The NewYorker Strikes Again; Trump Tests Negative for Empathy; I Have a Sense of the Ridiculous; Former Husband Dies Slowly and Tardily; Joo Kim Tiah Pops Up on an Email From Holburn Group; Buy a Townhome from a Bankrupt Company Not a Good Idea; Photo of Swans Taken in 1970

Andy Borowitiz struck again on on October 12, 2020 with his wondrous humour aimed in a timely, deadly fashion. “Claiming that she has been unfairly branded as anti-health care, Amy Coney Barrett testified that she strongly supports all medical treatments that were available in the year the United States Constitution was written. Like her role model, Antonin Scalia, Barrett said that she considers herself a “strict originalist” and therefore advocates only the health-care practices that the Framers of the Constitution used in 1787.“For example, the best cure for headaches, fevers, and agues is arsenic, a wondrous elixir prescribed by many a Doctor of Physick,” she said. “ ’Twill serve.”As for preëxisting conditions, Barrett said that she only acknowledges maladies that preëxisted the late eighteenth century, such as dropsy, King’s Evil, and scrivener’s palsy.
Finally, although Barrett did not reveal whether she would vote to strike down Obamacare, she said that the law should be rewritten so that its lowercase “S”s look more like “f”s.

Then here is another one! “Donald J. Trump has tested negative for empathy, the White House doctor confirmed on Monday.n an official statement, Dr. Sean Conley said that Trump submitted to the empathy test even though, in the physician’s opinion, “it was not really necessary.”I expected him to test negative,” Conley said. “Empathy-wise, he has been entirely asymptomatic.”

How does Andy do it? One of my former lovers (now dead) said of me when I was in my twenties that I did not ,so much, have a sense of humour but a sense of ridiculous. That was the nicest thing he said about me, come to think of it. He really did love me, wanted me to be at his side when he died. We met up again and were friends, probably in 2010. I leased an apartment, left my husband of 18 years a note leaving the marriage. Reading the Sunday paper the first morning there was my former Lover’s obituary. Honest – how is that for timing. I think he was in his eighties when he died. It was in preblog days but I recall writing a note to him – it is probably somewhere, most likely in my storage facility. I do not have all of my stuff that I left behind when I went to live in London in 2014. By the way, I left a note for the ex husband because he was a yeller, my ear drums had put up with enough He did not see it coming and was a bit surprised, actually shocked. Got a divorce, then he died as well. I could have saved a fortune in attorney’s fees if he would have gotten around to death sooner. I was living in Vancouver, British Columbia when he died. It was apparently a long and painful death with him being demented for about a year. My PCP, who was his physician as well told me of his death. There was no obituary for the longest time. I wrote one on my blog, it was very touching. Probably it can be found if you type Paul Skvaril in the search engine

It is strange how sometimes former men in my life pop up. I have had ‘relationships’ with three multibillionaires – I know it sounds rather unbelievable but it is true Met each of them in a hotel – the Trump Hotel in Vancouver, the other two in a hotel in London.

The first one was Joo Kim Tiah – met him in 2017 and we had a lengthily rather involved largely email relationship even though he lived in Vancouver, most of the time. Well two days ago received an email from Holburn Group (his company) announcing that there was only three town homes available for purchase in Squamish, British Columbia. I immediately forwarded the email to CPI with the following message

Me: Would you believe??? I got this I am sure to jump on board! How funny!! Buying a condo from a bankrupt company???? Maintenance fees etc would be in jeopardy! A.

She: Didn’t get the “jump on board” forward, but can imagine your response. You’re certainly right about buying from a bankrupt company, but Squamish is booming and properties are in fairly short supply. Perhaps this has clouded the vision of purchasers.Oh well, you know how passive we are. Hope the pin cushion effect has passed and you got good advice/answers at least as to what was happening.Remember this is Thanksgiving weekend in poor old Canada??

Me: Yeah! My response to them was rather colourful to say the least. I had their email address as I am on their address list – so did not jump on board. I will send it to you when I find it. I am more than a little upset with those people. (Cannot use such language on blog). They basically fucked with Vancouver not me – but Dnefwmmcb – which stands for do not fuck with Ms. McBride. They did – they are bankrupt. Went to the sidelines. Hahaha. They have been money laundering for years. I got that from public records that are accessible to everyone in the whole world. VPL did research for me – paid them. I put my money where my mouth is. Hahahah They declared revenue from the hotel when it was not even open. Anyone could have found that ANYONE! I did not mention it on blog or email because I feared for my life. But I was attacked on August 18,2019 in a multibillionaire fashion (also researched with help of VPL. Perhaps you should have not been a Children’s Librarian. Guess it not too late. I never told you these things because I did not trust the Internet and you were strangely unavailable for personal contact when I lived in Vancouver. It did drive me somewhat crazy so I was so glad to get out of the cesspool that is Vancouver. Well, here not great with Trump.

Pakistan may be next destination – Personal Driver’s family looking fo a suitable man in Pakistan – only criteria? (Over 50). Then I shall be part of a huge extended family. Great way to die actually. Weather in Pakistan resembles Edmonton for two months. That cannot be found on Wikipedia. Hahahaha No blogging today. Prince proposed yet again – yesterday and today. HONEST! I think I should wait a few years until he gets handsome. Hahahaha. But I do think that extended family in Pakistan a better idea. Well, perhaps both – he quits his country and lives in Pakistan. Emir of Qatar’s s father has a gap in his front teeth – honest. And the delegate to the UN has my Muslim name Alya. HONEST. Found the blog of my TIA in Vancouver – yeah. Remember how I got the MRI – my laughter at the play attended with you and Arthur – the one on Love. What a strange life I led and continue to live.
The funniest (and most accurate) thing you said was when I confessed that I wrote the blog so that a man would fall in love with me. “Alexis, you overdid it.” I did – at least three new guys recently which is handy when one is on Lock down. One of them a multibillionaires. Good thing the JKT thing did not work out – the bankruptcy and all. F**k you and the horse you rode in on was a great exit line. Doubt that Alix Resdences will ever get built. Is Pakistan at all close to Malaysia? Geography for me a bit vague. Hahahah Vagueness of Love and MRI s of Hugs. A. No news yet about TIA – appointment with Wise Man who shall accompany me to appointment with imminent neurologist on Wednesday. I admit to some fear, but one needs to know, what the hell is going on.

The photograph is on my wall, framed as you can see. It says: Swans at Fine Arts. Alexis 1970. So I guess that is it as I do not lie.

Blogs of the next few days will contain information on the two other multibillionaires, met in hotels. One I know reads this blog and is so funny about it.

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