The Joys of Being a Human Pincushion; A MRE from Hell; A Present from a Young Man Now in Pakistan Which Is Pictured; A Strange Photograph (not pictured) Taken In London Showing Me to Look Quite Crazy; Weird Pandemic Dates Not Undertaken By Alexis McBride; Photograph of Alexis With Glasses and Head Scarf; Resolve Defined.

Yesterday I became a human pincushion. It began at Quest Laboratory where I was poked twice – the first poke did not result in finding a vein so the technician had to try again. That was successful. Then it was off for a MRE – which is a slightly roomier MRI. The technician rep poking my arm.
Me: What are you doing????
He: I am trying to start an IV.
Me: Why did you not tell me what you are doing??? It hurts!!
He: I cannot get it started!
Me; Apparently I am dehydrated – if you would have told me before I could have taken some water.
He: Be patient and lay still.
Me: I will lay still but I will not be patient.
He: Thank you!
Me: The only part of me that will not be still is my mouth!

Well eventually the IV got started and the machine took pictures of my neck – the dye in the IV made it possible. It was not all that bad. So all of the tests are completed and being sent to my three physicians. I have more doctors than ex-husbands, such an accomplishment! , An appointment on Wednesday with two physicians will hopefully reveal why I am having TIAs and how it can be treated so I will not have a stroke. My life is not exactly dull, that is for sure. There are other situations (shall we say) that are unbelievable. Correspondence with Royalty, for example.

Personal Driver’s Wife, Daughter and Son left for Pakistan. The Son will stay for three weeks = Daughter and Wife for about two months. It was rather amusing to listen to the conversations taking place between Pakistan and here. A total of ten family members went to the airport to meet the three including the 83 year old grandfather. It was all very charming. I am strangely popular with the family. Personal Driver is thinking that perhaps we should go to Pakistan and find a Muslim husband. Apparently the wife, daughter and son are going to scout about around and see what is available, perhaps brining back photographs. I am being serious.
Me: I guess it would have to be a widower what with the virginity requirement and all.
He: I suppose to.
Me: Your father is a widower – isn’t he?
He: Alexis, he is 83.
Me: Well that is more age appropriate than the 17 year old Muslim young man who wants to marry me.
He: Well that is true, I guess. But having Alexis around all of the time would probably kill my father.
Me: Good point! The 17 year old has got a better change of survival.

The seventeen year old says that I am crazy (which I am not)
Me: I am not crazy and I am lovable. You on the other hand……
He sent a picture of me taken in London where I admittedly looked crazy, A young girl put all kinds of make up on me. I think she was trying to make me look Arab, lots of black eyeliner everywhere. I could not get the stuff off – her elder sister brought wipes.
She: Granny do you not have wipes?
Me: I do not need them. I usually do not place eyeliner all over my face, believe that or not.

But back to my normal life. A visit with Wise Man while in Marin.
He: I am most proud of you! You handled that difficult situation very well.
Me: Thank you. It was rather stressful.
He: But you handle stress very well and you are getting even better at it.

Yesterday Personal Driver brought me a present from his 25 year old son (whom I have never met due to the pandemic and all). The book is A Brief Illustrated Guide To Understanding Islam. A brief review reveals that it is fascinating. Upon the completion of this blog I shall dive right in and learn more. Personal Driver revealed that there is another larger and more informative book that his son will bring to me. It makes me feel most special, to say the very least.

But all of this is very serious – onto some humour. SF The Daily features an article:”Readers Reveal their best, worst and weirdest pandemic dates. “You might think the strict rules of dating during pandemic (wear a mask! Don’t touch!) would drive most singles to give up, but love finds a way in San Francisco. But in a time when kissing a stranger could be dangerous, dating is bound to get weird. We asked you to share your best, worst, and most bizarre Bay Area stories and you did not disappoint. The first story is entitled I couldn’t take off my mask.The guy meets a girl in May through Tinder, “she was terrified of COVID-19 so we had to wear masks the entire date.” At the end she invited him to her come but told him he could not off my mask. So I went up and he had sex with masks on. It was weird.”I am laughing and laughing and I am sure that it is true. People have an inordinate trust in face masks as if exchanging body fluids does not count as long as a face mask is in place. I guess that they did not kiss, I guess that he did not go down on her. Just to be perfectly clear, I have not had sex of any kind for months and months and months. I am perfectly safe. There is a young man from a far away land who had a bout of COVID-19 and so is immune. He does want to go to bed with me but he lives in a far away land. I suppose we could have sex on SQAUD but, for some reason, it is not tempting. Not at all. I am laughing.

By the way, when in Marin bought another face mask at Woodland’s Market in Kentfield. Also bought a lobster roll and some wine, the real purpose in going there. It is my very favorite of the thirteen masks I have collected. When I get into something I really get into something. I shall picture the mask in tomorrow’s blog, if I write one. Today the present of a book is portrayed and one of me at See Saw Seen in my next pair of glasses. As you see the glasses look most stylish worn with a black head scarf which will be worn in December during my entrance into the faith. I am serious about this. I have managed to blog almost daily since January of 2017 – do not doubt my resolve which means decision, resolution, commitment. A firm determination to do something.

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