blog. Perhaps another one will be written about the horrible fate of the pandemic. Too depressing to deal with at this particular moment

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